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Data Mining Functionalities

The use of data by companies to understand business patterns and predict future occurrences has been on the rise. With the availability of new technologies like machine learning, it has become easy for experts to analyse vast quantities of information to find patterns that will help establishments make better decisions. Data mining is a method that has proven very successful in discovering hidden insights in the available information. It was not possible to use the earlier methods of data exploration. Through this article, we shall understand the process and the various data mining functionalities.

One can learn more about the use and functions of data mining through the Executive Development Programme In General Management offered by reputed institutions. You can learn more about this course on our website. Before we go on to see the various data mining functionalities, we must know the process and why companies are showing keen interest in it. 

What Is Data Mining?

Data mining is analysing large volumes of data available in the company’s storage systems or outside to find patterns to help them improve their business. The process uses powerful computers and algorithms to execute statistical analysis of data. This process helps companies to make sense of the scattered data and find correlations between them. It helps these firms find answers to questions that could not be arrived at earlier due to the time it takes to use manual methods. Understanding data mining functionalities is possible only once we understand the process clearly. 

The data mining process starts with clearly defining the questions for which the organisation seeks answers. It is very important because the exercise can prove futile unless there is a clear focus on the business outcome. Once experts identify the problem, they start collecting relevant data from various sources. These are pooled in a central data lake or warehouse and prepared for analysis. Companies use various data mining functionalities to arrive at the solution they desire. For the success of this process, companies follow the below six steps. 

  1. Business Understanding – For the project’s success, there must be a clear understanding of the business situation, the current aim of the project and the criteria for success. 
  2. Data Understanding – Companies must identify the data needed for the project and collect them from all available sources. 
  3. Data Preparation – This is a very important step in preparing the data for analysis. The company must ensure that the data is in the correct format, making it ready to solve the issue. At this stage, quality issues like missing or duplicate data are addressed.
  4. Modelling – Data mining experts identify patterns in the data and apply them to the predictive models they have created. 
  5. Evaluation – The process is evaluated for its effectiveness. The data experts assess whether the model will deliver the desired business outcome. They fine-tune the algorithm at this stage to get the best results. 
  6. Deployment – Data analysts run the analysis and submit the results to the decision-makers for further action. 

Types Of Data Mining

Types Of Data Mining

Descriptive Data Mining

Descriptive data mining aims to transform raw data into information that can be used for analysis and preparing reports. In this type of data mining, the patterns and similarities in the available information are identified and separated. This method also helps to isolate interesting groupings in the analysed data. This method will help the companies find information about the data like count, average, etc. It also brings out the common features of the data. The experts can find out the general properties of the data present in the datasets.

Predictive Data Mining

Instead of just understanding the patterns, this type of data mining helps to make predictions using past information. It uses the target-prediction capabilities that are acquired through supervised learning. The subsets of data mining techniques that fall under this method are classification, time-series analysis and regression. Using this method, developers can understand the characteristics that are not explicitly mentioned. Companies can use this method to predict sales in the future using present and past data. 

Advantages Of Using Data Mining

Companies spend a huge amount of money on this process. It is because they gain a lot of benefits by performing data mining. Before we see the various data mining functionalities, let us see how companies benefit from this process. In a competitive business world, companies need to make the right decisions. It is possible only if the company uses available data to discover insights and incorporate them into the decision-making process quickly. The knowledge of the past and present helps optimise the future. 

Data mining helps the company achieve the below objectives

  • Increased Revenues
  • Understanding customer preferences
  • New customer acquisition
  • Improving up-selling and cross-selling
  • Retaining customers and improving their loyalty
  • Increasing the ROI on marketing campaigns
  • Preventing fraud by early detection
  • Identifying credit risks
  • Assessing operational performance

By joining the Executive Development Programme In General Management, you can learn the benefits of using this process in detail. The details of this course are available on our website. Before understanding the data mining functionalities, let us look at examples of how this exercise helps various business areas. 

Examples Of Data Mining

  1. Marketing

One of the biggest examples of data mining can be seen in a company’s marketing activities. They use it for exploring large datasets to improve market segmentation. Many firms use it to understand the relationship between various parameters like the age, gender and preferences of a customer. It helps to create personalised marketing campaigns. One of the other uses of data mining is to predict the customers who are likely to unsubscribe from a service. 

  1. Retail

The placement of products in a supermarket is very important for improving sales. It is necessary to know to entice customers to purchase products which they may not have planned on buying. For this, it is crucial to place these items where they can attract customers. Data mining helps identify product associations and decide where items must be placed on the shelf and in the aisle. It is possible to use different data mining functionalities to know the offers that customers value the most. 

  1. Banking

Avoiding risks is very important for banks. Data mining helps banks to know financial transactions, card usage, purchase patterns and customer financial data. It helps them identify risky customers and reduce risks. Data mining also enables banks to learn more about customers’ online habits. It enables the banks to customise their marketing messages according to customers’ preferences and get better results. 

  1. Medicine

Medical specialists can make more accurate diagnostics using data mining. They can prescribe better treatment methods when they have all information about the patient, like medical records, treatment patterns and physical examination details. Data mining also helps in providing better healthcare by identifying risks and predicting illness in certain sections of the population. It helps the state make better use of available resources. One can also forecast the length of hospitalisation required using this process. 

  1. Media

Television and radio channels use various data mining functionalities to measure their audience on a real-time basis. They collect and analyse information from channel views, programming and broadcasts as they happen. Another big example of the use of data mining is the personalised recommendations the audience receives based on their preferences. The media industry is also able to give valuable information to advertisers about the likes and dislikes of the audience, which helps them target their potential customers more accurately. 

Most Important Data Mining Functionalities

Most Important Data Mining Functionalities

Class Description 

This is one of the data mining functionalities that is used to associate data with a class or concept. One of the best examples is the release of the same model of mobile phone in different variants. This helps companies to satisfy the needs of different customer segments. Data characterisation is one of the methods used in the class description. This helps to connect data with certain sets of customers. The other method, called data discrimination, is used to compare the characteristics of two different classes of customers. 


Classification is one of the most important data mining functionalities that uses models to predict the trends in the available data. The spending patterns that are discovered using customers’ internet or mobile banking data are one example of classification. This helps businesses decide the risk of giving a customer a new loan or credit facility. This method uses the “if-then” rule, decision tree, mathematical formulae or neural network to analyse a model. This functionality uses training data to create new instances and compare them with existing ones. 


Finding missing data in a database is very important for the accuracy of the analysis. Prediction is one of the data mining functionalities that helps the analyst find the missing numeric values. If there is a missing class label, then this function is done using classification. It is very important in business intelligence and is very popular. One of the methods is to predict the missing or unavailable data using prediction analysis. The other method of prediction is to use previously built class models to know the missing class label. 

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Association Analysis

This is one of the data mining functionalities that enables the analyst to relate two or more attributes of the data. It provides a way to find the relationship between the data and the rules that keep them together. It is a functionality that finds much use in retail sales. One of the classic examples is the message “customer who bought this also bought….” that we usually see on online platforms. It relates two transactions of similar items and finds out the probability of the same happening again. This helps the companies improve their sales of various items. 

Cluster Analysis

This data mining functionality is similar to classification. But in this case, the class label is unknown. This functionality groups item together based on the clustering algorithms. Similar objects are grouped in a cluster. There are vast differences between one cluster and another. It is applied in different fields like machine learning, image processing, pattern recognition and bioinformatics. There are different types of clustering algorithms like K-Mean, Gaussian Mixture and Mean-Shift algorithms. Each of these uses different factors to group objects in data. 

Outlier Analysis

Outlier analysis is one of the data mining functionalities that is used to group data that don’t appear under any class. There can be data that has no similarity with the attributes of other classes or general modules. These are called outliers. Such occurrences are considered to be noise or exceptions. Their analysis is termed outlier mining. In many cases, they are discarded as noise. But in some cases, they can provide associations, and that is the reason for identifying them. They are identified using statistical tests that calculate probabilities. 

Correlation Analysis

This is another data mining functionality that experts use to calculate the strength of the association of two attributes. It is used to determine how well two numerically measured continuous variables are related to each other. One of the most common examples of such attributes is height and weight. Researchers often use these two variables to find if there is any relationship between them. Correlation analysis refers to various data structures that can be combined with an item set or subsequence. 

An in-depth knowledge of the different data mining functionalities can be had at the Executive Development Programme In General Management offered by reputed institutions. You can learn more about this programme on our website. 

Summing Up

The use of data mining has increased considerably in the recent past as companies try to gain useful knowledge from the raw data available to them. The development of data warehousing technology and the growth of big data have contributed greatly to this phenomenon. Data mining is interesting because you can get useful information without asking specific questions. It is a predictive process that uses algorithms and statistics to predict future trends. This technology is used heavily in retail and e-commerce companies to understand customer purchase patterns.

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Data Mining Functionalities
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Ben Taylor


What is ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) miners?

In this article, we will learn what ASIC is, the importance of ASIC in the field of cryptocurrency mining, as well as some advantages and limitations of ASICs.

The acronym ASIC describes a series of computer equipment designed from start to finish to offer maximum performance in cryptocurrency mining tasks.

What is ASIC mining?

Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners are computers designed for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrencies that are created through proof of work. Under this system, whenever a new block of information needs to be verified and added to a cryptocurrency's blockchain, it's encoded with a complicated puzzle that a computer needs to solve. Whoever solves the problem first gets to update the blockchain with the new information and is awarded a certain amount of cryptocurrency. 

Theoretically, any computer can be used to solve these puzzles. However, because proof-of-work mining is essentially a race, the people with a greater hash rate — a measure of the calculations that can be made per second — are more likely to solve the puzzle first. So ASIC miners were created to increase cryptocurrency miners' hash rates.

Rob Chang, the founder and chief executive officer of Gryphon Digital Mining, says that ASIC miners can be used to mine all cryptocurrencies that are generated through proof of work, though general computers would suffice. However, they're practically mandatory for Bitcoin mining because of how competitive it is. "The alternative, the more generalist machines, are no longer competitive relative to the ASICS, and so it's just not economic for someone to [use them]," Chang says. 

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How does ASIC mining work?

ASIC miners are designed for one hashing algorithm, which affects which cryptocurrencies you can mine. For example, Bitcoin is mined through the SHA-256 algorithm and Ethereum is mined through ETHASH. So you'd need an ASIC miner for SHA-256 and a separate rig to mine ETHASH if you wanted to mine both.

The cost of ASIC miners rise and fall with the fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. "That's kind of a unique aspect that I haven't really observed in any other industry, but because [ASIC manufacturers are] a small group with a lot of power, the manufacturers have the ability to do so at least for the time being," he says. Chang also says they're usually priced so that it will take you a year to break even with the money you earn from your miner. 

The amount of money you make can be substantially affected by how much your power costs, given the amount of energy an ASIC miner consumes per hour. Yet, there are websites that can calculate your average profit when taking electricity costs into account. When buying an ASIC mining rig, you should also be thinking about the terahash per dollar, not the overall cost of the machine. According to Chang, ASIC miners can range from $100-$120 per terahash. 

Note: The high cost of these ASIC miners are by design. The cost in money and time are intentionally high to weed out potentially bad actors to ensure that the integrity of the blockchain stays secure. 

The odds of single-handedly solving a proof-of-work puzzle is incredibly small, even if you had several ASIC miners operating. The Bitcoin network has a hash rate of 190 exahash (one million terahash). So if you had an ASIC miner with an 18 terahash per second capability, you'd still only have a one in 10.56 million chance of being the first to solve the puzzle.

To increase the odds, most cryptocurrency miners join a mining pool, a group of miners who combine hash rates so they have a greater chance of solving the puzzle first. They split whatever they earn based on what they contribute to the pool based on what they contributed to the group.

Main disadvantages of ASICs

The main objections put to them are:

  1. Centralization of mining: Large mining farms, especially in China, prevent small users from mining.
  2. Difficulty of purchase: It is usually quite difficult to get a new or second hand since they sell quickly.
  3. Cost: They are specialized and quite expensive machines.
  4. Monopoly: Today Bitmain controls more than 90% of the market and this allows you to take out equipment when you want and at the price you want. No one knows if they mine before the rest with superior models.
  5. Energy consumption: This is one of the most criticized aspects of technology. These teams consume large amounts of energy. Due to this they generate a lot of heat and therefore they need powerful cooling systems.
  6. Temporality: Given the rapid evolution of hardware, ASICs quickly become obsolete. This not only makes them an expensive option, but they are also very temporary.
  7. ASIC Resistant: Some cryptocurrency projects refuse to centralize these teams. That is why they are based on algorithms resistant to them. Such resistance prevents those who possess them from taking more advantage of the mining is. at their blockchain.

Crypto world's top ASICs

Canaan (Ancient Avalon)

This It is responsible for the production of crypto miners Avalon. These ASIC crypto miners specialized in Bitcoin mining, have as their main characteristic to be very economic and have high power. Their initial name was Avalon and they were the creators of the first Bitcoin ASICs in the world on September 17, 2012.


This is a Swiss company, founded in 2013. Specialized in the creation of ASIC and FPGA miners. Its main advantage was that as a company they designed their chips, thereby having a high participation in Bitcoin mining. In addition, they were the first to mass-produce the 28nm and 20nm chips.

They also built industrial-sized mining infrastructures that were powered by hydroelectric power, thus taking advantage of the good image that renewable energy leaves as an advantage when it comes to selling their services. However, due to liquidity and other design problems of its devices, which led to millions of lawsuits, KNC he decided to file for bankruptcy and cease all operations.

His two most recognized models were in Neptune y Titan.


This company was created in 2011 in the Netherlands. This company initially started with designing ASIC hardware, and later began designing software solutions. Some of its software solutions include: PaaS digital assets, data analysis, Lightning Network, property rights registry, voting and a chain center.

On the hardware side, they provide: semiconductors and microelectronics, servers, data center construction, marine container data centers, and immersion cooling. Initially, ASIC mining hardware from Bitfury It was only focused on small-scale mining, a situation that was evolving with growth and new investments received by the company.


This company was founded in 2013, in the city of Austin, Texas in the United States. The design and production of ASIC systems for Bitcoin mining was dedicated. Its most recognized products were GoldStrike y TerraMiner. Both high-performance Bitcoin mining systems. However, in 2015 the company filed for bankruptcy.


Bitmain Technologies Ltd., or simply Bitmain, is a private company based in Beijing, China, with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Fuzhou, the United States, Israel, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. It is the world's largest ASIC chip designer for Bitcoin mining. The company also operates Antpool, historically one of the largest bitcoin mining pools.

Bitmain was founded by Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan in 2013. Before founding Bitmain, Wu was a financial analyst and private equity fund manager, and Zhan was an executive at DivaIP, a startup that allowed users to stream television to a computer screen through a set-top box. They originally met while Zhan was trying to raise money for the startup.

However, after discovering Bitcoin and becoming the first person to translate Bitcoin White Paper from Satoshi Nakamoto to the Chinese, he approached Zhan in search of a new ASIC chip capable of mine bitcoin, at which time Bitmain was founded.

Among the company's most prominent ASIC miners is the series Antminer. The most famous line of crypto miners in the crypto world. They have great versatility and variety of models, as well as a very active community in developing proposals to improve their performance and benefits.


This is another company dedicated to the manufacture and design of ASIC mining equipment. It began operations in 2014, and its CEO is Assaf Gilboa. Its best known miners are the line SP, designed to create mining racks.

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What are key differences between ASIC and GPU mining?

Before the arrival of ASICs, mining was done using CPU, But by the full GPU acceleration tech y FPGA. Of all of them, those that still continue to provide good profit margins are FPGAs, especially for their power and versatility. FPGAs are programmable devices that contain logic blocks whose interconnection and functionality can be configured at the moment, using a specialized description language. Programmable logic can reproduce everything from simple functions such as those performed by a logic gate or a combinational system to complex systems on a chip.

While the power of FPGAs is less than that of ASICs, their need for electricity, noise generation, and price are, too. This makes them perfect for low-scale crypto mining arrangements.

GPU mining

GPU mining typically lowers certain barriers to entry for newer cryptocurrency miners, including cheaper hardware options and a wider variety of mineable coins. Some GPU miners refer to the activity as a gateway into crypto mining.

Acquiring and configuring a GPU mining rig is relatively simple, and most would-be miners already have a GPU in their home that can be used for mining. GPUs can be purchased from most big box electric stores or online marketplaces.

Configuring GPU miners is also much simpler than it was early on in the history of cryptocurrency mining. Gone are the days where configuring GPU mining software required Linux knowledge. GPU mining software is now typically a one click, windows-based download, this software is even supported by older laptops. What’s more, most mining software have built in wallets.

Key considerations for GPU miners

  • Which coin should you mine? This process can be difficult or time consuming, but a variety of market data aggregation tools offer simple ways to measure expected profitability, hashrate growth, and popularity.
  • How do I maintain my GPUs? Compared to ASIC mining, GPUs often break more easily and require more maintenance. But, parts are generally easier to find and purchase online than replacement parts for ASIC machines.
  • How much heat do GPUs produce?  GPUs produce far less heat than ASICs because they consume less power. GPU mining machines can usually be placed in a bedroom or living room to offer a bit of heat without a painful level of noise. But if a miner has multiple GPU mining rigs, they may require their own space.
  • What materials do I need for GPU mining? Getting started with mining requires a variety of common hardware, including the GPUs (AMD or Nvidia) or repurposed laptops, ethernet cables, etc.
  • Is home mining the only option? No, first-time miners can consider hashrate brokerages (e.g., NiceHash) that allows miners to buy hashrate from other miners before or in place of setting up an at-home mining operation.
  • Where can I sell GPUs? For GPU miners, the good news is that either gamers or other miners will want to buy hardware. For ASIC miners, only other miners can buy the machines.

ASIC mining

ASIC mining machines are hardware developed for chips specifically designed for one single purpose: cryptocurrency mining. Unlike GPUs, which are demanded by both gamers and miners, cryptocurrency mining ASICs are manufactured solely for mining. This specialized hardware makes GPU mining largely unprofitable for leading Proof-of-Work assets like Bitcoin.

ASIC mining machines are typically more expensive, louder, and more power intensive than GPU machines. But they generally require less maintenance and offer more efficient power use. Compared to GPUs, however, ASIC miners are harder to source, and at-home miners may have to modify the electrical set up in their home before plugging in (i.e., installing a 220v power outlet.)

Key considerations for ASIC miners

  • What coins can I mine with ASICs? The options for cryptocurrencies to mine with ASICs are far more limited compared to options for GPU miners. Most ASICs are designed for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, and a select few other assets.
  • Can I mine with ASICs at home? Yes, at-home mining with ASICs is common. But unlike GPU mining rigs, ASICs are much louder and are typically stored in basements, garages, sheds, etc.
  • How much heat do ASICs produce? ASICs produce so much heat that some miners repurpose it to grow produce or heat hot tubs. Both GPU and ASIC miners, however, should build hot and cold lanes to move the heat out and shuffle fresh air in with a robust ventilation solution.
  • How do I maintain ASICs? Most problems with ASIC miners can be solved by simply rebooting the machine. But if an ASIC continues to malfunction, the machine(s) can be sent to a licensed repair facility. Replacement parts for ASICs are harder to source online compared to parts for GPUs.
  • How much power do ASIC machines need? ASIC machines consume much more power than GPUs. Most homes in North America are not equipped to power ASIC mining machines. A 220v outlet, like the kind installed for washing and drying machines, is needed to power ASICs. At-home miners must properly upgrade their wiring to handle the electricity needed to power ASICs.
  • Where can I sell ASICs? Unlike GPUs, other miners are the only counterparties for buying or selling cryptocurrency mining ASICs. A variety of secondary markets and reselling services offer miners the ability to buy and resell hardware.

I hope this content will help you get an overview of what ASIC is? The importance as well as some advantages and limitations of the application of ASICs in cryptocurrency mining.

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What is ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) miners?

Mining: Business Intelligence (BI) In Python, OLAP

Open Mining

Business Intelligence (BI) Application Server written in Python


  • Python 2.7 (Backend)
  • Lua 5.2 or LuaJIT 5.1 (OML backend)
  • MongoDB (Admin)
  • Redis (Queue and DataWarehouse)
  • Bower (Install frontend libs, NodeJS depends)

Install dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install mongodb-10gen redis-server nodejs nodejs-dev npm
$ npm install bower

If you use Mac OSX you can install all dependencies using HomeBrew.

Install Open Mining

Clone the repository

$ git clone

Install python and bower dependencies using make command

$ make build


If mongodb or redis-server problems

Install mongodb and redis-server, make sure it running

Supported databases

For example, to connect to a PostgreSQL database make sure you install a driver like psycopg2. OpenMining supports all databases that the underlying ORM SQLAlchemy supports.

See the SQLAlchemy documentation for more info about drivers and connection strings.


python runserver
python celery
python scheduler

Running Demo

Make sure runserver still running when run 'build_demo' command.

python runserver
python build_demo

And now you can login with: username 'admin' and password 'admin'.


Dashboard OpenMining

Dashboard OpenMining

Dashboard Charts OpenMining

Dashboard Charts OpenMining

Dashboard Charts OpenMining

Dashboard Charts OpenMining

Dashboard Widgets OpenMining

Dashboard Widgets OpenMining

Late Scheduler and running Cubes OpenMining

Late Scheduler and running Cubes OpenMining


Join us on IRC at #openmining on freenode (web access).


Authors: Avelino and UP! Essência

Many thanks to all the contributors!


Licensed under the MIT license (see the (LICENSE file).

Author: mining
Source Code:
License: MIT License

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Mining: Business Intelligence (BI) In Python, OLAP
Crypto Like

Crypto Like


What is LBRY Credits (LBC) | What is LBC coin

In this article, we'll discuss information about the LBRY Credits project and LBC coin. 

What is LBRY exactly?

LBRY, an open source, and community-driven digital content marketplace (think BitTorrent + Bitcoin), is officially launching our ANN thread on BitcoinTalk with the release of our protocol specification ( and technical resource site at See our blog post for the breakdown: We’ve been in Production, with a working app/protocol since June 2016, so we are in no way a new project or some scam!  Unlike most blockchain companies, we did no ICO, no token sales to VCs, and have spent zero energy hyping or pumping the price of our coin. We provide full transparency of our premine at Meet the team here:

We are currently supported on Desktop/Android and have a web presence through In the first half of 2019, we’ll be launching a web-based version of LBRY as well. Content you ask? We’ve got tons of it on our network (over 750K published items) ranging from movies, videos, images, games, documents and more! We have content from top creators on YouTube ( and even have a major movie studio publishing films like Howl (lbry://howl), starring James Franco, and It's a Disaster (lbry://itsadisaster), starring David Cross!

You can see our previous unofficial post here: We will be using this thread to post updates from the LBRY team, address questions/concerns/bugs, and get feedback from the BCT community on what they feel is important for LBRY to be successful as a media sharing platform. Want to chat with us in real time? You can find us on Discord at

Want to skip the rest and get right into it, download our Desktop/Android app here: In order to earn LBRY rewards, users do need to be verified via one of three methods - phone, credit card, or chat.

Want to see what’s coming in 2019, check out our roadmap:

Want to get involved? Refer a friend via your referral URL/email (see Invites in Desktop app) or get your favorite creator to sync their YouTube channel: Have an awesome idea in mind, reach out to us at

Looking for assistance? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions at

What is LBRY?
LBRY is a protocol providing a fully decentralized network for the discovery, distribution, and payment of digital content (or any data). The LBRY blockchain provides a global namespace and database of content available on the network including searchable content metadata, signed publisher identities, rights, and access rules. Included in the metadata is a pointer to a decentralized data network like BitTorrent. The blockchain also provides publisher identities, human-friendly URLs (e.g. lbry://@MinutePhysics/magnetic-levitation), and a payment mechanism. LBRY in 100 seconds:
Download the LBRY app for Desktop or Android
Download the CLI interface and SDK
Download Full LBRY Blockchain Client
LBRY Block Explorer

Important Frequently Asked Questions
LBRY Introduction
LBRY Desktop App Basics
LBRY URL Naming Details
Failed Startup Troubleshooting
Backing up Wallet
Log Files https://lbry.comfaq/how-to-find-lbry-log-file
Publishing Basics
Content Policy
Changing in-app Email
SDK Custom Settings

LBRY Rewards - LBC for using the app!
In order to earn LBRY rewards, users do need to be verified via one of three methods - phone, credit card, or chat. Users can earn LBC weekly via featured content, as well as by publishing, creating a channel, subscribing, downloading, inviting other users and much more!

Decentralized Youtube + more
LBRY is a community-controlled alternative to censorious, rent-extracting platforms like YouTube or Apple’s store. You are likely already familiar with the countless controversies over videos being demonetized for containing content unfriendly to advertisers or simply being contrary to the political sentiment de jour. Even more important than demonetization, YouTube takes 45+% of the revenue earned by creators. Does that seem the right amount to simply move a file from place A to place B? With LBRY, creators receive 100% of the price they choose and those rules cannot be changed without community consensus. Know a creator you’d like to see on LBRY, send them over to!

Earn With Youtube Sync
LBRY provides a syncing program for YouTubers. YouTube creators can keep their content synced with the LBRY network and earn crypto with no extra work. Rewards are based on total number of YouTube subscribers and are paid yearly. More at - Web Presence for LBRY is an Imgur or Streamable-like web-app that reads and writes from the LBRY network. Anyone can now host and hotlink images permanently on LBRY through  Share memes, videos and animated gif easily with fast and quick upload and publish. LBRY is committed to free speech and fights vigorously for online freedoms. Any free content you can access on URLs like lbry://jiggytom, you can find on at has also been designed to be configurable and self-hostable (see So it’s possible to set up your own instance and restrict who can publish and/or only render your channel or a subset of channels. This comes with the added benefit that it stores your content on a decentralized network of computers -- the LBRY network. Your assets are stored in multiple locations without a single point of failure.

LBRY will be releasing a fully-featured web-app that matches the functionality of the desktop app ( in the first half of this year. You can sign up at

File Types on LBRY?
The LBRY protocol supports any type of digital file and currently, the Desktop app can open many formats directly inside the viewer. This includes videos (H264 support currently), images, GIFs, audio (mp3s/wav/flac), documents (txt, json, csv, pdf), 3d files (STL), and games (LBRY format), Otherwise, the content can always be download locally and opened externally.

Downloading Content
Currently, the default mode of viewing content on LBRY is by downloading it. In the future, we will offer streaming support for video/audio with the option to save locally. By downloading the content and leaving LBRY open, you help share it as well and strengthen the network. Becoming a seed does require your ports to be opened (3333 TCP / 4444 UDP)

Blockchain Specifications
Explorer, Inflation Chart, Rich List:
2.5 Minute Blocktime
Decreasing PoW Reward over 20 years
2MB Blocksize and ~4KB Metadata size

Most mining for LBRY is performed via specialized ASIC and FPGA machines. GPU mining may be viable, but unlikely to be profitable at this time. See or the #mining channel on for more information.

Mining hash breakdown:  

Funding for Community Projects
Have an idea for something awesome to build on LBRY, a way to promote the platform, create communities, or want to create exclusive content? Check out for more details about the process. We are giving away tons of credits to projects that help us grow the LBRY ecosystem.

We maintain a roadmap / plan of what we aim to accomplish throughout the year. Check out for more details on what’s currently on the horizon!

Development and Community Updates
We release regular community and development updates regarding the progress of various applications, the protocol, blockchain, community initiative/happenings and much more! Check out to view the blog posts.

Help us Build
Are you a developer and interested in helping us build out LBRY? Check out to see where your skillset can be most helpful. We grant LBC as appreciation for your time and effort. You can grab some extra LBC for testing from our developer program at

LBRY on Hardware Devices
Currently LBRY is supported on the Ledger via manual install and 3rd part client. See for details

How and Where to Buy LBC token?

LBC has been listed on a number of crypto exchanges, unlike other main cryptocurrencies, it cannot be directly purchased with fiats money. However, You can still easily buy this coin by first buying Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, BNB from any large exchanges and then transfer to the exchange that offers to trade this coin, in this guide article we will walk you through in detail the steps to buy LBC coin.

You will have to first buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…

We will use Binance Exchange here as it is one of the largest crypto exchanges that accept fiat deposits.

Once you finished the KYC process. You will be asked to add a payment method. Here you can either choose to provide a credit/debit card or use a bank transfer, and buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, usually either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance (BNB)…


Step by Step Guide : What is Binance | How to Create an account on Binance (Updated 2021)

Next step - Transfer your cryptos to an Altcoin Exchange

Since LBC is an altcoin we need to transfer our coins to an exchange that LBC can be traded. Below is a list of exchanges that offers to trade LBC in various market pairs, head to their websites and register for an account.

Once finished you will then need to make a BTC/ETH/USDT/BNB deposit to the exchange from Binance depending on the available market pairs. After the deposit is confirmed you may then purchase LBC from the exchange.

The top exchange for trading in LBC coin is currently: BitMart, MEXC, BigONE, Bittrex, and Hotbit

Find more information LBC coin

☞ Website ☞ Explorer ☞ Social Channel ☞ Social Channel 2 ☞ Social Channel 3 ☞ Coinmarketcap

🔺DISCLAIMER: The Information in the post isn’t financial advice, is intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Trading Cryptocurrency is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money.

🔥 If you’re a beginner. I believe the article below will be useful to you ☞ What You Should Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency - For Beginner

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What is LBRY Credits (LBC) | What is LBC coin

MetaMiners Network - Don't Miss Out On Early Mining Rewards - Easy Phone Mining!

### MetaMiners Network

This is not supposed to be a long article, just a informal article about MetaMiners and how to get early rewards in their native token MNC (MetaMiners Network Chain) Metaminers is a multi-chain system for NFTs it’s currently under development. The first chain to come is HECO after HECO we have ETH blockchain and the last two blockchains to be integrated is BSC and OKExchain. There is not so much information about the project itself yet and how it will work for the investor or the interface we will meet. If you feel overwhelmed and need to know every detail, you can read the whitepaper here.

The supply of MNC will be distributed as follow.

  • Social Mining 50%

-Liquidity Mining 13%

  • Private Placement 12%

  • Team 8%

  • Community 7%

  • MNC Foundation 10%

The Fun Part: Early Rewards Thru Phone Mining and Social Tips
You will have an outstanding chances of getting good rewards in MNC tokens thru their app. In the app can you earn MNC in three different ways. The first and easiest way is just to start the mining that will go for 24 hours and then you have to start it again. If you don’t want to put more energy into this you can just do the mining and you will get some good rewards just by that. If you want to put some energy into it you can share this with friends, family and forums to invite people thru your invitation code to earn some extra MNC rewards. You can also tip others using this app to get even more rewarded.

It’s a great opportunity to get into this early and collect as many MNC tokens as possible. If you want to read further about the project click here or if you want to go straight to the download page for the apps click here. As told this is not a long article just want to aware everyone reading here on Publish0x on this early rewards in a big project.

I would love if you used my invitation code: 06U4G

Thank you for reading and all support!

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MetaMiners Network - Don't Miss Out On Early Mining Rewards - Easy Phone Mining!

TTcoin, The Coin Everyone Can Mine!, Don't Miss! - Gets Listed On JustSwap In Five Days!

### TTcoin - Mobile Mining For Free, Soon Gets Listed

What Is TTcoin?

TTcoin is token on Tron blockchain and released it’s mining app in June, it’s easy to mine and everyone with a smartphone can mine it (not iphone). The coin gets distributed thru the mining process and as we know with mobile mining it’s not really mining, in right terms it’s cloud mining. This TRC20 token will be used in both games and applications by Taner games and application company, the creator of the token. Already over 470 000 people are mining the coin and the mining rate is 150 TTcoin per 24 hours but will go down when specific milestones of miners is reached.

There is not much more info about TTcoin yet, not in the whitepaper either. But the token will already be listed on JustSwap in five days and will be listed on more dex:es and exchanges in near future. Below can you see the roadmap of TTcoin.

  • June 2021 - Mining Application will be made. Application Updates will be made. Bugs will be fixed. Version 4.0 Update will be done.

  • 20 July 2021 - It will be listed on Justswap. New Representatives will be appointed. Advertising marketing will be launched.

  • 25 August 2021 - It will be listed on the Koinbazar Exchange. New updates will be made. The number of representatives and groups will be increased.

  • 30 September 2021 - Listing on Bilaxy exchange

  • 23 October 2021 - Being Listed on the ProBit Exchange. Database Updates.

  • 10 December 2021 - New Cryptocurrency TTcoin Classic Will Be Created. TTcoin will make a splash with its promotions and projects around the world.

*Roadmap taken from website.

As you see 10 December will a new crypto be made TTcoin classic, perhaps holders of TTcoin and miners of it has an advantages there to get some. But how knows, the time will tell!. Anyways I only see advantages to mine TTcoin now, it’s free, draws no battery and takes no processor power in your mobile and you don’t have to wait forever to get some kind of profit from this as TTcoin gets listed very soon on many platforms.

If you want to read the whitepaper and see the distribution plan click here.

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To get to Google Play and download the app (Use Mobile or pad when you click the link) click HERE.

Thank you for reading and all support!

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TTcoin, The Coin Everyone Can Mine!, Don't Miss! - Gets Listed On JustSwap In Five Days!

For Those Who Missed Joining Pi Network Early - Be a Early Bird In FireFly Network

FireFly Network - Be a Early Bird With High Mining Rate****

FireFly Network, a New Mining App Recently Released
Many people in cryptocurrencies did not believe in Pi Network and the idea of mining some free token on mobile. That reality have now shifted as Pi Network seems to become something and this idea of mobile mining seems not so scamish anymore as before. In the early days of Pi I didn’t know if I believed in it either but I started anyways, what could I possibly lose pressing a button one time a day to start the mining session?

Well, nothing, nothing to lose and I had everything to win if the project would succeed someday. Think FireFly Network like this, it’s new and you have a golden opportunity to collect many tokens at the highest rate possible.

We have not yet any graph how the mining rate looks like or how and when it will do it’s first halving in mining rewards. The website sates this, which can be interpreted in different ways.

FireFly is the coin of the future.
You can now mine for free. Once we have reached the number of users we wish and need.
We will launch it.

When I read this I interpret this as the mining of FireFly’s will be fairly short-lived against other projects like Pi Network. But how knows really, I will try to get some more answers to this from the devs in FireFlys Telegram Chat.

The Project
FireFly has an open whitepaper, it’s kind of blurry and well-done at the same time, it’s quite hard to grasp what FireFlys main goal is. What I can see from it is that FireFly is a crypto utilizing both PoW and PoS and will make micro-payments easier, faster and with less fee’s. I recommend you to read the whitepaper yourself to get a idea of what FireFly really is, to proceed to the whitepaper click here. In the Image below can you see the roadmap of FireFly Network.

~~Below is FireFly’s roadmap, the text is taken from the official website and by no means edited. ~~

Roadmap / Deployment plan

Phase 1 – Design, Distribution, Trust Graph Bootstrap. The FireFly server is operating as a faucet emulating the behavior of the decentralized system as it will function once its live. During this phase improvements in the user experience and behavior are possible and relatively easy to make compared to the stable phase of the main net. All minting of coins to users will be migrated to the live net once it launches. In other words, the livenet will pre-mint in its genesis block all account holder balances generated during Phase 1, and continue operating just like the current system but fully decentralized. FireFly is not listed on exchanges during this phase and it is impossible to “buy” FireFly with any other currency.

Phase 2 – Testnet Before we launch the main net, the Node software will be deployed on a test net. The test net will use the same exact trust graph as the main net but on a testing FireFly token. FireFly core team will host several nodes on the test net, but will encourage more Pioneers to start their own nodes on the testnet. In fact, in order for any node to join the main net, they are advised to begin on the testnet. The test net will be run in parallel to the FireFly emulator in phase one, and periodically, e.g. daily, the results from both systems will be compared to catch the gaps and misses of the test net, which will allow FireFly developers to propose and implement fixes. After a thorough concurrent run of both systems, testnet will reach a state where its results consistently match the emulator’s. At that time when the community feels its ready, FireFly will migrate to the next phase.

Phase 3 – Mainnet

You can download the app directly on Google Play or as an apk-file directly on the website. You can use Invitation code: ralle1212

Useful links:






             **Thank you for reading and all support!**

*The article is also published on by me.

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For Those Who Missed Joining Pi Network Early - Be a Early Bird In FireFly Network
Salma  Mateos

Salma Mateos


Mining Difficulty - Simply Explained

Mining Bitcoin or Ethereum is a hard task for your computer. But why? And what does the difficulty have to do with the security of blockchains? Learn all about blockchains, consensus algorithms and why difficulty adjustment is crucial to keep everything operating at an optimal (and safe) level.


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Mining Difficulty - Simply Explained

11 Best Data Mining Softwares That You Must Know - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

In today’s world, data is the cornerstone of smart decisions and companies need to use appropriate data mining tools to immediately get insights from their data. Data mining has become an integral part of analytics as it helps businesses for predictive modeling and maximize on the analytics programs. Businesses can use analytics models that are provided by data mining tools to get insights from large volumes of customer data and predict the behaviors of customers. Also, companies can use data mining tools and their analytics know-how to solve complex problems, price products and services more effectively, discover competitive strategies, predict performance, develop intervention strategies, identify market risk, predict potential problems, create more targeted marketing campaigns and improve customer relationships.

What Is Data Mining Software?

Data mining softwares are the software that allows you to extract usable data from a huge raw data to find patterns, anomalies and correlations. It’s results help companies to predict the result. Some key techniques like statistical analysis, algorithms, machine learning, database statistics and artificial intelligence are used by data mining software. Simply, data mining applications helps you get insights from huge volumes of data and transform it to actionable insights.

Top 11 Data Mining Softwares For 2021-

1. Sisense-
Sisense is one of the best data mining software which provides specific features to divide into massive datasets and discover crucial insights like customer’s shopping habits, search rankings and also other business analytics. It offers a compelling dashboard that makes it easy to explore and visualize large amounts of unprocessed data. Also it can be the best choice for beginners.

It has a drag and drop feature that empowers data scientists in managing their projects with better productivity.
You can connect with any number of data sources – both structured and unstructured.
Sisense can be employed in supply chains, healthcare management, government institutions, enterprises, manufacturing and so on.
The user interface is very attractive and dashboard provides highly workflow for visualizing large-scale data sources.
2. SAS Data Mining-
Know more at-

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11 Best Data Mining Softwares That You Must Know - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

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Mind Capital Opiniones 2020?

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, many people in 2020 have started investing these assets.
And the vast majority use platforms like Mind Capital to make their cryptocurrencies profitable.
Do you want to know what their opinions are about Mind Capital?
In this article we will talk about Mind Capital and the opinions it has generated in 2020.

To know more visit:

Domain Name:

Description: JetMining Bitcoin Mining Pool is trusted online Cloud Mining Company that provides bitcoin mining/Hashing service. The highest paying Bitcoin Cloud mining pool 2018 -

Investment Plan :

GET 0.01 BTC For
V 1.0
BTC / Minute: 0.0000020
BTC / Day: 0.00288
Affiliate Bonus: 30%

GET 0.01 BTC For
V 2.0
BTC / Minute: 0.0000210
BTC / Day: 0.03024
Affiliate Bonus: 40%

GET 0.05 BTC For
V 3.0
BTC / Minute: 0.0002100
BTC / Day: 0.30240
Affiliate Bonus: 50%

GET 2.99 BTC For
V 4.0
BTC / Minute: 0.0012600
BTC / Day: 1.8144
Affiliate Bonus: 100%

Features :
Min / Max: $ 1 / $ 250,000
Referral: 5-3-1%
Withdrawal: Manual

Legend (original):

We are a specialized team of experts involved in the sale of cryptocurrencies as we provide you with the best rate available. We make use of modern algorithms to offer you excellent service. Our professional brokers go out of their way to provide you with exceptional customer service. Personal information given on our site is 100% secure as we have devised an encrypted method to secure sensitive data. With several years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency and investments, you are rest assured of the best deals. We are available around 24/7, and your profit is accrued every hour!

Machine translate:

We are a dedicated team of cryptocurrency trading experts as we provide you with the best prices. We use state of the art algorithms to offer you a great service. Our professional brokers go out of their way to provide you with exceptional customer service. Personal information provided on our website is 100% secure, we have developed an encrypted way to protect confidential data. With years of experience in cryptocurrency and investment, you can be sure of the best deals. We are available 24/7 and your profits are calculated every hour!

I upgrade a mining plan to V2, Mostly participate in an affiliate program to boost my revenue. I suggest my friend, make youtube videos, post on my blog to get maximum referral. Here is am sharing my referral link, Keep in mind this is my hard work to find this legit bitcoin mining website

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Mind Capital Opiniones 2020?
Angela  Dickens

Angela Dickens


Bitcoin Price Prediction with LSTM using Q Blocks

Bitcoin is a very particular asset. Its price is sensible to demand and supply rather than external factors, so it may highly depend on perceived trends rather than perceived information. For this category of problems, pattern recognition may prove incredibly useful.

Image for post

Part I (this article)

Because this problem is very big, from beginning to end, I will begin with the first part of the article by Mining Bitcoin Data.

Part II (next article)

In the second part, I will be setting up LSTM to predict the upcoming Bitcoin price. Because the necessary computing power to run the code won’t be enough for a regular notebook, I will be renting computing power from Q Blocks. In the next article, I will reserve a full part on how to connect to their notebook to speed up your performances using peer to peer distributed GPU.

Part III

After having set everything to run on the Q Blocks platform, I will be explaining in detail how the LSTM model works and estimate the accuracy of the final model.

Importing Libraries

import json
import urllib.request
import pandas as pd

Importing Functions

With the following functions I will be able to decode UTF-8 data and group the data into chunks (weeks, specifically). For now, I won’t be entering into details, but with further code will require the use of those two main functions.

def group_chunks(df, id_loc, value_loc): #df, 0, 1
  def average(list1):
    sum1 = 0
    for _ in list1:
      sum1 += _
    return sum1/len(list1)
#convert DataFrame into a dict with a unique value per timestamp
  mydict = {}
  for x in range(len(df)):
    currentid = df.iloc[x,id_loc]
    currentvalue = df.iloc[x,value_loc]
    mydict.setdefault(currentid, [])
#convert dict into a list
  dictlist = list()
  for key, value in mydict.items():
    temp = [key,value]
#convert to DataFrame
  dictlist = pd.DataFrame(dictlist)
#average of multiple values
  dictlist[1] = dictlist[1].apply(lambda x : average(x))
  return dictlist

Specifying initial week

The only manual intervention you will have to do in this code is to specify when the weeks have to be counted. Because I am downloading data for the last 5 years, I will specify 2015 as the initial date.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction with LSTM using Q Blocks