MIT Researchers Make New Chips That Work On Light

MIT is working on next-generation optical chips that offer improvement in terms of high speed, low latency, and low power consumption.

This ML Model Assesses Stress & Strain On Materials From Their Images

The new approach could enable faster design prototyping and material inspections.

What is “Artificial General Intelligence”?

This new web series will introduce these questions by looking at a specific superset of AI: Artificial General Intelligence — or general-purpose AI. Part 1 of Intro to Artificial General Intelligence series.

How I Analyzed All NPM Dependency Licenses in One Go

How I Analyzed All NPM Dependency Licenses in One Go. Analyzing Licenses in One Go. I will be using the license-checker module, which is another package available in NPM. Now we will use the license-checker to list all the licenses used by our Node project. Then you can start analyzing the licenses by using the following command.

Top Sites From Where You Can Learn Easily - TECHARGE

The advanced technologies have opened new doors for learning opportunities.Back in the day, it was not easy to learn something new but you can learn online.

MIT Researchers Develop An AI Tool To Detect Skin Cancer

The scientists at MIT have developed an AI-powered SPL analysis system to help in the early detection of skin cancer.

MIT Researchers Develop Highly-Adaptive Liquid Neural Network

Liquid network has proven more efficient than other state-of-the-art time series algorithms to accurately predict future values in datasets.

Major Quantum Computing Projects And Innovations Of 2020

2020 saw its share of breakthroughs in quantum computing. We list some of the significant projects and experiments of 2020.

MIT Develops A New System That Creates Different Kind Of Robots

This new system takes input from the users on what kind of functionality requires available parts (think arms, wheels etc.) and recommends.

Decode a lost language by code!

Dead, Extinct, And Lost Languages. A dead language is one that is not the native language of any community. Latin is a dead language. Machine learning is helping linguistics

Free From MIT: Intro to Computational Thinking and Data Science

Free From MIT: Intro to Computational Thinking and Data Science. This free course from MIT will help in your transition to thinking computationally, and ultimately solving complex data science problems.

Free From MIT: Intro to Computer Science and Programming in Python

This free introductory computer science and programming course is available via MIT's Open Courseware platform. It's a great resource for mastering the fundamentals of one of data science's major requirements.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) — Don’t ask how, ask what

The first step in any data science project is EDA. This article will explain why each step in the EDA is important and why we should care about what we learn from our data.

Can AI Now Defer Human Decisions? - Analytics India Magazine

MIT researchers developed an AI and ML system that can not only diagnose medical conditions but can also defer human decisions.

DL Is Not Computationally Expensive By Accident, But By Design

MIT collaborated with the University of Brasilia and Yonsei University to estimate the computational limits of deep learning (DL).

The Key to Understanding Deep Learning - KDnuggets

Calculus is the key to fully understanding how neural networks function. Go beyond a surface understanding of this mathematics discipline with these free course materials from MIT.

Experts Denounce Racial Bias of Crime-Predictive Facial-Recognition AI

Experts Denounce Racial Bias of Crime-Predictive Facial-Recognition AI. An open letter signed by experts in the field from MIT, Microsoft and Google aim to stop the ‘tech to prison’ pipeline.