How to Secure iOS App Secret Data With Hashicorp Vault

Guide for vault integration with your iOS app. When working on mobile apps, we interact with APIs all the time. In order to connect to these APIs, we use API keys. These API keys are very ...

How to Add Location Tracking to Your App using Syncfusion Flutter Maps

The Syncfusion Flutter Maps widget is a data-visualization library written natively in the Dart language. It displays a geographical area from GeoJSON data. It has highly interactive and customizable features that enrich the end-user experience by presenting the data of the regions in more intu

Swift Property Wrappers Unwrapped: Part 2

Closer look to property wrappers initialization and some other aspects. Swift Property Wrappers Unwrapped: Part 2 ... substitutes the instance of other properties (wrapped properties) in any other struct or class.

Android Studio 4.1 Includes New Database Inspector, Integrated Emulator.

The latest version of Android official IDE, Android Studio 4.1, is now stable. Besides introducing a new database inspector, integrated emulator, and better TensorFlow Lite support, it improves integration with Dagger and fixes over 2,000 bugs.

A Quick Guide to SwiftUI Essentials

Basic SwiftUI concepts and terms for view creation and state management. It was really exciting to hear about Apples new framework called SwiftUI at WWDC 2019. This post is a quick guide to get started with SwiftUI. At first, we will take ...

What’s New in 2020 Volume 3: Flutter Charts

At Syncfusion, we are continuously reviewing the constructive questions and comments we receive from our customers, which include various feature requests. From these, we handpicked the most widely requested features and made them available in the Essential Studio 2020 Volume 3 release. In this blog

Create a Sidebar Menu in SwiftUI

Build a useful sidebar for your users. This week's SwiftUI tutorial covers a component that I've seen popping up in designs floating around the community lately. I'll show you briefly how to create your ...

Introducing Timeline Resource Grouping in Flutter Event Calendar

The newly introduced timeline resource grouping feature is a discrete view in our Flutter event calendar widget. It allows you to group appointments based on the available resources in the timeline view of the Calendar widget. This feature is available in our 2020 Volume 3 release. Through this feat

Persistent History Tracking in Core Data

How does persistent history tracking work? With Persistent History Tracking enabled your app will start writing transactions for any changes that occur in your Core Data store. Whether they happen from an app extension, background context, or your main app, they're all written into transactions

The Ultimate Guide to the SwiftUI 2 Application Life Cycle

The Ultimate Guide to the SwiftUI 2 Application Life Cycle. SwiftUI 2. October 09, 2020 - 10 min read. For the longest time, iOS developers have used ...

Overriding UserDefaults for Improved Productivity

UserDefaults within apps are used to store data related to user configurations. It's an easily accessible data store for saving states, statistics, and other app-related data.

A Bar Chart Race Using SwiftUI 2.0

Part 3 in my charting series. This is the third article in a series I'm putting together on building charts in SwiftUI 2.0. The bar chart your looking at, the Barron's of bar charts, ...

Routing in SwiftUI

2 solutions for routing in SwiftUI. The router is defined by a protocol, which the View will require in the constructor. The viewFor(route: _, content: _) function should take a 'route', ...

Debugging on iOS 14 With Xcode 11

Fixing a critical bug when you are between app (and Xcode) versions ... the dmg instead... you'll thank me later :) // Support iOS 14 devices (Xcode 12.0) with Xcode 11.5: ... Looks like Xcode 11 changes the game here, this no longer works. ... Anyone got the iphone running iOS 13.2 to debug on Xcode 10.1 yet?

Animating Your Bar Chart With Combine Messages

Part 2 of “Linking Animations Together to Build Bar Charts in SwiftUI” I wrote an article the other day in which I talked about building basic bar charts: “Linking Animations together to Build Bar Charts in SwiftUI.

Useful (and Obscure) Foundation Types in Swift

Useful (and obscure!) Foundation types in Swift. The Foundation provides you a lot of the bread-and-butter needed for your daily iOS development, ranging from structures like Data all the way to complete APIs like URLSession .

What’s New in 2020 Volume 3: Syncfusion Flutter Maps

In the Essential Studio 2020 Volume 2, release, we introduced the new Maps widget for the Flutter platform. At Syncfusion, we always look forward to feedback from the developer community to improve our products in every release. Likewise, in our recent Essential Studio 2020 Volume 3 release, we have

Create an Image Slideshow in Swift

First make sure you have a Xcode project for IOS open, and navigate to your storyboard so that we can create a UIImageView. Now lets add constraints so that everything looks nice when we run the app. Now that we have added our constraints lets attach the UIImageView to our code.

Build a Mobile App with Expo

Then I discovered Expo and react native that allow me 1) Code a single app and distribute to ios and android at the same time 2) Allowed me to use javascript so I didn't need to learn another programming language. It was great.

Adopt Diffable Data Sources With Ease

Adopt Diffable Data Sources With Ease. Diffable data sources and their benefits over using the classic data source approach