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Manisha Sharma


Top 10 Android Mobile Game Development Tools & Engines

Android has made the world so simple with its user-friendly interface. Android phone’s advanced features attract people to adopt it. People are using android phones not only for talking and internet surfing but also for entertainment purposes. For entertainment, most users are craving gaming apps. Due to high demand for smartphones and tablets, and mobile,  gaming apps are also increasing day by day. That's why the gaming industry is paying special attention to android mobile game development.

Due to technological advancements in gaming like Virtual reality, augmented reality, metaverse gaining reality, cloud gaming, and real money games, etc. are making gaming apps in high demand. All that is inspiring developers to develop advanced mobile games and for that, they are using different kinds of mobile game development tools and engines.

Basically, mobile game development tools are a kind of software that allows us to build, test and deploy apps for phones and tablets. If you want to know how to develop gaming apps then there are a lot of mobile game tools that will help you to get your desired applications. 

Here we are going to discuss the popular android game tools and engines for beginners and expert game developers. 


Game Engines for Android Mobile Game Development 

These are the five important and widely used best game development engines as follows:

  1. Unity
  2. Unreal Engine
  3. Corona SDK
  4. Cry Engine
  5. Cocos2D-X


Unity is launched by Unity technologies and is known as an all-in-one platform for mobile games. Unity is a cross-platform tool and it comes with AR, VR, 2D, and 3D features. Temple run and subway surfer is the best example of unity 3D. 60% of applications are built by using Unity. Unity is a favourite tool for unity game development companies.

Unity Platform Advantages

User friendliness, less coding and compatibility with several platforms

  • The app can be easily shared between PC, Web and mobile
  • Multiplayer gaming and multi language support

Rich asset store and easy debugging

Unreal Engine

The Unreal engine is very similar to Unity in features. This engine is developed by Epic Games.  It is basically used for stunning 3D Graphics design. For optimization of games, Unreal is counted as the most flexible gaming engine. If you are looking to feature superior graphics then unreal is best for it.

Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat are very known examples of it.

Unreal Engine Advantages

  • Unreal is a free and open source software 
  • photo-realistic rendering images for the game
  • cross-platform game engine.
  •  stunning 3D graphics

Multi platform compatibility

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a very powerful and free engine for mobile gaming apps. It uses lua scripting language. Graphic content and interactivity make you feel like you are a designer, not a developer. It is counted as a popular android game tool and it is very famous among developers. Mandora, Designer city, zip-zap, etc. are the best gaming examples of this.

Corona SDK Advantages

  • 100% free to use.
  • Time saving and single code based s/w.
  • Provides integrated support.
  • Faster and more powerful.

Cry Engine

Cryengine is the perfect choice for you if you love superior visuals. Tools like flowgraph help us to get an attractive, ambiance, and powerful game. It offers us the finest coding and It is very easy to learn. There are also various tools that make it richer and ahead of others.


It is a Facebook product. Here, you will get the best community support and that’s why it is very easy to learn. It is basically a 2D mobile gaming engine. Using its powerful suite and other features we can make the best 2D mobile gaming app. The Hill climb racing game is the best example of it.  For the best, we can integrate third-party libraries to get advanced features. The best thing is that we can develop games as small as 1.5 MB by using this engine.

Cocos2D-X Advantages

  • Can integrate 3rd party libraries.
  • Cross platform and open source engine.
  • Very small in size.

Tools for Android Mobile Game Development

Now, we are going to discuss the best tools for android mobile game development software that are trending nowadays.

5.React Native


Flutter is a mobile game development software, in which we can use the same codebase for different platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, etc. This kit is known for smooth and easy cross-platform mobile game development tools. Only 2D games can be developed using flutter and it is very easy to learn that’s why people are moving towards it.

Flutter Advantages

  • Best for 2D game development
  • Code Reusability

Easy in learning


If you want the best mobile game development software for Apple’s products then Swift is perfect. Swift is the official Apple programming language that works for native iOS mobile app development. It uses easy syntax that is easy to use and that makes it easy to learn and understand.

Swift Advantages: 

  • Open source 
  • Very easy to learn
  • Best for iOS Apps

Fast and secure


Buildbox is counted as the best tool because we do not need coding. In this, just select the images and import them, assign the order and your game is ready to be played. This is a unique concept where there is no need for coding, without coding we can make our game easily.

It is very helpful for those who are not from a technical background. Ball jump is the best example of build box tools.

Buildbox Advantages

  • 3D games can be developed without coding.
  • All kinds of Game templates are available.

Just drag and drop, play with animation and the game is ready.


If you are familiar with C and .Net language then there is no rocket science in it. MGFX language is used by Monogame. This framework helps us to develop multi-platform games. Bastion and the infinite fight is the best example of it.  Open source framework, versatility, and text format for easy editing make it the best tool for 2D game development.

5.React Native  

React Native is best for lightweight, smooth, and responsive interface-based 2D mobile games. For faster, cheaper, cross-platform, and fast-loaded gaming apps you should always choose react native. If you are going to develop a 2D game for multiple platforms at cheap prices then you should surely opt react native. It is released by Facebook.

React Native Advantages

  • Cost-efficient & code reusability
  • UI focussed
  • Community support
  • Live reload
  • Third party plugins

Final Thought 

In short, we can say that each platform has uniqueness and it totally depends on which programming language you know,  your budget and choices also matter in all that. So, choose the best regarding your project so you can go ahead with the best mobile game development company

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Top 10 Android Mobile Game Development Tools & Engines

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Ragib aburuken

Ragib aburuken


Introducing New Multiplayer Tournament Feature: Chapayev 2

Chapayev 2: Best Checkers 3D board Game is a multiplayer online & offline board game that boosts the inner adrenaline rush.

In this thrilling, fast-paced, and competitive strategy game, you will fight for survival against your friend from all over the world to win tournaments and become a legend among your peers. You will have to use your wit, tactics, and cunning to formulate just the right strategy to outsmart your opponent in every battle.

It tests your intelligence, your strategy, and your knowledge. It will always be online multiplayer with great graphics and realistic physics – the game is designed to make you feel like you are fighting for your army.

The game is packed with new features never seen before in any other game of this genre. A brand new type of graphics engine renders even more stunning effects than any other checkers board game. Now the gameplay itself is even more exciting than ever before, with an increased number of players at the same time.

The game has recently launched the latest feature of Multiplayer Tourney. To know about the latest feature continue reading the article.

Win Multiplayer tourney and climb to the top of worldwide ranking tables or play for fun and win points!

Now let’s see how can you leverage the MultiPlayer Tourney update stepwise:

Step 1:

Step-1 - Chapayev 2

First, one player has to create a tournament using coins such as 500 coins, 1000 coins, etc.

Step 2:

Invite as many players as you want using your invite feature within the game.

For More Step CLICK HERE


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Introducing New Multiplayer Tournament Feature: Chapayev 2