Analysing Company Earning Calls with Python

Building a Python script to analyse company earning calls. We will extract the main key points on the company recent and future performance as stated by management in the latest earning calls.

Trading With Moving Averages -  SMA’s & EMA’s

Entering the realm of technical indicators, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon and the countless techniques available. As an introduction, we’re starting with the oldest and most widely used technical indicator. It also just happens to be the simplest - the moving average. 

How To Make More Money As A Data Scientist?

Monetize your machine learning skills and build a fortune. Data science is without a doubt the most in-demand field today. No wonder, data scientists with proficient skills are handsomely rewarded in jobs across the world.

How To Get a Job as a Data Engineer

Salaries in data engineering jobs vary depending on the location, industry, required skills, and level of experience. 10 skills in demand and major factors determining career prospects in one of the fastest-growing profession of the century

The Economics of Home Roasting Coffee

The Economics of Home Roasting Coffee. It would not be uncommon for home roasters to go through an average of 4 to 6 cups of coffee or 4 double shots of espresso per day.

Ways To Make Money As A Developer

Below you can find a list of ways you can make money as a developer. In this article, I will explain how you can earn extra income to help you pay bills without having to quit your full-time job.

Data Analysis without Programming

Today I will show you how you can use Microsoft Excel to analyze price change occurrence. Of course, we could do it in a couple of lines of code using Python or some other high-level language.

Manage your Money with Python

Manage your Money with Python. Let's see how we can better manage our money using the following 5 Steps: Import Python Libraries and Get the Data; Get the Data; Manipulate the Data and Customize your transactions' categories; Design your Monthly Report; Build the Final Dashboard.

5Best Paypal Cash Earning Apps 2020 | Top 5 Apps To Make Money | Make Money Payment paroof

number one app tv-two is tv2 now you can go on to so the concept of this app is really simple you can just click play and watch the video and you

The Science of Portfolio Optimization

How to use Data Science to {re}allocate investments. I decided to implement some products, including pricing estimators, algorithmic traders and the idea that I will present in this post: a portfolio optimizer.

How Much Should I Charge: Knowing Your Value

It’s all about those billable hours. Getting your freelance or consulting web development business off the ground is tough. I know because I’m going through it firsthand as I start a side web development gig.

College Football Travel during COVID

A network analysis of the 2020 college football schedule using NetworkX and musings about difficult decisions in college football.

Parse TradingView Stock Recommendations in Seconds!

Learn how to parse real-time recommendations for any interval with Python! In one of my earlier articles, we went over how to parse the top analyst recommendations from Yahoo Finance.

Why you are throwing money away

What you should consider before migrating to the cloud to make your data warehouse and data lake future-proof & how the separation of storage and compute was approached by Snowflake.

4 Fundamental Indicators

4 Fundamental Indicators I Use in Fundamental Analysis: Being able to understand the purpose of key ratios is necessary for conducting solid fundamental analyses.

4 Technical Indicators

Technical analysis is a way to analyze securities by identifying statistical trends gathered from trading activity, such as price and volume changes.

Top 4 College Degrees for 2020

Top college degrees for 2020 (The most potential for the future!) When picking these various degrees, I always look towards the future, where is the country ...

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s Personal Security Costs Eclipse the Rest of Silicon Valley

In this article, we are going to find ount why Mark Zuckerberg’s Personal Security Costs Eclipse the Rest of Silicon Valley and how incredibly high it costs Facebook every year to keep its CEO safe.

Blockchain’s Digital Vending Machines and the Question of Identity

In a previous article, we outlined investment opportunities in companies utilizing decentralized software solutions such as blockchains. While the number of projects in the space is growing steadily, at present these networks continue to struggle to achieve the goal stated by its pseudonymous inventor to serve as “peer-to-peer cash”.

Million Money Clone Script | Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

Get Million Money Clone Script to start an ethereum smart contract MLM like Free Live Demo Available.