What is MongoDB Database | MongoDB | Asp.Net Core MVC

LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBEIn this tutorial, I will discuss MongoDB Database.MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high volume data s...

How to build a RESTful API in Node, Express & Mongo

Learn to create your first RESTful API in NodeJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB (mongoose) in 2019. We cover the MVC pattern, CRUD, Routes, Error Handling, ES6, Promises, GET, POST, DELETE in under 50 minutes.

GUID Query Through Mongo Shell

If you have stored a GUID through the C# driver to mongoDB and now you want to run a query by GUID, you can't query directly because mongoDB doesn't recognize…

Self-Hosted MongoDB Atlas Database

Learn how to optimize your DB cost? This article will help you with the complete migration steps from a cloud to a self-hosted environment.

Using MongoDB as Datasource in GoLang

Learn how to use MongoDB as a data source for your Go application using the mongo-go driver

Start Mongo DB Cluster on localhost

Starting mongo as a standalone single instance is straight forward. But on production environments, mongo db is always running in clustered format. So how to replicate the same clustered format mongo db on your local machine or on staging instances or for testing purposes becomes critical.

Mongoose with Node.js - Object Data Modeling

In this article we'll learn through an example application how we can use Mongoose to model our data and validate it before storing it to MongoDB.

How to Install MongoDB on CentOS 7

MongoDB is a NoSQL (non-tabular) database intended for storing large amounts of data in document-oriented storage with dynamic schemas. If you want to install one yourself, let Liquid Web be your guide. We show you how to add and edit files to install mongoDB on CentOS 7 with no issues.

MongoDB Indexes: Deep Dive, Understanding Indexes.

Getting a performance boost with the best usage of indexes, by understanding what’s the data structure, how it works’s/stored, how is it loaded into memory. How Query optimization make’s decision to select indexes.

Spring Boot Microservice with Mongo Database on AWS EC2| Amazon web services | 2020

In this video , You will learn how to build and deploy spring boot with mongo database application on AWS EC2 Instance.

Node, Mongo & Docker Compose | Para iniciantes

Este es un ejemplo práctico sencillo de como crear un proyecto de Node y Mongodb usando los contenedores de Docker. Para esto usaremos Docker Compose, el cua...

Node JS Blog APIs with Mongo DB #27

Node JS & React Full Stack Training (Node JS and React JS ) Full Playlist for node js crash course https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIGDNOJWiL1-anK_Dyz...

Nest S with Mongo DB API development #21

Full Playlists https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIGDNOJWiL1_Nt0qLMaYVvcTxaTioCuRg Github: https://github.com/tkssharma/nestjs-crash-course https://gith...

Live Coding a Full Stack Idea App with Vue, Express, and Mongo

In this video I build a small full stack application using vuejs on the front end, and node, express, and mongodb for the backend. The front end vue app was setup using the vue cli, and the backend is my own custom approach. If you are new to web development, this video has some good content to learning how to build a full stack application using popular web technologies.

How to Migrate Your Local MongoDB Database Between Computers

The complete guide to a MongoDB migration. How to Migrate Your Local MongoDB Database Between Computers. The complete guide to a MongoDB migration.

Node JS with Express and Mongo DB #21

Full Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIGDNOJWiL1-anK_Dyz9zRq7UYMJfc3P0 Github Link https://github.com/tkssharma/nodejs-crash-course Full play

How to Enable Authentication in MongoDB Instance – TecAdmin

The default MongoDB install with no password for accessing databases. You can enforce authentication in the MongoDB server to add an extra layer of security. You may have controlled MongoDB server to accept request from your local area network only, but still there are chances for the hacker to inject malicious script to your server.

Self-Hosted MongoDB Deployment

Looking to optimize your db cost? This post will guide you with the complete migration steps from a cloud to a self-hosted environment

Node+Mongo-Boilerplate API with Email Sign Up,Verification,Authentication&Forgot Password

LAST UPDATED: JUNE 16 2020 - How to build a boilerplate authentication API with Node.js and MongoDB that includes email sign up & verification, authentication & role based authorization, forgot password & reset password functionality, account management (CRUD) routes with role based access control, and Swagger documentation.

Implementing Event Sourcing and CQRS pattern with MongoDB

Event Sourcing and CQRS are quite simple concepts. But they are often made complex to understand because of overly complex implementations…