MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source, document-oriented NoSQL database. It supports a large number of languages and application development platforms.

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MongoDB Community Show and Tell: Lyn Scott Presents TruFit

Members of the MongoDB Developer community join us on the MongoDB Twitch Channel to show us their amazing application. MongoDB Community Show and Tell: Lyn Scott Presents TruFit

MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka version 1.2!

MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka version 1.2!

MongoDB Realm automates and simplifies leverage data

Realm founder Alexander Stigsen describes how MongoDB Realm makes it easy to synchronize data between mobile and web clients, regulate data access, and run a...

Announcing MongoDB Virtual Public Training | MongoDB Blog

A personal trainer in the comfort of your home office - Announcing MongoDB Virtual Public Training. Your success is important to us! Investing in MongoDB training pays off, whether you're an individual building your own skills or a manager providing learning resources for your team.

Ops & Integrations: Updates to the CLI for MongoDB Cloud

Chief Product Officer, Sahir Azam, describes some of the new features that make it easier to integrate MongoDB into your operational processes. We rearchitec...

MongoDB 4.4 - performance improvements, custom aggregation expressions

Chief Product Officer, Sahir Azam, and Executive Vice President - Core Engineering, Dan Passette, describe some of the features introduced in MongoDB 4.4. Re...

Ep. 11 From SQL to MongoDB

We're joined by Developer Advocate Lauren Schaefer and guest host Rebecca Mosner, Social Media Manager, to talk about migration from SQL to MongoDB. Learn mo...

Firebase vs. AWS vs. MongoDB

![This is image title]( "This is image title") Technology is progressively updating day by day. So, modernizing software to be more cloud based can be...

Understanding `unique` in Mongoose

Mongoose lets you define schema paths as `unique`, but the `unique` option has a few important caveats. Here's what you need to know.

Mastering Deno: Build REST APIs with Deno, Oak APIs, use MongoDB

Master Deno, build REST APIs with Deno, Oak APIs, use MongoDB & much more! - Udemy Free Course. You'll learn: Build, and launch Deno apps; Real-world example for RESTful API's using Deno; Create web servers; Store data with MongoDB; How to structure your project files and write beautiful code; Creating the Websockets and mini Chat Application using Deno; Debugging Deno Applicaiton

Auto-Healing MongoDB cluster in AWS

How to set up a MongoDB cluster that is resilient to hardware failures and simplifies maintenance

Build Full-Stack Application in React and Node With MongoDB and Nest.js

Setting up the stack. I have been studying different web application stacks and I wanted to share them with you guys. For this two-part tutorial, we will create a basic CRUD employee management application that will use the technologies mentioned above. As a fellow software engineer who wants to explore and try different technologies, I have struggled to find articles that discuss the following technologies in a real-world application. This article requires you to have at least a basic working knowledge of React, MongoDB, and NestJS.

How to use MongoDB Change Streams [Part 2]

This is the second part of a blog series that covers MongoDB Change Streams and how it can be used with Azure Cosmos DBwhich has wire

Node.js Tips —MongoDB Connections, Fetch, and Exports

Sharing MongoDB connections, multiple MongoDB connections, and more tips.

MEAN Stack (Angular 10) Tutorial: Upload Image File

In this MEAN Stack tutorial, you'll learn how to upload image files in MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular 10, Node.js) stack app using Multer. Create a New Node Express.js App. Install the required modules and dependencies. Add Mongoose Models or Schemas. Add Express.js REST API Route for Image Upload. Create a New Angular 10 App. Add Angular 10 Routing and Navigation. Add Angular 10 Service. Create Angular Material Upload Image Form. Run and Test a Complete MEAN Stack (Angular 10) App

Create a Simple Battleship Web Game using Flask, PyMongo and MongoDB

Web app game made simple with Flask and PyMongo

MongoDB Community Show and Tell Wayne Jones

MongoDB Community Show and Tell Wayne Jones

The Heroku MongoDB Migration Tool is Back | ObjectRocket

Since mLab announced they will be removing their service from the Heroku marketplace, we want to give the users of mLab’s Heroku add-on an easy way to stay in the Heroku ecosystem. Read on to learn how we’ve adjusted and improved our migration tool to support migrations from the mLab add-on to the ObjectRocket Heroku add-on.

What’s New in MongoDB 4.4

The latest public beta for the popular NoSQL database features new clustering, read-optimizing, and data-balancing capabilities.

Node.js Passport Facebook Login Authentication using Express and MongoDB

Node.js Passport Facebook Login Authentication Using Express and MongoDB Full Project