Build a React Image Slider Carousel from Scratch Tutorial

Learn how to build a React image slider carousel from scratch in this beginner tutorial. You will be able to navigate through the image slideshow using left and right arrows. We will use react hooks to create this project.

Complete Registration Form using HTML, CSS, Node JS, Express, and MongoDB

How to create a Complete Registration Form using HTML, CSS, Node JS, Express, and MongoDB in Hindi in 2020. We will create a user signup form from scratch and see how to use get the form data using node js, express js, and MongoDB and stored in the database.

Stripping Strings in Python

Exploring Python String Methods

Introduction to Python

Python is an interpreted, high-level, object-oriented language that was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1990. As an interpreted language…

Using Concurrent Subscribers - RabbitMQ in Python (pika)

It's a fairly common scenario to subscribe to a Rabbit queue and process messages before acknowledging receipt. The pika package for dealing with RabbitMQ in Py

Convert String To Array Using Javascript Split Method

In this tutorial, you’ll be going to learn how to convert string to array using javascript split method. The easiest approach to use javascript built-in method String.split(). JavaScript split string method return array of a substring after splitting a string based on the separator you provide. The separator might be a string, special character or […]

3 JavaScript hacks to outsmart your manager.

Two minute read that shows 3 (+1) JS tips that you can start using in any of your project from today and catch everyone’s eyes.

Adding Click Event Listeners In A Loop In JavaScript

When you attach multiple click events to elements such as buttons inside a for loop, the click event will always give us the last index…

Python Strings

There is so much more to them than you realize

Python Developer Survey: 84% use Python as main language

The third annual Python Developer Survey reveals what people use the language for, what tools and frameworks they love, and more.

Stock Price Prediction - Machine Learning Project in Python

Stock price prediction - Machine learning project for beginners. Learn how to develop a stock price prediction model using LSTM neural network & an interactive dashboard using plotly dash

Python Project - Music Genre Classification

In this music genre classification python project, we will developed a classifier on audio files to predict its genre. In this deep learning project for beginners, we will classify audio files using KNN algorithm

Learn how to Control Arduino board with Python

Learn how to control Arduino Micro-contoller board using Python using Standard Firmata Protocol in just few line of codes.

Episode 142: David Kopec - Classic Computer Science Problems in Python

Hello guys and welcome to another episode of Castálio Podcast! Our guest for today's episode is an assistant professor of Computer Science and Innovation at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. He is the author of Dart for Absolute Beginners (Apress, 2014), Classic Computer Science Problems in Swift (Manning…

Space Science with Python — Quite around the Sun

Part 6 of the tutorial series will have a closer look at orbital mechanics. How can we calculate the distance to potentially hazardous…

Space Science with Python 

Part 10 of the tutorial series is a Supplementary Article on Supplementary Materials. How can we visualise multi-dimensional functions…

File Handling in Python

Python supports file handling and allows us to handle files like read, write files along with other file handling options to operate on files. Python treats file as text or binary. Every line of code includes a sequence of characters and forms as text file where each line of file is ended with a special character called as End of line characters (EOL) like comma or new line character. It terminates current line ad interprets new one.

JavaScript Promises — Everything You Need to Know

JavaScript Promises provide cleaner and more intuitive way to deal with asynchronous code. This tutorial will help you understand what…

How to check if array is empty in javascript

In this tutorial, you learn how to check if array is empty in javascript. Using Array.isArray() and array.length you can easily check if array is empty.