How to manage contracts in a multi-cloud environment

One management challenge of a multi-cloud environment is how to handle all the contracts that come with using multiple providers and services. Much has been said about the challenges of managing a multi-cloud environment, as more organizations deploy various cloud services from different vendors.

What is Managed Hybrid Multi-Cloud Service?

If your data/applications are hosted on Azure or GCP or AWS or any Cloud Vendor our Managed Hybrid Multi-Cloud Services are perfect for you. Managed Hybrid Multi-Cloud Services brings together the power of a cloud platform with dedicated skills and deep experience to optimize and execute business processes.

Spinnaker - Multi-Cloud Continuous Delivery Platform

Spinnaker proivdes continuous delivery platform on kubernetes with high velocity release pipelines. how it works and its Benefits. Spinnaker is a Cloud Deployment Tool developed by Netflix and recently it is Open Sourced. Spinnaker Natively supports Google Cloud and AWS and all other cloud providers.

Hybrid Cloud File System Solutions and Storage

Overview of Hybrid Cloud File Systems, Hybrid Cloud File Systems Application sectors and Guide to Benefits and Components of Cloud Computing

Hybrid Multi Cloud - The Cloud Solution You Need

Hybrid-Multi Cloud is the use of various cloud computing services from multiple different cloud vendors, and private cloud deployment ( own servers and infrastructure). It provides a better way of distributing computing resources.

The Kubernetes Kustomize KEP Kerfuffle

In this post we'll explore K8s community decision making process by looking underneath the hood of the 'kerfluffe' of Google LLC being called out by Samsung SDS engineers for skipping 'graduation criteria' while merging the new 'kustomize' subcommand into upstream 'kubectl'.

Practical Implications for Adopting a Multi-Cluster, Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Strategy

Containerization and Kubernetes enable organizations to drive computing everywhere and digital transformation at scale. This article by Peter Smails, CMO of Rancher Labs, examines practical challenges and real-world benefits.

How Cloud Optimisation Helps Reduce Total Cost of Infrastructure Ownership

As the whole world is slowly awakening from several months of complete lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Cloud computing has started gaining even more steam it had before the pandemic.

CaaS vs PaaS - Which is a better Solution?

CaaS vs PaaS - Which is a better Solution? - CaaS and PaaS is the most prominent cloud computing service around the globe. Find the better choice for your organization?

PaaS vs IaaS - Get the Difference

PaaS vs IaaS - Get the Difference . PaaS provides programming executable run-time environment and IaaS provides data storage, virtualization, servers, and networking. Understand the complete difference.