Practical Machine Learning Tutorial

In this project, we will use these classifiers to fit the feature data and then predict the facies classes. Here, we will not go into these algorithms' basic concepts.

Multiclass Classification with CNN-2D

Multiclass Classification with CNN-2D. I know there are many blogs about CNN and multi-class classification, but maybe this blog wouldn't be that similar to the other blogs.

Target Encoding For Multi-Class Classification

What is wrong with TargetEncoder from category_encoders? This article is in continuation of my previous article that explained how target encoding actually works.

All About Target Encoding For Classification Tasks

All About Target Encoding For Classification Tasks: Setting Context To Implement Target Encoding For Multi-Class Classification. Recently I did a project wherein the target was multi-class.

Multiclass Classification With Logistic Regression

This article will primarily focus on the implementation of logistic regression. I am assuming that you already know how to implement a binary classification with Logistic Regression.

Confusion Matrix for Your Multi-Class Machine Learning Model

A beginner’s guide on how to calculate Precision, Recall, F1-score for a multi-class classification problem.