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How to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with Retool

How to Build a Successful MVP for Your App – Full Course

Learn how to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). An MVP is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. You will learn how to build an MVP using the Retool platform.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) What is an MVP?
⌨️ (02:10) Why is an MVP useful?
⌨️ (04:42) Getting started with Retool
⌨️ (06:25) Adding components
⌨️ (14:15) Adding MongoDB database
⌨️ (19:05) Inserting data
⌨️ (23:05) Populating feed with data
⌨️ (27:25) Updating CSS
⌨️ (31:21) Adding a trigger
⌨️ (38:16) Create timeline of posts
⌨️ (43:21) Add messages feature
⌨️ (1:03:20) Add upload feature
⌨️ (1:08:28) Configure Amazon S3
⌨️ (1:12:14) Create uploader
⌨️ (1:13:49) Conclusion

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How to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with Retool

What is MVP - Minimum Viable Product Guide for Business Owners


What is MVP? MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. 

The goal of MVP is to get a product into the hands of users as quickly as possible to start gathering feedback. 

This allows businesses to shorten the time between when an idea is conceived and when it reaches the market.

If you’re looking to create an MVP for your business, be sure to read our comprehensive guide on what MVP is and how to create one.

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What is MVP - Minimum Viable Product Guide for Business Owners
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Vijay R


Flutter Animations

👉Check out how to implement background animation in Flutter: https://youtu.be/DCe-iKjs2YY

🚀Visit my channel for more awesome flutter contents: https://youtube.com/channel/UCBC_Z7jla1GSITcqLKAtPxQ

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Maksym Babych


How to Outsource Web Design [for a Superb Website] | SpdLoad

Are you finding it difficult to hire quality designers? Is your web design technology obsolete with no budget to buy new?

If yes, then it is time to think differently. These questions elaborate on the scenario of most of the startups these days. So, what’s the situation here?

You should try outsourcing web design work! It can resolve all these worries and can also reduce your website design and development efforts. Moreover, working with an external partner is all the rage these days.

You may be working in a small office in downtown Ontario, while the agency you decide to outsource website design is in a big city far away in Eastern Europe. It is most beneficial for startups who need web designers on a one-time or even continuous basis.

Some may still say, “Why should I outsource website design?” To clear the air, here are a few eye-opening statistics:

As many as 78% of businesses feel optimistic about outsourcing.
24% of businesses believe that outsourcing helped them handle their projects better.
The global outsourcing market grew to 92.7 billion dollars in 2019.
Let’s move ahead and know more about outsourcing web design work.

Some Quick Benefits of Outsourcing Web Design Work
Outsourcing web design work serves many purposes. Below are some of the reasons an external partner can prove beneficial for your business.

  1. Saves Time
    Building a web design team takes ample time. Finding an expert willing to work with you is another hurdle. Outsourcing website designing saves time you would otherwise spend hiring and building a good team.

  2. Saves Budget
    Again, when you decide against hiring, you save money usually spent on recruitment, training, payroll, tools, and software. When you take an outsourcing agency on board, all these expenditures get mitigated.

  3. Let You Focus
    While you outsource website design work to others, it leaves you with sufficient time to focus on other essential business operations. You can leverage this time to get more clients, marketing, and grow your business.

For instance, Intel, the largest supplier of computer chips worldwide, is in talks with Samsung and TSMC to outsource some of the manufacturing work to the ace chip builders. The decision is expected to help the company improve delays they have suffered for years.

  1. Global Access
    Irrespective of your location, finding an outsourcing agency that delivers quality web design work within your budget is possible. With digitization, endless opportunities around the world are waiting to be explored.

  2. Connects You with Pros
    When you outsource your website development and design work to an external team, the latter works under strict deadlines and feels obligated to deliver on time. Moreover, they would help you any time if the need arises.

  3. High-Quality Work
    75% of users consider design as the credibility factor of a website. Hence, it is a good idea to hire an offshore company since most external partners work dedicatedly to deliver designs without any mistake.

They are aware of the fact that even a single fault can damage the work’s scope and their relationship with the client. This automatically enhances the quality of the work.

  1. Access to Cutting Edge Design
    External web designers and companies invest in technology to serve their clients with the best in the business. From new methods in designing to new tools and technology, they have it all handy.

By outsourcing your web design, you get access to all of the best tech in the niche.

  1. Customer Support
    All popular and reputable outsourcing companies for web design and development have a dedicated team for supporting customers. If you choose to outsource web design work to such companies, they will ensure that everything runs swiftly and smoothly.

Outsourcing web design work is very beneficial for startup founders and product managers. And there is a quick recap why.
How to Outsource Website or Web App Design?
Carefully examine your requirements, budget, workforce, and technology. If you lack resources or manpower or are not confident about the quality of the in-house work, outsource web design and development work to an offshore company or agent.

Thereafter, you must seek answers to the vital questions below:

Where to look for outsourcing?
How to choose the outsource agent?
Let’s find out the detailed answers to both.

Where to Look for Outsourcing?
Considering the benefits highlighted above, outsourcing website design work may seem like a silver lining. But where would you find the designers? Are the sources trustworthy? What are the parameters for selecting such partners?

These and many more questions may be prodding your mind.

Let’s answer all your questions one-by-one via these methods for outsourcing!

Where? Description
Google To outsource your web design work is no easy feat. If you think Google can help, it surely will, but you have to be smart.
Consider this, the keyword “best web design outsourcing company” has more than 6 million results.

However, there are no filters, and you will have to check each potential company in the search results.

It is suggested that you make a list of keywords on the basis of the skills you require to outsource website design.

This strategy can help you land some of the most relevant results. Shortlist the results and select the most relevant ones using parameters such as online reviews.

Listings Another good place to perform your search for an external partner is the listings.
Clutch is a business listing site that lists 1,50,000 + verified global businesses. You can search as per your requirements. The businesses are categorized based on the services they offer and the countries they are based in.

You can also check other listing sites such as:

VenturePact and more.
Scan these places for required skills.

Social media Businesses continually use the “Marketplaces” section of Facebook and Instagram to list their companies and services.
You can leverage this opportunity and find a suitable partner to outsource web design.

You can also ask for recommendations on other social platforms such as Quora, Linkedin, or Facebook Groups.

Referrals Many companies rely on word-of-mouth marketing. Chances are your professional connections or colleagues may either have used or heard about them.
Talk to them. You may find an appropriate outsourcing partner for your web design work.

However, just be careful. The company may or may not have the expertise you need for the job. What worked for your industry colleague may not work for you. So just wait until you take the final call.

If you are thinking about outsource web design to save money and maximize ROI you need understand where to look for reliable teams.

Read more about web designing outsource.

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How to Outsource Web Design [for a Superb Website] | SpdLoad
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Jamel O'Reilly


MVP & AGILE Business Intelligence Development

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the concept in Agile development that encourages getting the digital products in the hands of the users in small doses. This feature-based deployment is done across Microsoft and across the development of Power BI.

MVP development is a strategy that is key to developing Business Intelligence products.




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MVP & AGILE Business Intelligence Development

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Why Choose React Native For Developing an MVP Amidst COVID-19

Introduction. How COVID-19 affected various companies!

After the pandemic hit our lives, the market scene became chaotic. Many enterprises have witnessed the coronavirus crisis and suffered various losses. Many businesses have changed their business. Retail stores and online stores to cope with limited business hours. The most important thing is reaching your consumers in the briefest possible time and at a reasonable cost.

At this crucial moment, people are getting closer and closer to their mobile phones, so mobile applications have become the most important map and can become your company’s homepage. In addition, you can serve an extremely wide audience with only one enterprise application. Therefore, commercial mobile applications are the best assistant to solve modern variable situations.

The positive influence of COVID-19:

The growth of mobile apps During the quarantine period where gatherings are strictly prohibited, people under house arrest are locked at home. In those moments, mobile apps saved our lives by supporting and encouraging us. It is as important as on-demand applications, entertainment applications, grocery applications, digital banking, and digital payment applications.

Companies that have invested in mobile applications are very happy because they can now benefit from their solutions. However, perhaps organizations that have not taken a step towards mobile application development should reach an agreement. Now is the time to start thinking about developing a mobile application to help your company get out of the abyss of this pandemic.

How can an MVP approach help you?

There are enormous benefits of having an MVP approach. Here are the significant aspects for which you must consider having an MVP for your project:

✤ Minimizing development cost
✤ Improvising time-to-market
✤ Attracting more stakeholders
✤ Diminishing development time
✤ Strengthen business
✤ Resources Management
✤ Solid security
✤ Understand users’ expectations
✤ Improve app’s functionality
✤ Enhanced user experience and engagement

Why choose React Native for MVP development?

React Native Structure is the best alternative for creating MVP because it allows rapid step-by-step growth and low cost. In addition, react Native allows you to quickly bring your application to the market because it is relatively easy to verify your application with this framework.

If you use the React Native framework, you need a single code base to develop MVP mobile for iOS and Android applications. For development, MVP provides the best performance and hot reload support in your mobile application.

The important reasons for using React Native to develop MVP are:

1. Code reusability
2. Suitability
3. Hot & live reloading
4. Community support
5. Third-party plugins

Now you must have a clear idea of why React Native is the best choice for MVP development. If you want to develop unique mobile applications for your business, you must hire top-notch React Native developers from the most trusted React Native development company that can work according to your requirements.

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Why Choose React Native For Developing an MVP Amidst COVID-19
Mauti Techlabs

Mauti Techlabs


Build your MVP without code - Maruti Techlabs

Is it possible to be an entrepreneur and NOT know how to code?

You have a great idea for a product / platform / app / startup that you cannot wait to launch and sell. But before you do that, you’d have to test your idea through the minimum viable version of your product.

And to build your MVP (minimum viable product), you’d need to code, right? Wrong!
You don’t need coding chops to build your MVP. And neither do you need to beg engineers to become technical co-founders.

With a no-code MVP, you can validate your idea sooner and test if it has the potential to succeed. Let’s explore how you can convert your business idea into MVP without writing a single line of code.

But first, what exactly is an MVP?

MVP or minimum viable product is the first version of the product for your target audience. It essentially means the most basic version of your product you can get out for the audience.

The idea here is to focus only on enough features with which you can test your concept’s workability and then work on its continuous development based on user feedback.

You can think of the MVP as a prototype, the only purpose of which is to validate whether or not your target customers are willing to pay for the solution that you are offering them.

By using app MVP builder as a means to validate your ability to satisfy customers, you reduce the massive cost, time, and risk of building the wrong product.
To summarize, the three main characteristics of an MVP are –

  • Has enough value that customers are willing to use/buy it initially
  • Demonstrates enough benefits for the future to retain early adopters
  • Offers a feedback loop to guide future development

Read full article about MVP without coding

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Build your MVP without code - Maruti Techlabs

MVP App Development: What is it? Who needs it?

An MVP is a minimal form of a product that is tested on the market for validity.

If you are venturing into the world of mobile application development, a Minimum Viable Product can help you in validating your idea for a mobile application/product.

Keep on reading - MVP App Development.

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MVP App Development: What is it? Who needs it?

Hetvi Samani


How building an MVP with React Native is beneficial for startups?

In today’s competitive business environment, many young Startups often face unforeseen market challenges. Even if you come up with a great approach to mobile applications, however, you will need to deal with unexpected situations when adopting new technologies as an owner. Of course, concerns about the feasibility of your application theory and smooth cooperation with your target group and market competitors are logical. Building a futuristic mobile application can be expensive. Still, if you want to meet users’ never-ending needs, you need to develop complex mobile applications with advanced features as a top priority.

As a startup, you should consider creating an MVP that will allow you to legalize your mobile app concept in front of the target market. A product with minimal viability has limited functionality, making the price ratio quite economical. Only the primary characteristics are needed to develop an MVP, and for that, react native is the best choice.

If you think your startup needs an MVP or if you are confused about MVP, you have landed at the right place because I will explain to you why it is beneficial for your startup.

What is MVP, and why MVP is beneficial for the business?

MVP (Minimum viable product) signifies a concept in which minimalism and functionality are driven into one. It is crucial for learning users’ feedback and detecting whether a startup holds potential or not. It also helps solve the existing users’ problems by giving innovative solutions for them.

Benefits of an MVP:

  • Easy customer reach
  • Helps in reading users entirely
  • Excludes unnecessary features
  • Low-risk investment

How developing an MVP will be beneficial?

1. Reusability of code:

With React Native, you can quickly develop your MVP while meeting your budget in less time. This MVP code is incredibly beneficial for reusing when creating your React Native, whether for Android or IOS and for native web apps to develop React Native apps for mobile devices.

2. Easily acceptable:

Everyone wants to build mobile apps in React native because they can use Java to compose code for the core MVP version of the apps. Users can work seamlessly on their phone as the framework provides the ability to provide a logical experience to its components. In addition to developing a superior MVP, you can scale your application in later stages by adding more design features and attributes.

3. Live and hot reloading:

With the help of hot reloading, you perceive the power of changing code on the fly, which leads to a high performance of the framework. This feature gives you the advantage of writing your code and tracking changes in real-time to keep your application running even if the files are placed in different locations. Once you make a change to all the files, live to reload will edit it.

4. Active community support:

The community of react Native is very much active, where developers will help you solve your queries and keep you updated with all the latest news through their active forums, blogs channels, Q & A sessions and meetups and many other activities.

5. Third-party plugins:

React Native has 2 3rd party plugin modules called JavaScript and Native, which you can customize to give a user-friendly experience as they are very much flexible.

6. Pre-built components available:

You can use React Native to create a unique layout for your apps. Therefore, startups have to base their MVP on it. These components allow you to build your app’s UI functionality, and it’s free by hiring a skilled React Native development company. When you build an MVP, you end up with a product that your target users will love to use! Developer experience is also essential in choosing the best reusable components for building a cross-platform application.

7. App upgradation is easy:

An MVP is about measuring product performance, collecting feedback, and developing the product accordingly. Therefore, it is best to choose a framework that will make it simple to update your applications. Another important aspect, however, is updating the user interface of applications based on user feedback. It’s a great idea. With React Native, you can see your application improve day by day as your customers keep using and enjoying it.

I hope now entrepreneurs will get a clear idea of why you should choose React Native for MVP. Creating MVPs with React Native is not particularly great for overcoming development costs, but it also has a considerable impact on increasing the developer’s productivity. In just 5 years, React Native has become very popular among the large community of developers and companies with a simple, easy-to-use interface for your MVP mobile app. So if you want to start creating MVP for your startup, you should hire react native developers from a top-notch development company that will help you make a successful application for your business.

Additional knowledge

  1. React Native vs Swift: What should imply your best option for iOS application development?

  2. What does it cost if you are determined to build an application in React Native?

  3. 6 add on features of react native for optimizing app performance.

#reactnative #mvp #framework #startups #technology #mobileappdevelopment

How building an MVP with React Native is beneficial for startups?
Hunter  Krajcik

Hunter Krajcik


Java Vs. PHP: What To Choose In 2021

Statistics show that 81.25% of technology companies worldwide use PHP to create their web applications. The hardest question for every entrepreneur who is going to start their own startup is which programming language to choose for their project. It’s not surprising because they have no technical

education and experience.

The choice of a programming language for your startup directly depends on the needs of your project, your budget and other parameters. The purpose of this article is to help aspiring entrepreneurs who want to get

involved in a small tech business or web technology but don’t know what to choose between Java and PHP.

According to the statistics, 81.25% of technology companies worldwide use PHP to create their web applications. Obviously, PHP is the most suitable

for website development.

But in fact, both Java and PHP have a wide range of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will identify the main differences between them and after all find out which one is better.

We’ll start with some interesting facts about PHP:

eCommerce giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Wikipedia have laid their foundation by using PHP, and until now, 80 percent of the top 10 million websites are using PHP.

From a business point of view, especially for your own startup, hiring PHP developers is cheaper than Java programmers.

Popular PHP frameworks such as Symphony and Laravel are extremely powerful and speed up the process of developing web applications.

Currently, 224 million websites have been developed using PHP that makes PHP one of the most popular programming languages in web development.

Simply stated, PHP was created for the web. All major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Opencart, WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal and Joomla have been developed using PHP. Only Magento and WooCommerce account for over 1/3 of the eCommerce market.

Without a doubt, you would prefer PHP for your startup after knowing this information.

PHP and Java in comparison: which one to choose?

Building websites using PHP development is cost-effective and quick.

On the other hand, Java is a client-side language that is more flexible for using desktop applications along with a server-side language.

#php #java #backend #mvp #startup

Java Vs. PHP: What To Choose In 2021

About The New Simple Declarative Language We invented for Developing Web Apps

For the last year and a half, my twin brother and I have been working on Wasp: a new programming language for developing full-stack web apps with less code.

Wasp is a simple declarative language that makes developing web apps easy while still allowing you to use the latest technologies like React, Node.js, and Prisma.

In this post, I will share with you why we believe Wasp could be a big thing for web development, how it works, where we are right now and what is the plan for the future!

Why Wasp?

You know how to use React, know your way around HTML/CSS/…, know how to write business logic on the backend (e.g. in Node), but when you want to build an actual web app and deploy it for others to use, you drown in all the details and extra work: responsive UI, proper error handling, security, building, deployment, authentication, managing server state on the client, managing database, different environments, … .

#javascript #programming #react #nodejs #mvp

About The New Simple Declarative Language We invented for Developing Web Apps
Gordon  Taylor

Gordon Taylor


Why Laravel Is a Great Choice For MVP

While creating software MVPs, speed and efficiency is of the essence. Here are some reasons why Laravel is great for the job.

Over the last few years, I took part in creating several startup projects, all of which involved building an MVP (Most Viable Product) as fast as possible. Different projects meant that I worked with various technologies while working on them, including Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and CodeIgniter. All those technologies are great and ultimately did the job but I’ve always felt like the basic stuff could be done a lot easier and that I should find something which would allow me to prototype faster.

Enter Laravel. A PHP framework designed around the very idea of setting the foundation so that one may focus on building the core of the product. Being a PHP framework was perfect for me, as I had extensive experience with the language already but PHP was not my go-to language for my projects. All of that changed with Laravel. I’m going to outline several main reasons why one should consider Laravel framework when building a web application MVP.

  • User authentication out of the box
  • Simple routing
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Blade templating engine
  • Rapid e-mail integration
  • Sanctum
  • Vibrant ecosystem
  • Documentation & community

#laravel #startup #mvp #web-development #php #backend #makers #software-development

Why Laravel Is a Great Choice For MVP
Aditya Goswami

Aditya Goswami


MVP Development Services I Bacancy Technology

Are you confusing how to start the development process of your product? Want to check the validation and potential of your idea? Verify your idea and turn it into reality with Bacancy technology.

We provide the service of Developing solutions for validating your MVP product and its viability with our MVP development services. Optimize your path to a successful market-worthy minimum viable product partnering with a prominent MVP development agency.

#mvp #development #minimumviableproduct

MVP Development Services I Bacancy Technology

Why Choose React Native For Developing an MVP Amidst COVID-19

React Native framework will be a catalyst for your business to make a high-jump during this COVID-19 war.

Why React Native for developing an MVP is the best option? Read the mentioned points and go through the detailed blog in which everything is explained.

  1. Introduction- How COVID-19 has impacted many businesses!

  2. Positive impact of COVID-19: Rise of mobile apps

  3. Do you have an excellent mobile app idea, wireframes, or MVP in mind?

  4. What do we mean by MVP development? With suggestions

  5. How can an MVP approach help you?

  6. Why Choose React native for Developing an MVP?

  7. Features of React Native technology (You might not have heard about these)

  8. Benefits of React Native

  9. Tips and tricks by React Native Developers (that no one reveals)

Read the blog here: Why Choose React Native for MVP development amidst COVID-19?

#reactnative #mobileapp #mobileappdevelopment #mvp

Why Choose React Native For Developing an MVP Amidst COVID-19

Mohit Singh


Flutter Is Ideal For The MVP Development- Is That True?

When launching a new application, the product development time is one of the most important factors, which clients focus on. At times, this is placed even ahead of the project budget. Obviously, companies can enjoy a competitive advantage, as they can tap their market before competitors do. Hence MVP (Minimum Viable Product) comes to the focus. Flutter platform and minimum viable product are the two important entities that came to the conversation of strategies like time saving mobile app development are discussed. We have already seen the advantages of building MVP at- Why one should develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first?

Here we’re going to explore both of the- now time-tested- approaches together. We will explore – what makes their combination perfect for startups looking to test things out before an application launch. Also we will thoroughly analyze reasons of why startups should explore the quality of Flutter and MVP to start their mobile journey. Before we go through the combination of both, let us see what makes Flutter and MVP important for apps.

Need of an MVP-

An MVP can be defined as a simple version of your software that can solve your issues. The software development time should be as short as could be expected under the circumstances. Companies waiting long to develop these products are susceptible to high competition. In the process, they may lose the key edge in the industry. In any case, with a working version of the software, new companies can approach their investors. They can also be an early participant in the industry.

The thought behind an MVP is simple – develop a version of your application which shows your application’s unique features and share it with the pool of prospective users to check what they feel about the offering. The progression that follows is chipping away at the application to make it as indicated by the clients’ input. The step that follows is working on the app to make it according to the users’ feedback. There are various benefits that come packaged with the characteristics of MVP .

Why Should Businesses Adopt an MVP?

1. Reaching Out to the Investors-
Attracting investors in your application idea is not easy. Building an MVP helps them to analyze the app with a functional model compared with a diagrammatic representation. When you show them a MVP upheld by the user engagement graphs, there are more chances of them getting hooked to your app idea compared to when you give them an idea.

2. Validate an app idea-
This is one of the most important advantages for an entrepreneur to analyze about their app idea to ensure that it will succeed in the market or not. But, is this belief in the idea enough to make it a success in market?

An ideal way to know this is by launching an MVP in the market. The advantage of MVP is it not only to help you with getting your idea out in the market but also helps to collect feedback, doing sufficient market research, and improving the application features for the future need. Through this, an MVP helps in validating the idea and can help save a lot of money that will be invested in a less-liked application.

3. Time and efforts saving-
One of the main reasons for why businesses should adopt an MVP besides advantages of low development cost is the less amount of time and efforts. A MVP allows you to decide whether the efforts are getting their expected results or not. Hence, it allows startups to use their latent potential, wisely.

4. Cost effective development-
When you include maximum functionality to an applications, more resources will go behind its development and similarly it increases the cost of app development. What it translates into is that as opposed to the cost of full-fledged app development, the cost of MVP will be less than half.

Why Flutter is important for app development ?

Know more at- https://solaceinfotech.com/blog/flutter-is-ideal-for-the-mvp-development-is-that-true/

#flutter #mvp #apps #technology

Flutter Is Ideal For The MVP Development- Is That True?