Register for Webinar - Why & How to Automate Your Risk Identification

In this hour-long webinar on Automating Risk Identification with Alteryx helmed by Zeeshan and Nitin, will uncover the new approaches.

Most Benchmarked Datasets for Question Answering in NLP with implementation in PyTorch

Question Answering is a technique that consequently answers the addresses presented by people in natural language processing.

6 Tips to Optimize an NLP Topic Model for Interpretability

In this article we will introduce 6 Tips to Optimize an NLP Topic Model for Interpretability . With so much text outputted on digital platforms, the ability to automatically understand key topic trends can reveal tremendous insight. For example, businesses can benefit from understanding customer conversation trends around their brand and products.

Text Generation Using N-Gram Model

have learned that machines are capable of generating the new text by using some simple statistical and probabilistic techniques. In this article I wanted to share this extremely simple and intuitive method of creating Text Generation Model.

Building a State-of-the-art Text Classifier for any language you want!

Text Classification is a notorious problem in the field of NLP. However, the dawn of the ‘NLP evolution’ in recent years has made it easy to tackle such a problem without needing an expertise in the field. Recent advancements have helped us realize that models can act as better classifiers if they understand the language first(language modelling).

Keeping up with the BERTs

The most popular family in NLP town. If you haven’t and still somehow have stumbled across this article, let me have the honor of introducing you to BERT — the powerful NLP beast.

Are Computational Biologists Losing Their Jobs?

Are Computational Biologists Losing Their Jobs? Researchers have been focused on developing artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analysis platforms for biomedical data. DrBioRight sets a good initial attempt.

What Is Vokenization And Its Significance For NLP Applications

The researchers visually supervised the language model with token-related images called vokens. Vokenization helps to generate contextually.

What to Watch Next? A Basic Recommender System Using Ideas from NLP.

How to make good recommendations in the age of big data. In this article we will discuss how one can create a basic recommender system using ideas from Natural Language Processing (NLP).

“Sentimentum Investing” — Combining Sentiment Analysis in Systematic Trading

“Sentimentum Investing” — Combining Sentiment Analysis and Systematic Trading. Utilising 250,000+ Tweets to backtest “sentimentum” trading strategies.

Sentiments Analysis of Financial News as an Indicator for Amazon Stock Price

From fundamental ratios, technical indicators to news headlines and insider ... Extract stock sentiments from financial news headlines in FinViz website using Python ... An example of the news headlines section for Amazon (with ticker 'AMZN') ... to add the stock ticker at the end of this url '' to ...

Topic Modeling with LDA: An Intuitive Explanation

A practical introduction to analyzing unstructured text data using Latent Dirichlet Allocation. Topic modelling refers to the task of identifying topics that best describes a set of documents. These topics will only emerge during the topic modelling process (therefore called latent). And one popular topic modelling technique is known as Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA).

Billion-scale semantic similarity search with FAISS+SBERT

In this article, I will discuss how we can implement a minimal semantic search engine using SOTA sentence embeddings (sentence transformer) and FAISS.

Facebook’s New Machine Translation Model Works Without Help Of English Data

The novelty of Facebook’s M2M-100 model lies in the fact that it does not depend on English as a link between two languages.

Analyze Enron’s Accounting Scandal With Natural Language Processing

Detecting fraud from the text of Enron’s earnings call. Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been gaining tractions in recent years, allowing us to understand unstructured text data in a way that was never possible before.

An extensible, interactive visualization framework to measure gender bias in the news

How we successfully integrated Dash (by Plotly) into our NLP and linguistics research to study women’s portrayal in mainstream Canadian news

A New Way to BOW Analysis & Feature Engineering — Part2

A New Way to BOW Analysis & Feature Engineering — Part2. Use Statistical techniques to select the right features for your model.

CORD Crusher: Slicing the CORD 19 Data into Summaries

CORD Crusher: Slicing the COVID-19 Data into Summaries. My first deep dive into text data using natural language processing.

What does GPT-3 mean for AI?

In this post, I’m going to quickly summarize why GPT-3 has caused such a splash, before highlighting 3 consequences for individuals and companies building things with AI.

How to Compute Sentence Similarity Using BERT and Word2Vec

How to Compute Sentence Similarity Using BERT and Word2Vec. In this article, I want to introduce this library and share lessons that I learned in this context.