What Science Says about Disagreeing like an FBI-Agent

I can’t be certain of course, I don’t know you (yet). As a general rule, the way most of us disagree and negotiate is fundamentally flawed. It runs counter to what we now know about how the brain processes disagreement from the last decade of Cognitive Science research.

Engineers, Learn to Negotiate

Another reason why communication is crucial in Engineering. Iwas sitting in a cafe in the heart of San Francisco, eating a strawberry cake with a cup of coffee. It was mid-June, the weather was warm, and I finished a technical interview. As I was drinking my coffee, I looked through the glass window of the cafe, watching cars and people passing by, and thinking about the number I just offered to the company to hire me. I was scared to lose the job but also scared not to negotiate.

How to Land an Analytics Job from the Resume to the Offer

Negotiation Advice from Michael Helbling’s JOIN Program. Asa response to the global pandemic and its effect on the job market, Michael Helbling launched the JOIN Program in March.