AI No Silver Bullet for Cloud Security, But Here’s How It Can Help

AI No Silver Bullet for Cloud Security, But Here’s How It Can Help. In this article, the author looks at the real role of artificial intelligence in cloud security – the hype, the reality, and how we can resolve the gap between them. He encourages the reader to focus on making cloud security.

A Reference Architecture for Fine-Grained Access Management on the Cloud

In this article, we will define a new reference architecture for cloud-native companies that are looking for a simplified access management solution for their cloud resources, from SSH hosts, databases, data warehouses, to message pipelines and cloud storage endpoints.

Wormhole: Network Security for Kubernetes

Wormhole: Network Security for Kubernetes. Discussion on Wormhole - networking plugin for Kubernetes. How do Kubernetes solutions trust the underlying network? - What about WireGuard/Wormhole?

Microsoft Releases Azure Firewall Premium in Public Preview

Microsoft Azure Firewall is a managed, cloud-based network security service that protects your Azure Virtual Network resources. The company recently announced a preview release of a premium version of the cloud-based network security service.

Cloudflare Releases a Cloud-Based Network-as-a-Service Solution: Cloudflare One

Cloudflare, an American web-infrastructure and website-security company, recently introduced a cloud-based network-as-a-service solution for the enterprise workforce called Cloudflare One. The solution provides secure, fast, reliable, cost-effective network services, integrated with leading identity management and endpoint security providers.

How to Maintain Secure Network Access When Employees Work Remotely

This post reviews remote work security tips you should incorporate to ensure your company’s safety. Businesses need to take measures to secure their employees’ remote access.

Attackers Exploiting High-Severity Network Security Flaw, Cisco Warns

Attackers are exploiting a high-severity vulnerability in Cisco's network security software products, which is used by Fortune 500 companies.