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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Code Isn't the Only Solution; and 8 Other Dev Lessons, 7 Years Later

I'm working as a software developer for 7 years. You can read my background and how I got into the industry here. There are a few things I wish I learned earlier. Knowing these in advance would have made my job a lot easier. Some of this might sound pretty obvious, but not for me. If you're in the early stages of your career, doing a few of this will make you stand out.

NGINX Steps into the Service Mesh Fray Promising a Simpler Alternative

NGINX introduced the NGINX Service Mesh (NSM), a free and open source service mesh that uses NGINX Plus, the company's commercial version of its open source NGINX proxy, to power its data plane.

Choosing a Container-Native Network for Kubernetes

Kubernetes can support a host of plugins based on the Container Network Interface (CNI) specification, which defines the network connectivity of containers and deals with the network resources when the container is deleted. The CNI project is a part of CNCF incubating projects.

100G networking in AWS, a network performance deep dive

This article was originally published on my personal blog at

Retry Request Using Alamofire

Today we are going to discuss “how to retry a request using Alamofire, an HTTP networking library written in Swift. In this tutorial, I was using Alamofire for Network Request, so, I thought of writing a wrapper around this library itself. I will demonstrate how to write API Request with retries ...

Networking Basics

In this article, we will be covering Networking Basics. Oh yes, let’s jump right in!

What Is Edge Computing

What Is Edge Computing. In simpler terms, edge computing means running fewer processes in the cloud and moving those processes to local places, such as on a user's computer, an IoT device, or an edge server.

What Is Edge Computing

What Is Edge Computing. An introduction to the concept of Edge computing

Inexperienced Data Scientist’s Guide to Meet the Opportunity

Inexperienced Data Scientist’s Guide to Meet the Opportunity. In this article, I will talk about these three very basic ideas: Show off your skills; Direct conversation with the industry people; Make relationships.

Rate Limiting a .NET Core Application

In the following series of articles, I will document how I implemented a rate limiter for a .NET Core application. Each article in this series will have a separate focus,

Data Center and Cloud Environments for Next-Generation Data Stacks

Cisco/AppDynamics' Shrey Parekh and Whitney Satin on how data center, cloud environments are changing to accommodate next-gen application and data stacks.

Launching VPC from scratch (Step by Step)

Virtual Private Cloud or VPC is an important concept to understand . Whether we want to deploy a simple web app on an EC2 instance or spin up a Database instance or even set up a CI/CD pipeline we need the basic knowledge of VPC .

VPC Networking: GCP v.s. AWS

Comparing and contrasting Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) versus Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) virtual private cloud (VPC) networking.

5 Ways to Succeed with an API Gateway

Five tips that will put API gateways into perspective and guide you towards success in delivering highly available, secure and observable APIs.

NVidia’s Planned Acquisition of Arm Portends Radical Data Center Changes

NVidia’s Planned Acquisition of Arm Portends Radical Data Center Changes. This is about targeting data centers, in the widest possible sense, but also capturing all the value NVidia can bring to data centers with the Arm ecosystem.

Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – September 2020

While 2020 may be keeping you on your toes, September should help make your life a little bit easier with the general availability of AWS support in Azure Cost Management + Billing, allowing you to manage all your Azure and AWS costs in a single place; the preview of cost allocation, streamlin...

Design an Edge System for the Cloud Native Edge Infrastructure

In the previous article, I discussed how Rancher’s K3s lightweight Kubernetes distribution, Calico networking software, and the Portworx open source cloud native storage platform become the foundation for modern artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT systems that run at the edge. Let’s design and deploy a solution that runs on this infrastructure. Based on a hypothetical …

5 Key Attributes To Help Data Scientists Find The Right Company

This article deep dives into how data science professionals — both experienced and fresher — can find the right company.

A deep dive into the Anthos bundled load balancer

Your Anthos subscription includes an external load balancer that can help you connect data to your on-prem Anthos cluster.