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GraphCMS Launches Integration for Netlify

GraphCMS just launched their Netlify integration. Netlify users can now build and deploy their Netlify sites and apps from within the GraphCMS UI itself. GraphCMS is the first native GraphQL Headless Content Management System (CMS), enabling teams across the world to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow’s digital experiences at scale. GraphCMS is trusted by over 40,000 teams of all sizes from companies like Telenor, Shure, and Unilever, and was designed for building a hosted GraphQL backend that provides the tools needed for modern omni-channel content management. GraphCMS integrates with any frontend technology, such as React, Gatsby, and Next.js.

Next.js Visual Regression Testing with Applitools and Cypress

Learn how to set up visual regression testing in Next.js with Applitools and Cypress! Setting up a new Next.js app; Installing Cypress and using it to run tests; Installing Applitools; Capturing snapshots with Applitools Eyes; Comparing snapshots for regressions with Applitools

Next.js: Should I use SSR or SSG?

Next.js allows you to both server-side render (SSR) and statically generate websites (SSG). Why would you choose one over the other? Read and find out!

Authentication in Next.js: Building an auth API with NextAuth.js

Learn how to implement email and OAuth authentication in Next.js apps using NextAuth.js. We are going to build a basic authentication API using the built-in Next.js API routes. NextAuth.js is a complete open source authentication solution for Next.js applications. It is designed from the ground up to support Next.js and Serverless

Getting Started with Next.js | Backend API Routes

In this video we are going to start working with Basic API Routes with the Next.js Framework.

Nextjs TypeORM TailwindCSS TypeScript Reddit Clone: Creating Posts & Subs

Nextjs TypeORM TailwindCSS TypeScript Reddit Clone #4: Creating Posts & Subs

How to Fetch GraphQL Data in Next.js with Apollo GraphQL

Learn how to request GraphQL data in Next.js with Apollo Client. We'll walk through: Creating a new Next.js app; Installing Apollo Client and GraphQL; Using getStaticProps to fetch GraphQL data from the SpaceX API; Use launch data to create an app

Routing, Linking and Redirecting in Next.js

We'll cover a number of ways to send a user to a new page in Next.js. First using the Link component, next imperatively using the Next.js router, and then we'll cover how to create our own Redirect component and how to use Shallow routing.

Prefetching and Dynamic Routing with Next.js

In addition to SSR support, Next.js offers link prefetching and dynamic routing features. We explore these features alongside Agility CMS. This post will explore these and other concepts that make Next.js a powerful React framework by building a blog with Agility CMS, a CMS built for speed.

Nextjs TypeORM TailwindCSS TypeScript Reddit Clone: Setup & Register Route

Nextjs TypeORM TailwindCSS TypeScript Reddit Clone: Setup & Register Route

Building a NextJS Monorepo

Building a NextJS Monorepo. I will not try to explain what a monorepo is or why do you need one. As usual on all my post I just to help you build one for your NextJS applications. You probably already decided a monorepo is the solution for you.

Getting Started with Next.js: The React Framework for Production

In this video we are going to start working with the Next.js React Framework by taking a look at how Pages, Routing and Links work. ➥ Buy Me a Coffee: https:...

Nextjs TypeORM TailwindCSS TypeScript Reddit Clone

Nextjs TypeORM TailwindCSS TypeScript Reddit Clone

Serving Static Sites via an API using Next.js and TailwindCSS

I decided to serve a static site from the backend using Next.js and TailwindCSS to make it easier to maintain the site within the API. The Igbo Dictionary API needed a homepage to explain the project to others.

WordPress in a Headless World - WordCamp Philly 2020

How does WordPress fit into a Headless World? Where does WordPress fit in a headless world? What is the Jamstack? How can you build a WordPress site with Next.js? Overview of Next.js WordPress Starter

What's New in Next.js 10

Next.js 10 released there are a lot of exciting features to try. In this article, we will break down each of these individually and understand how they will impact development experience and user experience

What is Static Site Generation? How Next.js Uses SSG for Dynamic Web Apps

What is static generation and how does Next.js use it to build dynamic web apps? What is static generation * What happens when you build a Next.js app * How can you statically export a Next.js app * How you can deploy those static files to Netlify

Next.js 10's New Image Component

In this Next.js 10 tutorial, we'll take a look at the new Image component in Next.js 10 that does automatic image optimization. We'll cover the 4 different layout options and talk about how they differ and when to use them.

Next.js Router Update: Changes from Next 9.2 to Next 10

In this Next.js 10 tutorial, we are going to see all the changes that happened in the Next.js Router between all the 9.x versions up to version 10.

How to Build an Image Gallery with Next using Pexels API and Chakra UI

We will build an Image Gallery with Next.js using the Pexels API and Chakra UI v1, a modular and accessible component library. We will also use the Next.js Image component to optimize the images fetched from the Pexels API.