Meet Linformer: The First Ever Linear-Time Transformer Architecture By Facebook

Facebook AI introduced a Transformer architecture, that is known to be with more memory as well as time-efficient, called Linformer

Hits & Misses Of GPT-3: The Most Talked About Innovation Of 2020

Since the time of GPT-3 release in June this year, along with appreciation, this model has also received a few brickbats along the way.

AWS Launches Amazon Comprehend Events — A New API For Event Extraction

AWS has announced the launch of Amazon Comprehend Events — a new API for event extraction from natural language text documents.

3 Neural Network Architectures You Need to Know for Nlp!

In this article, I will discuss what I think are the three most important architectures to be aware of for NLP.

How Google Might Help You Find The Next Billion Dollar Idea

Google is extending the capability of BERT to a new domain -- patent search. This BERT algorithm is trained exclusively on patent text.

Text Summarizer using NLTK Module in Python 3 - InstaCodeBlog

Build a simple and efficient text summarizer using NLTK module in Python 3. You will learn step by step to develop and understand Natural Language Processing.

When Do Language Models Need Billion Words In Their Datasets

For the experiments, the researchers probed a set of 12 RoBERTa models pre-trained from scratch on 1M, 10M, 100M, and 1B words

Useful R packages for Text Mining with R programming

This article is mainly for R Programming lovers those who want to learn data science with R programming language. This topic is written about the potential R packages for natural language processing.

NLP To Identify Impact Of Pandemic On People’s Mental Health

Researchers used NLP techniques like trend analysis, supervised learning and unsupervised learning to identify impact on mental health.

Natural Language Processing with Python - Zero to Hero

Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python - A handbook for learning NLP with basics ideas: NLP Introduction, Installation guide of Spacy and NLTK; Basic ideas about a text, Regular expression; Tokenization and Stemming; Lemmatisation and Stop words; Part of Speech (POS) and Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Step by Step: Twitter Sentiment Analysis in Python

It is no longer difficult to understand what people think about a topic by analysing the tweets shared by people. Sentiment analysis is one of the most popular use cases for NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Understanding the Processing of Machine Language

Combining the power of AI and linguistics, natural language processing (NLP) allows machines to better interpret human languages and derive meaning from that.

This New BERT Is Way Faster & Smaller Than The Original

Amazon introduced an optimal subset of the popular BERT architecture for neural architecture search, known as BORT.

AI Understanding: What is an Elephant?

Representation of elephants in human knowledge and AI models: a dedication to the species. I want to talk about the abstract concept of a word. The meaning of it in different contexts. How the current Machine Learning algorithms understand it and why is it hard to achieve a general, human-like knowledge.

NLP With Python: Build a Haiku Machine in 50 Lines Of Code

NLP With Python: Build a Haiku Machine in 50 Lines Of Code. Dive into Natural Language Processing with Python and spaCy, learn NLP workflow, rule-based pattern matching & syllable count.

PictureText: Interactive Visuals of Text

PictureText: Interactive Visuals of Text. Solving this would be a tremendous step forward in how we consume information and I will definitely NOT be able to solve it by the end of this article. My aim is, however, to propose an approach for a tiny step forward.

Privacy Risks of Chatbot Conversations

Privacy preserving NLP based on Entity Filtering and Searchable Encryption. Chatbots have been around for a while but are still new to many users. However, the increase in cybercrime across the globe calls for concern.

Decode a lost language by code!

Dead, Extinct, And Lost Languages. A dead language is one that is not the native language of any community. Latin is a dead language. Machine learning is helping linguistics

6 Tips to Optimize an NLP Topic Model for Interpretability

In this article we will introduce 6 Tips to Optimize an NLP Topic Model for Interpretability . With so much text outputted on digital platforms, the ability to automatically understand key topic trends can reveal tremendous insight. For example, businesses can benefit from understanding customer conversation trends around their brand and products.

From Impossible to Irreplaceable: BERT in NLP

BERT is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. BERT is one such solution which can be fine-tuned to any NLP related context prediction.