The Rise of No Code Development Platforms - Designveloper

In this post, we'll learn The Rise of No Code Development Platforms - Designveloper.

Is Low-Code Development the Future of Enterprise Apps?

Low-code development is a hot topic in the enterprise world. This post examines the growth of low code development, talks about companies that support this technique, and discusses industry trends.

Why Should Engineers Use Low-Code Platforms?

Do low-code platforms really enable developers to move faster? Or will human speed and accuracy reign supreme when it comes to software development? Let's investigate the advantages and disadvantages that software engineers should consider when using low-code platforms.

Conversations About Salesforce Part 2 - Security, Plumbing, and a Sneeze

A fun, fictional take on the technical aspects of working on Salesforce and a company's security requirements that stump a trio of roommates (and their cat). Conversations About Salesforce Part 2 - Security, Plumbing, and a Sneeze ... Their silence was probably a result of my earth-shattering sneeze.

How Much Code You Actually Need To Know For Major Low-Code Platforms

Low-code and no-code tools still occasionally require at least a basic knowledge of software development. Here's an overview of the technical skills required to use Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, Appian, Mendix, OutSystems, Bubble, Quick Base, and Crowdbotics.

When to Use Low-Code vs. Pro-Code

Generally, this type of coding is done for major projects and is essentially like creating an app or webpage from scratch. It is a good option when you need something very robust and uniquely designed for specific things, or when you're trying to leap forwards in a huge way to a totally new product.

How To Use DeepCognition To Build Drag And Drop Deep Learning Models Without Coding?

In this article, we will learn a little bit about DeepCognition and build an algorithm using DeepCognition platform. They have created a platform that can be used to create and deploy deep learning models with just clicking of buttons and no code at all. The ...

Everything You Need To Know About BigML

In this article, we will discuss the following points in detail: What are the services of BigML? Creating a deep learning model with BigML.

What a Low-Code Platform Should Offer Business Users

Low-code platforms can accelerate the speed of software development, but are they right for business users? Here's what to look for.

The NO CODE Movement, the 3 Year Old Company Worth $7 Billion

The NO CODE Movement, the 3 Year Old Company Worth $7 Billion - We talk about the no code movement and why you should care, the exploding self driving car industry, and interesting data from Twitter.

Solve Jessica's NYC Parking Problem with Twitter, Twilio and NO CODE

Jessica was trying to solve a problem that NYC folks have when trying to determine when to move their street-side parked cars each night due to ‘alternate side regulations’ which determine when certain sides of roads can be used or the regulations won’t be enforced due to holidays, events, whatever.

Build Apps for Teams with Low Code/No Code Tools

Build apps for Teams with tools for every developer project - from Power Platform, to Visual Studio, to the command line. Microsoft Learn -- https://docs.mic...