Guide To LinkedAI: A No-code Data Annotations That Generates Training Data using ML/AI

LinkedAI platform building highly accurate training datasets for computer vision-related use cases using machine learning at scale.

Is Visual Programming The Next Paradigm Shift For Software Development?

Over the course of history, humans have endeavored to make things faster, easier, and more efficient. Software is no exception to this – it was created to solve real-life problems.

6 No-Code Tools To Help Your Business Automation and Product Launches

A few years ago, the launch of any online business was associated with many difficulties. It was necessary to find developers who will build your website. If you also needed to create a mobile app or a chatbot, everything was even worse. As a result, the budget for just launching a new product could ...

Microsoft Releases Free App To Train AI Models Without Writing Any Code

Microsoft launched of the public preview of a free app that allows users to train machine learning models without writing any code.

Inspiring Story Of a Victorious n8n Expert That Will Give You Motivation

Ricardo has been one of the most active contributors to n8n and has created more than 60 nodes. He now works at n8n, and we talked to him about what drives his passion to contribute to n8n.

KNIME - A Primer To Automate Machine Learning ‘No Code’ Workflows

Beginners in the field of machine learning face challenges in trying to cope up with the pace of AI. To overcome this, KNIME was developed.

Building A Machine Learning Model With WEKA With ‘No Coding’

WEKA is one of the early no code tools that was developed but is very efficient and powerful. It is used to implement machine learning models

I Built a “Personal FAQ” Directory on How to Get Into Product/Tech | Hacker Noon

As a product builder, I built micro tools to solve my own problems. For example: article tool, event app, meal box app, finance tracker, SaaS tracker, and habit tracker.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Visual Programming Solution

COVID-19 proved to a lot of organizations that we’re not as digital as we like to think we are – even today’s top enterprises are still relatively ‘old-school’ and are behind in their digitalization progress.

NO-CODE e LOW-CODE - Desenvolvimento SEM código! Devemos nos preocupar?

Neste vídeo vamos falar sobre No Code e Low Code! Isso é uma ameaça para os desenvolvedores? Vou comentar um pouco sobre a minha esperiência com o Amazon Honey Code.

How to Create a Job Board Using NoCode Approach

Thinking about creating a job board for your niche? Or have you identified a field you think could use with some help for increased employment? A survey by Allegis reported that the internet is where people are most commonly looking for jobs so if you're reading this, you're already off on the right foot.

Graph Databases, GraphQL and Dgraph [Tutorial]

In the first quarter of 2020, I had the experience of being in a short term advisory role for a company that had built a type of Linkedin product for a specific vertical market. They had done a valiant job, but it was clear that scalability was a problem and they had created a problem for themselves by having used MongoDB as the datastore. The client knew this and wanted to do a rebuild using the neo4j, but despite its popularity, I am not a big fan of it as an implementation of a graph database for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it is written in Java.

Can No-Code Platforms Act As A Threat For Developers In The Post-COVID World?

With so many benefits in hand, for technical as well as non-technical folks, to build applications, it raises a very serious question of whether low-code and no-code platforms are the future of programming?