A server manager written with NodeJS

Server automation - run any command in any time interval you want. Timed server messages, automatic world saving, ...Discord notifications - built-in for common use cases. Ability to detect specific strings for your custom purposes.High ping kicker - Kick players with constant bad connection.

A NodeJS module that provides seamless interactions with Agilit-e APIs

agilite .A NodeJS module that provides seamless interactions with Agilit-e APIs

Top NodeJS Development Company

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A lightweight testing framework for Deno

Rhum .A lightweight testing framework for Deno.

How to Make HTTP GET Requests with Deno

In this post you will learn how to make HTTP GET requests with Deno. We’ll create a simple API with deno that can be accessed via HTTP GET events to retrieve some data!

Learn about Middleware methods in Express.JS

In this article, we will learn about Middleware methods in the Express.JS framework and how to apply them in our code. How to Create Middleware with Express.js?

How to Upload Files to Firebase Cloud Storage with React and Node-js

In this post, you'll see How to Upload Files to Firebase Cloud Storage With React and Node.js. A step-by-step guide to building a file uploader for your app

JavaScript Modules and how to effectively work with Export Import

Introduction No one would like to work with the code having one gigantic JavaScript file with many unrelated functions. Moreover, when you need to use few of the functions from that file, you end up loading all the others unnecessarily.

Answering Your Deno Questions

Wow! You all asked so many great questions about Deno last week that I had to take a second and reply to them!

9 weird ways to make your next JavaScript project even cooler

Want a project that screams ‘we are super cool’? Here you have something that might help:

How to Create and Deploy a new Deno App using the Begin platform

Getting started with Deno, you'll learn how to create and deploy a new Deno app using the Begin platform. We'll start by creating a new begin app and viewing the deployment. We'll then update the HTML that is being served and replace it with JSON data, kicking off the new deployment via GitHub.

Build a Real Time Chat App With Flutter, Node.js And Socket.io

In this blog we will see how to make a realtime chat app using Node.js as the backend and Flutter as the ... Realtime Chat App — Flutter, Node.js & Socket.io ... Check out my next article for one-to-one chat using socket.io.

Getting started with Deno 1.0

Deno 1.0 was just released. In this Deno tutorial, we’ll get started with Deno by building a small project. Deno, the new JS/TS runtime, just went 1.0 🎉🦕 Let's build out a small project and learn together.

How to Get Started with Deno from Node.js

What is Deno? Like node, Deno is based off of the V8 JavaScript engine but unlike node its runtime implemented in Rust and Typescript. Why Deno? Will it replace Node.js? Install Deno. The Deno commands. Your first Deno app. Deno code examples. The Deno sandbox

Getting Started with Deno JS - Will it replace Node?

Deno 1.0 was released, today we learn what Deno js is and how to use it, we look at the OAK dependency and learn how to setup, install and write our first Deno program.

Deno - What's different from Node JS

Deno is a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust.

Node.js vs. Deno - Why Deno is a wrong step in the future

Why Deno is a wrong step in the future? Why Deno would fail? Deno is a new runtime environment from Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js. I believe that Deno is just not enough to throw away Node, and I share why in this video. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below!

CRUD REST API using Node | Express | MongoDB

Building a CRUD App using Node, Express, Mongodb and Mongoose. Source code :

2 JavaScript Features in Node.js 14

Node.js version 14 is here! This article will highlight 2 new JavaScript features included in Node.js 14: Optional Chaining operator, Nullish Coalescing operator

The Deno Handbook: A TypeScript Runtime Tutorial with Code Examples

In this post I want to get you up to speed with Deno quickly, compare it with Node.js, and build your first REST API with it. What is Deno? Will it replace Node.js? Deno is a secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime.