Normalization Techniques in Python Using NumPy

Normalizing datasets with Python and NumPy for analysis and modeling.

Difference Between Standardization & Normalization

This blog aims to explain the most confusing concepts in feature engineering which are Standardization & Normalization. Both look very similar, & most of the time, most of the people fail to understand the difference between them, & the use-case for each of them. But, no worries, this blog will act as a helping hand to make everyone understand the difference between them & their use-cases.

Feature Scaling Techniques — All You Need To Know

Feature Scaling is a Data Preprocessing step used to normalize the features in the dataset to make sure that all the features lie in a similar range.

Standardization and Normalization Explained

Standardization and Normalization Explained. In statistics this process is known as standardization. We need it so that we can convert the different-different units of data into single unit for obtaining inference out of it.

Gradient Descent- A Race to find the Global Minimum

A basic neural network basically comprises of the input layer, the hidden layer(s) and finally the output layer with some network parameters (weights and biases).

StandardScaler and Normalization with code and graph

Algorithm Selection Process: Below is the algorithm selection process, where we read the data 1st and then we explore the data by various…

Batch Normalization in Deep Neural Networks

Batch normalization is a technique for training very deep neural networks that normalizes the contributions to a layer for every mini batch.

Microscopy stain variations and how to estimate them

If you have seen a couple of microscopy images of tissue (histopathology images), you must have noticed that they come in all variants of colors.

Data Normalisation With R

Data Normalisation With R. Preprocessing the data is one of the crucial steps of data analysis, one of the preliminary steps in that includes feature scaling.

Normalization vs Standardization

Normalization vs Standardization. We will be discussing what, why of feature scaling, the techniques to achieve feature scaling, it’s usefulness, and python snippet to achieve feature scaling using these techniques.

Normalization vs Standardization Explained

Normalization vs Standardization Explained - The term normalization and standardization is used a lot in statistics and data science. We sometimes use them interchangeably. People…