How The GPU Industry Is Priming For A Fattening Crypto Mining Market

Nvidia is releasing a driver update along with RTX 3060 GPUs, enabling the cards to detect the Ethereum crypto mining algorithm.

NVIDIA Releases TLT 3.0 To Build AI With Faster Time-To-Market

NVIDIA releases pre-trained models and Transfer Learning Toolkit 3.0 to accelerate developers' journey from training to deployment.

Intel Outside: How The Chip Giant Lost Its Edge

Intel’s inflexibility with their design and manufacturing strategies has cost them dearly and has fallen behind TSMC in the race to chips supremacy.

Webinar: Accelerate Data Science Workflows Using Open Source Libraries

Analytics India Magazine is organizing a webinar on how to leverage open source libraries for speeding up data science workflows.

Infosys Introduces Applied AI Cloud Powered By NVIDIA DGX A100 Systems

Infosys has announced the launch of an Infosys Cobalt offering — applied AI cloud, to democratise artificial intelligence within its workforce and expand its ability to power AI-driven transformation for enterprises.

Intel Deal To Reinforce TSMC’s Leadership Position In Chipmaking

TSMC is the world’s largest contract chipmaker, with Apple being its most famous client.

How NVIDIA NGC can be used for Data Science (Podcast + Giveaway)

In this video, I had the pleasure to talk with Adel El Hallak, the Director of Product Management at NVIDIA NGC where we discuss how the NGC can be used for Data Science. NGC is a FREE resource that you can use for your Data Science Projects

Tesla On Top, Big Tech Blockades And More In This Week’s Top News

On Monday, WhatsApp new privacy policy was met with uproar by the users who are now migrating to Signal, an app promoted by Elon Musk.

Hands-On Guide To Imaginaire: Nvidia Recently Launched GAN Library

Imaginaire is a PyTorch-based GAN library that integrates several images and video synthesis methods developed by NVIDIA into one - python...

A Decade Of AI: Most Defining Moments 2010-20

Be it access to world standard courses, platforms, libraries, frameworks, hardware, this was the decade when AI went mainstream.

Building a budget but powerful Deep Learning PC in 2021

Deep learning pc build with all new Nvidia RTX 3080.Building a budget but powerful Deep Learning PC in 2021

The Rise Of An Empire: GEForce & The Dawn Of A New Decade 2021

GEForce GPUs crushed the market in 2020, hitting 80% of the market PC GPU discrete segments.

Top AI Chip Announcements Of 2020

We talked about the rising demand of AI-based systems on Chips and the year 2020 is no different -- the trend continued.

NVIDIA Launches MONAI Framework To Accelerate AI In Healthcare

NVIDIA has launched MONAI — a Medical Open Network for AI, a domain-optimised, open-source framework for healthcare.

The Weekly Roundup - Top AI & Data Science News The Week | 23rd Nov

Today's episode is a weekly update from the world of data science, everything from new launches, latest research, cyber threats and events that have happened...

NVIDIA’s Strong Gains, TensorFlow On-board Apple And More In This Week’s Top News

A highly effective Apple M1 chip with the advantages of TensorFlow is a giant leap for the individual ML researchers.

India’s Supercomputer Now Ranked Among World’s Most Powerful.

PARAM Siddhi has been ranked 63 among the Top 500 supercomputers of the world, also making it India's largest and fastest supercomputer.

Can NVIDIA’s A100 80GB GPU Extend Its Lead On MLPerf Benchmark?

In an attempt to further unlock the immense potential of AI for supercomputing, NVIDIA launched an 80GB version of A100 GPU.

Intel Rivals NVIDIA & AMD As It Introduces Its First GPU For Data Centers

Chipmaker Intel unveiled its first discrete GPU for data centres. Named Intel Server GPU, it is designed to power Android-based cloud gaming.

How NVIDIA Powered America’s Fastest Supercomputer In Fight Against COVID-19

Some of NVIDIA’s biggest partners, leaders in their industries, are using Dask and RAPIDS to power their data analytics.