Learning Algorithms With A Study File

From a great specialization from Moscow State University and UC San Diego on algorithms. Here, we’ll delve into how it looks like to learn algorithms by a study file and instructional videos.

UIUC Online Master of Computer Science: A personal post-mortem

UIUC Online Master of Computer Science: A personal post-mortem. A review of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Online Master of Computer Science in Data Science.

Start Machine Learning in 2020 — Become an expert from nothing, for free!

A complete guide on how to start learning machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020 without any background in the field. I will share this notepad with everyone and list many great resources, and give you some tips on how to learn, and improve your machine learning skills.

Self-Studying Data Science: 5 Tips to Speed Up Your Learning

I’m a data science self-learner. I’ve been challenging myself with the data world for a few months now and decided to share how/what I’m doing and a few tips that are helping me in this journey so far.

Why Online Plagiarism Checkers are an Integral Part of E-Learning

During the pandemic, e-learning technologies have been placed under the spotlight. The reason is that the EdTech industry became the key enabler of remote and distance learning. Thanks to applying technology in e-learning, thousands of students around the globe successfully completed the last semester. Chances are, they will continue studying remotely in autumn as well.

A Data Science program to raise the bar

An online Micromasters to give a boost to your Data Science career. “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education.

Skillshare’s Third Act Set the Stage for Our Series D

This isn’t necessarily a new lesson, but it was a valuable one to reinforce nonetheless. When I joined three years ago, Skillshare had pivoted away from its in-person teaching model several years earlier.

Online Deep Learning (ODL) and Hedge Back-propagation

As the main concept of deep neural networks is to train through back-propagation in a batch setting, the data is required to be available in an offline setting.

Machine learning and deep learning in one liner using Libra

The complete guide to understanding Libra for automated machine learning and deep learning. With the rise of machine learning, we have seen the rise of many great frameworks and libraries like sci-kit learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch. These frameworks have made it easier for users to create machine learning models easily. But still one needs to follow the whole procedure that includes Data preparation, Modelling, Evaluation.

The Potential of Gated Linear Networks for Online Learning

A recent publication from DeepMind brings an interesting new take on sample-efficient online learning.The cool thing about a Gated Linear Network is that each neuron in the network individually predicts the target. In a neural network classifier, ...

DataCamp — Are you using it the right way?

This is how to maximize your data science learning using the DataCamp platform. We are generating about 2.5 quintillion bytes a day and the demand for data scientists is increasing more than ever.

The Title of Data Scientist is on Sale

Someone posted this with a picture of certification on one of my social apps a few days ago. It was approximately the 10th time I saw this kind of post in the past three months.