8 Things Web Developers Should Know About SEO

Small technical tips, with great impact. I'm writing today to share a list of SEO tips for web developers that will help to ensure that your impressive development work gets the web ...

10 Reasons why Business Knowledge is important as a Data Scientist

10 Reasons why Business Knowledge is important as a Data Scientist. My journey from Information Systems and Hackathons into Data Science.

Leverage Your Marketing Strategy With Big Data

Leverage Your Marketing Strategy With Big Data. How do I increase the marketing ROI by leveraging the huge amounts of data that the company has accrued throughout the years?

How Far Can Voice Recognition Go? 7 Marketing Implications

Voice recognition tech comes in many varieties, and despite being less than a decade old (in its modern form), we’ve already started to get used to it as an essential technological tool.

Running A Digital Marketing Agency

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview [Abdelkader Bachr](https://instagram.com/abdoobachr?igshid=1gzrq6dyez9u5&ref=hackernoon.com), also known as Abdoobachr. Abdelkader is the founder of various firms that assists businesses with a variety of...

Segmentation of Online Shop Customers

In this article I will describe how we can segment customers based on web analytics data from an online shop. Based on the results, on-site personalization can be realized and targeted campaigns can be started for the users in the segments.