Best Udemy Clone Script In 2021

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Best Udemy Clone Script In 2021

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How to Build an Educational Video Subscription Service?

Coursera, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning—do these names ring a bell? All of these platforms offer online courses to students, professionals, and others to enhance their skillset. Online education has seen steady growth over the years. Being valued at $107 billion in 2015, it is expected to rise to $325 billion by 2025.

Reasons Why E-learning Subscription Platform is Popular

E-learning subscription platforms allow you to easily access any educational content and training materials through a website or an application. This way of mastering skills is a great way to learn at your own pace and increase your knowledge. Online education subscription platform is seeing a great rise this year as many institutions and companies are moving towards servicing the high-demand for e-learning.

Features of Educational Video Subscription Platform

Easy & Powerful CMS
Educational video subscription platform should have a powerful Content Management System (CMS) to provide a good user experience in playing video on demand. Easy to upload, store, organize and access video content is a must for content creators and users alike.

Can Set Your Own Price

A video subscription platform allows you to charge for your content and services at the rate you want to set. There are no restrictions on what the prices should be or any guidelines that dictate you to reduce your rates based on the platform.

Payment Integration

Payment integration with high security and the ability to collect all modes of payment should be done. Not just one-time payments but recurring payments by users and auto-pay features are something to be explored while building educational video subscription platforms.

Monetize Video and Combined Subscriptions
You can earn in online education by creating a subscription-based educational platform that charges per week, month or year depending on your content and lesson plan. You can also look into pay-per-view subscriptions and advertisements as a source of revenue when you build your platform. Some service providers use a combination of two or more to create a hybrid payment system that makes it easier for students and professionals to access videos.

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How to Build an Educational Video Subscription Service?

Build Your Own Online E-learning App like Udemy

What is Udemy Clone App?

Udemy Clone App is an e-learning app that functions similar to that of the actual Udemy application. If you wish to create a elearning business that facilitates seamless online education, then Udemy Clone App is your go-to choice. At startupmart we develop the ready-made udemy clone that blends all your requirements from an exclusive tutor dashboard to a student management system.

Udemy Clone Development Company

An excellent e-learning platform is inevitable for students in this bustling world rather than going academy. Also, students admire learning as per their wish without hurrying up them like a race. Most of the parents are now looking for the best e-learning software for their children is the significant reason why the e-learning market is acquiring more revenue today. Having an excellent online tutor in your home is highly beneficial to the students in the way of managing their time, clearing doubts, test attempts, easy understanding with more resources and video tutorials. Our online e-learning portal helps all sorts of people to acquire up-to-date knowledge and an effective interaction sections with admin and instructors aid students to clear all their subject-related doubts.

Smart learning has to be procured for every single student which lets them boost up their own skill for the new invention. It will probably be built a greater impact on society as well. How it comes possible with an e-learning platform? Yes, really it does with its huge unique resources. Though there are several e-learning software, it’s most important to choose the best white-labeled software among those soft-wares. Our e-learning udemy clone software satisfies all the user’s requirements with our jaw-dropping technology. Don’t wait, dominate your e-learning market with our customized e-learning script that comes loaded with features

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Build Your Own Online E-learning App like Udemy

Dynamic Udemy Clone App for iOS and Android | STARTUPMART

We all know that the demand for e-Learning apps are gradually increasing day by day as there are no schools open in this coronavirus pandemic season and also it saves the time and money eminently in both the learning and teaching process. Because of this, tons of students, teachers and even reputed institutes and universities seek e-learning apps like Udemy which favours the most. Now all the parents are searching for a platform which would give their children a good knowledge.

Apart from this reason, a statista states that entrepreneurs who have developed e-learning apps have earned a considerable amount of revenue from it. Furthermore, this industry has a worth of more than 25 billion US dollars in 2014. Within a short period of time it has raised to 50 billion US dollars. Once after it, this industry has experienced an enormous growth and burgeoning incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Incredibles ways to generate revenue from Udemy Clone App:


The app holder gets revenue from commissions. This is one of the major revenue generating models. The app user should pay some percentage to the app holder for using the platform. Likewise, the teachers using the platform should pay a percentage fee as commission.

Subscription Charges:

Subscription fee is the most easy and substantial way to earn in e-learning apps. It is possible to earn money through consumer subscriptions for various videos and articles.


By showing advertisements in your udemy clone, you can earn per click. By collaborating with different companies and by promoting those companies in your ad banner, you can earn in millions.

To know more ways, refer this Blog: A Guide to Become a Successful Entrepreneur in the E-Learning Industry


If you are an entrepreneur and looking to build your own udemy clone app, then S, top e-learning app developer is here to aid you to develop your own Udemy Clone App. Our udemy clone app is a mind-blowing tutorial site that upholds enormous benefits customized to the user’s requirements. With our learning management system, you can stay assured about the success of your online learning venture. Startupmart is a top-rated on-demand app development company.

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Dynamic Udemy Clone App for iOS and Android | STARTUPMART