Learning C++: Inheritance

In this article I’m going to introduce how to perform object inheritance in C++. When we use inheritance in our C++ programs, we are modeling is-a relationships. For example, a dog is-a mammal; a Volkswagen Beetle is-a car; a square is-a shape.

Python OOP — Inheritance

Inheritance is a key concept in Object-Oriented Programming. It enables us to create a new class from an existing class. The new class is a specialized version of the existing class and it inherits all the non-private variables and methods of the existing class. When should we use inheritance? The answer is that whenever we come across an IS A relationship between objects.

Make Python Objects Magical

The very first thing one must learn and believe without a shred of doubt is that In python, everything is an object. Python offers a host of magic methods (alternatively called dunder methods because of the “double underscores”) to make custom objects more intuitive, easy to use and pythonic. Let’s start with a very basic scenario:

Object-Oriented Programming In Python: What To Know

Intermediate level python fundamentals used for advanced level programming. Here is the guide for object-oriented programming in python. What is object-oriented programming (OOP)? Object-oriented programming is an approximation where every function is being abstracted as objects

4 Pillars of Object Oriented Programming

The Object Oriented Programming paradigm based on four concepts. These concepts are called the 4 Pillars of Object Oriented Programming

Polymorphism in Python: Fundamentals For Data Scientists

Understand the basics with a concrete example!