14 Top Open Source Test Automation Frameworks

Get an introduction to automated testing. And learn how to choose which tests to automate.

Deprecation Lifetime in Flutter

This article discusses our current policies for breaking changes and deprecations, how they’re put into practice, and how they’re evolving to provide a better experience to our users. Reliably removing deprecated code on a scheduled basis. Deprecation Lifetime in Flutter

4 Best Open Source Text Editors for Developers on Linux

The first question of anyone who is new to code development on Linux is which is the best text editor. Here is the list of some of them

How to Create Taboo Error Handler for Golang

I created this module for Golang to help me with error handling. This idea showed when a colleague of mine was thinking to pass context from handler to service, to repository to trace the error log more verbose. I disagreed with him because I thought that's not what context is for. Perhaps I was wrong or he was wrong, or maybe both of us wrong because this is our first Golang project that deployed on production. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Create Taboo Error Handler for Golang. This post contains my own experience in creating try-catch-like error handler for golang.

5 Outstanding Open-Source Projects Which Have Just One Source File

Programmers write code in different ways according to their preference and type of the particular project. If a software project is quite large and growing, we usually decompose the whole thing into several files to achieve maintainability.

How to Make Your First Contribution to an Open Source Project

How to Make Your First Contribution to an Open Source Project. This guide will introduce you to the open source world and help you make your first contribution

Demystifying “ssh-rsa” in OpenSSH Deprecation Notice

OpenSSH is an implementation of the SSH 2 protocol by developers of the OpenBSD project. It is ubiquitous, and is the most widely deployed SSH software on servers. In the original SSH 2 protocol (RFC 4253), SHA1 was the recommended hashing algorithm.

[CSF] Raspberry Pi Podcasting Station

[CSF] Raspberry Pi Podcasting Station. How to build a Raspberry Pi podcasting station for recording podcasts on the go. Powered by Linux, this Science Fair project lets you record and edit podcasts.

Hacktoberfest: Thinking About Giving It a Miss This Year?

These are the most frequently asked questions about Hacktoberfest. ... This lets us know they do not think your pull request is a quality contribution, so it will not count toward Hacktoberfest. Why is my ... My draft pull requests don't seem to be counting toward Hacktoberfest. ... Can you give me free infrastructure credit? ﹢.

Visx: An Easy Solution to Visualizing Data in React

Visx: An Easy Solution to Visualizing Data in React. A new open source project from Airbnb

Salesforce: A Full Stack Developer's First Impressions

As a full-stack developer who primarily uses React and .NET, I have traditionally shied away from platform-specific integrations. Throughout my career, I have heard of Salesforce and "Salesforce Developers" (and I have also heard that Salesforce Developers were well-compensated), but otherwise, these terms never provoked my interest. After all, why would I want to lock myself into learning skills and abilities which only allowed me to work with one specific application?

What Is Open Source and How to Start Contributing

The world today is more democratic for those who want or need to use computers, more precisely those who need to make use of computer programs. But this was not always the case, and in part what made access to the computer world something a little simpler or less expensive was open source or open source software. But what exactly is it?

Hacktoberfest 2020: Let’s Get Hacking

It's October and we're calling all programmers, designers, content writers and open-source contributors to join Hacktoberfest 2020. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to open-source or try your hand at something new.

Open-source Maintainers’ Must-Haves

If you’re starting a new open-source project, keep this list of must-haves in it. That will not only help in building better quality code, but will also help in maintaining issues, documents, etc.

Iterate Faster With Automatic Code Review

In software development, code review is important for maintaining code quality. To help project maintainers implement code-review policies, GitHub provides a convenient approach, protected branch, which enforces pull requests to satisfy certain review policies before merging.

How to Restart All Pods in a Kubernetes Namespace

Where I work we use a repo-per-namespace setup and so it is often the case that I want to restart all the pods and deployments in a single Kubernetes

Making An Open Source Contribution on Github

This article will guide you on what Open Source is and how you can start contributing to open source projects.

Writing Proper Code Is Vital: Here's Why

November of last year, OVO Energy sponsored a study finding that “If every Brit sent one less thank you email a day, we would save 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year — the same as 81,152 flights [from the UK] to Madrid.”

Simplifying Your Multi-Account Git Setup

Do you have a habit of changing hostnames when you clone git repositories to use the private key and username from the right account? You can make your life easier, save time, and free your mind for more impactful work by placing your local projects in per-account root folders and accordingly updating your git configurations.

Ruby on Rails digest: 26 most popular repositories in July and August 2020

The renewed Ruby/Rails digest. Meet some old and new Ruby/Rails projects on GitHub that were popular this July and August.