How to install odoo 14 on ubuntu 20.04 with pycharm

Install Odoo 14 On Ubuntu 20.04 with pycharm configuration

Rasa Releases Open Source AI Assistant Framework 2.0

Rasa has recently released version 2.0 of the open-sourced machine learning framework for automating text and voice-based AI assistants.

How to Create a Pull Request on GitHub

In this video is about how you can contribute to other person's repository on GitHub by creating a Pull Request. Let me know in the comments below if you want more of these videos or any other videos. And like the video, if you like it.

Integrating HMS Analytics Kit to Flutter Projects and Sending Events

Integrating HMS Analytics Kit to Flutter Projects and Sending Events. Huawei Analytics Kit. Configuration in AppGallery Connect. How to Generate SHA-256 Fingerprint? Integrate HMS to Your Project. Add Signing Configuration. TO-DOs in Project-level Build.gradle. TO-DOs in App-level Build.gradle.

Discover: Drive Meaningful Contributions This Hacktoberfest

What's Discover? DeepSource's Discover feature allows developers to find meaningful code quality issues in open-source projects, so they can make their first contribution easily. For Open-Source Maintainers. For Developers. Open-source grants.

Hacktoberfest 2020: Let’s Get Hacking

It's October and we're calling all programmers, designers, content writers and open-source contributors to join Hacktoberfest 2020. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to open-source or try your hand at something new.

Automation for Identity Experience Framework is now open-source !!!

We're delightfully announcing the open source automation suite to test all the standard authentication cases of LoginRadius Identity Experience Framework. The…

How to Implement HMS Location Kit with Flutter

Hi everyone, Today I try describing how we can use HMS Location kit Flutter Plugin also I prepare a demo project. How to Implement HMS Location Kit with Flutter

How To use pluggable process variable persistence with Case Files in jBPM 7

Tutorial on how to persist case files in a different database table along with ProcessInstanceld in jBPM 7 so you can map your particular business information.

Spotify Open-Sources Klio, An AI Framework For Next Generation Audio Algorithms

Recently, Spotify open-sourced an AI framework at the 2020 International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, known as Klio.

How To Correctly Validate Passwords - Most Websites Do It Wrong

The post How To Correctly Validate Passwords — Most Websites Do It Wrong first appeared on Qvault. You've probably visited a site and ... You've probably visited a site and attempted to sign-up only to be met with errors such as:

LoginRadius Supports Hacktoberfest 2020

Open Source is changing the world, One Pull Request at a time. Join LoginRadius this year in supporting hacktoerbest 2020 by contributing to open source and get cool swags from LoginRadius

Example of Automatic Speech Recognition Without Pickup UI

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) can recognize speech not longer than 60s and ... Real-time result output; Available options: with and without speech pickup UI ... Intelligent conversion to digital formats: For example, the year 2020 can be ...

Flyway vs Liquibase

I will present two of the most common database migration tools and dive into a comparison describing similarities and differences between them.

Gitpod’s Native Integration With GitLab Will Automatically Spin Up Dev Environments

Gitpod, the first open-source developer platform to automate the provisioning of ready-to-code development environment has announced a $3 million seed funding from Crane Venture Partners, Speedinvest, and Vertex Ventures US, as well as a partnership and native integration with GitLab, the DevOps platform delivered as a single application.  Gitpod is an open-source GitOps solution that…

LinkedIn Open-Sources GDMix, An AI Framework That Trains Efficient Personalisation Models

GDMix or Generalised Deep Mixed model is a deep ranking framework to train non-linear fixed effect and random effect models.

Tutorial On Datacleaner - Python Tool to Speed-Up Data Cleaning Process - AIM

Datacleaner is an open-source python library which is used for automating the process of data cleaning. It is built using Pandas Dataframe.

How to Automate Machine Learning Tasks Using Autogluon?

See how Autogluon can be used to train a model that is best for a given Tabular Dataset. Automating Machine Learning applications.

A Fun Project On Building A Face-Swapping Application With OpenCV - AIM

The concept behind face swap is to detect certain points on the face and then replace it with the swapping image using Python and Opencv.

Banks Are Increasingly Embracing Cloud & Open-Source For Machine Learning

Founded in 2000, Maveric Systems is a software engineering services company that works across financial platforms, banking solutions, data technologies and regulatory systems. The firm has offices around the globe to serve their banking partners spanning across 15 countries, along with a dedicated offshore delivery and research centre in Chennai. The company initially offered testing…