How to Make Marketing Plans After Coronavirus

Following COVID, B2B marketing focuses more on business digitization, with customers now being reached via web articles, digital advertising, emails, images, and virtual presentations. One of the most reliable B2B marketing strategies is now an...

How Is Alteryx Advancing Data & Analytics Potential With Its Game-changing Resources

Alteryx, provides free access to data science and analytics learning courses for recent graduates and data workers.

How AI-powered Vitals Monitoring System Helping Nagpur COVID Patients

Nagpur hospital, IGGMC partnered with Dozee, an advanced health intelligence tracker that acts as a contactless monitoring device.

Tech Giants Are Bracing Up For The Mammoth Challenge Of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

While things have started to look up at least in terms of COVID-19 vaccine production, another Herculean task lies ahead: distribution and management.

The Age Of Alt-facts: Why Your Business Must Focus On Alternative Data

The need to capture and synthesise alternative data is no longer an option – it has become a critical business imperative.

8 Cool AI-based Technologies Released In 2020

The pandemic may have put a pause in our normal day-to-day life, but in the case of artificial intelligence, the world has been witnessing interesting and cool technologies

India Becomes The Leading Adopter Of AI Amid The Pandemic

The pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to India as it witnessed the highest increase in AI adoption compared to the major economies.

Biggest Hurdles AI Industry Faced Amid The Pandemic

This article collates a list of some of the biggest hurdles the AI industry faced amid the pandemic as everyone went into lockdown.

How AI Fared For Businesses While Navigating The Pandemic

In 2020, the accelerated rates of technological changes and a rising unpredictability in the marketplace created hospitable conditions to deploy sophisticated systems.

5 Ways Data Science Will Ensure Business Continuity In The Post-Covid World

With remote working on the rise, business leaders are adopting digital tools, and data science models to optimise business processes, regulate the spends, me...

5 Ways Data Science Will Ensure Business Continuity In The Post-Covid World

In this article, we take a look into five ways data science will prove crucial to ensure business continuity in the post-COVID world.

Graphing The SIR Model With Python

Graphing and solving simultaneous differential equations to model COVID-19 spread

Holiday Shopping Craze, COVID-19 Spur Retail Security Storm

Veracode's Chris Eng discusses the cyber threats facing shoppers who are ... Holiday Shopping Craze, COVID-19 Spur Retail Security Storm.

IoT Device Takeovers Surge 100 Percent in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with an explosion in the number of connected devices, have led to a swelling in IoT infections observed on wireless networks.

Experts Weigh in on E-Commerce Security Amid Snowballing Threats

Experts Weigh in on E-Commerce Security Amid Snowballing Threats. How a retail sector reeling from COVID-19 can lock down their online systems to prevent fraud during the upcoming holiday shopping spike. ... But experts are warning retailers not to focus only on one threat or on protecting one particular system.

Businesses Want Solutions That Don’t Involve Much Coding

To understand how the pandemic has affected Google’s company structure and businesses, we spoke to Kamolika Peres, Director, Google Cloud India.

AFRS In India: The Tech Is Ready, But What About The People?

Is India ready for the implementation of the Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS)? The answer to this question is another question - “At what cost?”

Using DevOps During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic we’re all facing this year is transforming the workforce throughout the whole world. In fact, according to While DevOps is nothing new to the developer world, the benefits of the philosophy have come to the forefront with the global shift to remote ...

Indian IT Sector Is Looking Up: Are AI & Data Science Major Contributors

The pandemic has left the companies to ride the digitisation wave for which they are increasingly relying on the use of emerging technologies.

This AI Marketing Tool Is Taking Companies Through Digital Transformation Journey Amid

As digital marketing is becoming more crucial than ever, ADOHM helps companies simplify marketing with its automation solutions