The Hidden Cost of Amazon’s Surveillance Tech

The two models have something in common, however, in that the surveillance comes at a cost that isn’t reflected in the price paid by users. Economists call this an externality.

How “breaking up” Apple and Amazon might actually work

A banking law from 1956 offers a realistic model for regulating dominant internet platforms. “Break up Big Tech” has become a rallying cry for some, especially on the left, who see the largest tech companies’ power as a threat to innovation, small business, and perhaps even democracy.

What Big Tobacco’s Fall Tells Us About Big Tech’s Future

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Named Entity Recognition in NLP

In natural language processing, named entity recognition (NER) is the problem of recognizing and extracting specific types of entities in text. Such as people or place names. In fact, any concrete “thing” that has a name. At any level of specificity. Job titles, public school names, sport names, music album names, musician names, music genres, … You get the idea.

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Part VI: Special Characters

Implementing Rust-Like Pattern Matching in JS

Implementing Rust-Like Pattern Matching in JS . This is the third installment of an experiment in implementing some cool pattern matching functional features for your everyday JS’ing.