Deep Space To Deep Learning: Interview With Astrophysicist And Kaggle GM Martin Henze

For this month's machine learning practitioners series, Analytics India ... From the popularity of support vector machines to the explosion of deep learning algorithms ... In this interview, he talks about ways to master Kaggle competitions ... Learning: Interview With Astrophysicist And Kaggle GM Martin Henze.

This AI Marketing Tool Is Taking Companies Through Digital Transformation

ADOHM is an entirely autonomous machine, built from AI, that requires little or no human intervention. ... Since the sales and marketing are interconnected the AI engine autonomously optimises the marketing campaigns based on the customers who you can convert for your business. It also shuts down the non-performing ads.

There Is A Tremendous Opportunity In Android DevOps: Shiv Sundar, Esper

As India undergoes a massive digital transformation, businesses across industries are using mobile apps and devices for work. Both skilled and unskilled workers in India have a mobile-first mindset and require very little training to learn Android tablets or apps, which has led to an influx of touchscreen mobile devices for work nationwide.  Android is…

Top Quotes By Jensen Huang From Nvidia GTC 2020

Top Quotes By Jensen Huang From Nvidia GTC 2020. In this article, we take a quick glance onto some of the interesting statements made by Jensen Huang during his keynote speech.

Behind Tata Elxsi’s Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence

Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Biswajit Biswas, Chief Data Scientist at Tata Elxsi to further understand some of the projects they are working on, how AI CoE addresses the growing needs of intelligent systems, AI in video analytics and more.

AI & ML Can Open Up Space For Drones To Demonstrate Full Potential

To understand the involvement of AI to enhance drone solutions, we spoke to Karthik Shankaran, the CIO of Detroit Engineered Products.

How Is Voot Using Computer Vision To Scale-up Their Offerings

Addressing the attendees at CVDC 2020 Anubhav Shrivastava, head of Data Sciences at Voot Viacom18 shared some of the ways that Voot is using computer vision.

Banks Must Bet Big On AI And Blockchain: Prasanna Lohar

Prasanna Lohar currently works as Head – Innovation & Technical Architecture at DCB Bank. As a part of DCB’s digital transformation, he is firmly focused on innovative customer servicing, technical architecture implementation, and adoption of emerging technologies for banking.

Uber’s Success Is Deeply Tied To Its Success In India: Shirish Andhare

Using technology, Uber India has been trying to transform the mobility landscape and change how people move around in the country.

Why Users Hate Redesign

It's easy to think that users hate redesigns because they don't like how the new design looks like. While users can actually have some preferences for the visual design style, the problem lays deeper, in the human psychology. Redesigns are changes and people don't like changes.