How to Set Up Selenium With Python for Modern Web Automation

Follow our comprehensive Selenium WebDriver Tutorial With Python. Learn how to set it up correctly and start using it for automation testing. If you are still wondering about it then this article is for you. Let's explore it with us now.

Rendering Large Logs in the Browser for GitHub Actions

Rendering large logs in a browser can be a complex task if you want a rich UI including coloring, grouping, search, and permalinks, says GitHub engineer Alberto Gimeno. Rendering Large Logs in the Browser for GitHub Actions. This is why after testing with both a React and plain JS library, they opted to build their own.

Improve React Performance without Memo()

Improve React performance without memo() - I focused on using useMemo and useCallback hooks and memo() HOC. memo() improves the performance, and, not less important. In my previous article I described a few ways to prevent excess re-renders in react applications.

Selenium Grid Performance Problems

Selenium Grid Performance Problems. The current Grid project is not designed properly for heavy load and does not have a stateful structure. If the hub crashes, everything starts over. What to do?

9 of the Best Reporting Tools for Selenium

Are you looking for a reporting tool for Selenium? Let's dig into this list of the nine best reporting tools for Selenium, see this overview of the best reporting tools for Selenium.

How to Perform Localization Testing Using Selenium WebDriver

In this post, we'll learn How to Perform Localization Testing Using Selenium WebDriver.

Let’s Talk About GPU Rendering Speed and Overdrawing in Android

Most of the time, we software developers focus on optimizing our code. We want it to be fast, easy to understand, and easy to maintain. Many of those codes are related to data handling, API queries, record updates, etc. But how many times do we...

How to Generate Test Reports in NUnit

In this tutorial, you will learn about generating reports in NUnit along with some new features and advantages of Extent Reports.

Redis on Azure Performance Benchmark – ScaleGrid for Redis™ Vs. Azure Cache

In this tutorial, we'll compare ScaleGrid for Redis ™ with Azure Cache for Redis performance and management features to help you choose the best managed solution for your Redis deployment.

AKS Performance: Limit Ranges

Control the amount of resources your pods require at start and limit the amount they can use in total. Using Limit Ranges allows you to control both the amount of resources a pod/container can request as well as the upper limits they are allowed to ...

AKS Performance: Resource Quotas

Limiting resource consumption for multi-team clusters. A Resource Quota is basically just an object in K8s which allows you to limit resource consumption per namespace. For example you can split ...

AKS Performance: Resource Requests and Limits

Define pod resource requests and limits. Set pod requests and limits on all pods in your YAML manifests. If the AKS cluster uses resource quotas and you don't define these values, your deployment may be rejected. ... Pod requests and limits inform the Kubernetes scheduler which compute resources to assign to a pod.

Baseline Application Performance In AKS

This article is going to be used as a jumping off point and be a little more on the simple side than the articles that will proceed this one. The idea here is to introduce you to general perf analysis and show you how you could manually accomplish it if you had to and or needed to learn how.

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This tutorial is a summary of the article by smashing magazine, with focus on what I think are the most important features therein listed.

What Is so Great About Golang?

What Is so Great About Golang? Golang has captured developers’ attention since its inception. Being a much faster and simpler language, more developers are picking up Golang. Go is used by some of the big brands such as BBC, Uber, Novartis, Basecamp, and Soundcloud.

Survivorship Bias in Observability

Survivorship Bias in Observability. Learn where survivorship bias factors into app monitoring, with special considerations for microservices and request-driven apps. Ensure you are getting unbiased Observability data and keep your applications ‘flying’. Psychology, performance, and modern app development. Collection Logs From Kubernetes — Fluentd vs Filebeat collection logs from Kubernetes — fluentd vs filebeat. We are using to collect our Kubernetes cluster logs (also, there is a local Loki instance).

Upgrade Your DNN Training with Amazon SageMaker Debugger

Upgrade Your DNN Training with Amazon SageMaker Debugger - How to Increase Your Efficiency and Reduce Cost When Training in the Cloud

The Broken Promise of Test Automation: Why Are We Still Hand-Cranking Tests?

Has test automation delivered on its promise and where can we go next? What questions do we need to ask as an industry before jumping into the world of AI/ML?

How to Compare Core Dumps for Simple Time Travel Debugging

How can I tell the difference between the two Linux core dumps and why is this happening? This will be wordy, but will hopefully give you your answers to both of those questions.