Great News About Self-Regulation In VPN industry: i2Coalition’s VTI Essentials

In the last decade, the VPN market has been steadily growing, and this growth was spiked even further in 2020. Two main reasons contributed to an even more expansive use of VPN software: 1) Covid-19, quarantine, and work from home set the needs for home network security; 2) cybercrime has been on the rise and cybersecurity became a more common issue.

Anonymizing Data Sets

Removing Emails, Sensitive Numbers, Vins & Address From Data. The data set he provided piqued my interest and led to some of what we are going to discuss today.

Texas Court Orders Easybox IPTV to Pay $9.9m

A judge at a Texas court has ordered two individuals behind the pirate IPTV service Easybox IPTV to pay $9.9m in copyright infringement damages.

As Police Investigate Share-Online Operators, Uploaders & Users Could

In October 2019,, Germany's largest file-hosting site, was shut down following police raids around Europe. As the investigation into the platform's operators continues, a cybercrime police representative now says that hunting down former content uploaders and regular downloaders at the site remains a "realistic scenario."

Zero People Charged With Online Pirating, Swedish Prosecutor's Office

For the first time in almost a decade, not a single person was charged with a file-sharing or streaming related crime in Sweden during 2019. The news comes from the Prosecutor's Office, which reveals that just 23 offenses were reported during the year, the lowest number since 2010.

A Letter from President Nabiha Syed

My dad brought home a computer when I was 3 years old. He hoped that it would teach me things — and it did. I learned to spell in English by playing _Reader Rabbit and the Fabulous Word Factory_. Thanks to free AOL 30-day trial CDs, the computer...

MPA Takes Further Action on Pirate Video App TeaTV, Requests Github

TeaTV is one of the most popular 'pirate' video apps around, providing ready access to movies and TV shows. The app received mainstream media attention in 2019 and following on from that exposure, the MPA has been trying to disrupt the application. The movie industry group is now asking code platform Github to take down three versions of the application while considering its repeat infringer policy.