My 5 Biggest Fears as a New Developer

Being new is scary! This is how I work through my anxiety and get the work done anyway. My 5 Biggest Fears as a New Developer. Being new is scary! This is how I work through my anxiety and get the work done anyway.

Coders Should Think Like Scientists, Not Like Engineers

Lessons from product management to improve your outcomes. Use the Experiment Template to clarify your thinking and measure progress. Writing code for the first ten years of my professional career was ...

Creativity Is a Skill You Need to Curate

Creativity is a key skill of the future and it’s time to now apply yourself. Serendeputy is a newsfeed engine for the open web, creating your newsfeed from tweeters, topics and sites you follow.

Impostor Syndrome — A Developer’s Best Friend

Reading the title, you might say something is wrong with me. But I dare to repeat it. The impostor syndrome is a developer’s best friend when appropriately managed. I also believe that the impostor syndrome is more prominent in software development due to the large volume of knowledge you need to possess, and the constant changing of tools and programming languages.

How I Start the Day as a Senior Software Engineer

My software engineering thinking starts every day at 8:09 in the morning — just when I hop on the train for a 50-minute ride to Ghent, where I work as a software engineer for content marketing workspace

"Worry Later. Try First," says Product Designer Agnieszka Zimolag

“In these unprecedented times…” The Humans of Hacker Noon design unprecedented products, and contribute to the internet in unprecedented ways. One such human is Agnieszka Zimolag from the US - interviewed here following a 2020 Noonie Nomination for contributions to the subject of Product Design.

Completion Rate for MOOC Data Science Specializations is Very Low

The completion rate for MOOC data science specializations is less than 15%. We will examine the completion rate for courses in two popular MOOC data science specializations.

Short, Painful, Worth It: My Brief Stint at Twitter

Short, Painful, Worth It: My Brief Stint at Twitter | by Rich Armstrong | The Startup | Aug, 2020 | Medium.

How to Get Started into Web Development

My recommended steps to becoming a web developer and landing your first job in tech.Getting started into programming can be very scary, and there are a lot of misconceptions out there that make people think that programming is a skill they could never learn, or that landing a job as a web developer is almost mission impossible. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Don’t Just Code, But Also C…

I owe my passion for coding to a very dear friend of mine, who inspired me to excel in learning so much on computer during my youth. Under his tutelage, my knowledge about computer expands beyond computer gaming.

Is Financial Independence a product of fortune?

Simulation of stochastic differential equations using Monte Carlo method and python. We bring it to the next stage. We add randomness to the equation to account for life’s unpredictability. This time, we want to find out to what degree your financial success is really in your hands?

Forming Good Learning Habits with Duolingo UX

The first time I learned about Duolingo was through a meme — the one where Duo (the owl mascot), would ‘threaten’ users with passive-aggressive notifications if they didn’t continue using the app.

Boost Your Data Science Resume

In a large field of job candidates, it can be challenging to set yourself apart. Showcasing your skills & portfolio is a good starting… I. Introduction In a large field of job candidates, it can be challenging to set yourself apart from the crowd. Showcasing your skills, completed relevant online courses, completed projects, and awards/recognitions in your resume is a great starting point.

How to Craft an Engaging Data Story

Crafting a story around data may seem like an unnecessary, time consuming effort. The insights may seem sufficient to stand on their own but this is a flawed point of view.

Learn From Harvard and MIT: How The Whole World Can

Yes, you can also learn from the top tier institutions, learn how in this post. I am an advocator for equal educational opportunity for each and everyone in this world, it is a basic human right! I have never been so excited while writing a blog or sharing something valuable, as much as while writing this article.

Letter to a Young Programmer

Advice for a new coder beginning their journey. Hello again! I got your message last week, and was excited to hear that you’re thinking of studying programming.

The Most Important Word I Have Ever Learned

It shaped my entire view on life and business. Let’s be real. Most of the things you learn throughout your formal education years don’t endure the test of time, at least not in a purely factual way.

3 Essentials to Make Better Decisions

3 Essentials to Make Better Decisions: Data science is only one of them. Aside from great vision, they all decided on how they do things, leading them to their triumph.

What Standing for (and Losing) an Election Taught Me About Personal Branding

They say that you should do something every day that scares you. And, it makes sense right? We grow through the discomfort. And of course, I’m sure whoever wrote this quote meant controlled fear (don’t jump into that snake pit just yet).

5 years, 5 managers. Craft.

Pulling from personal experiences and lessons learned in the past five years, I’ve collected stories and traits from each design manager I’ve had.