I Created a Dog Eye Crust-Removal Comb — And Made $74K on Amazon

The Crusty Comb was now a real product, with a brand name, a logo, packaging, and a UPC.

German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) and their characteristics

P4pets offers dog and Puppy related tips including puppy creat training, god barking in the crate and much more

Predicting Adoption Speed for PetFinder

This dataset originally consists of 14,993 observations and 24 variables. All the data are based in the Malaysia area so our analysis is country-specific and culture-oriented.

Yes, Your Cat Can Get Coronavirus

With reports of felines testing positive for the virus or antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19, researchers set out to determine if domestic animals or livestock were susceptible to infection with the virus.

Use Your 404 Pages to Be as Influential as Amazon in Ionic 5

Everyone has done it before. You type in a website then stop and stare at the 404 page that is on the screen. You ask yourself, “Did I…