Easy Peasy Setup of a Phaser 3 Project With Ionic

How to set up a Phaser 3 project with Ionic, using Angular and TypeScript, and publishing it as an Android / iOS app with Cordova. So far I haven’t been able to find an up-to-date guide on how to set up a basic Phaser 3 project using Ionic that would also allow me to build it as a mobile application using Cordova.

How to Upload a Phaser Game with Webpack to Heroku

Upload your Phaser Game with Webpack to Heroku, without the use of Express.JS by just typing a couple lines of magic. So this time I’ll try to write a special tutorial that can be easily understandable and anyone with a little experience with Javascript (and JSON) can follow.

Grid-Based Movement in a Top-Down 2D RPG With Phaser 3

Grid-Based Movement in a Top-Down 2D RPG With Phaser 3. Learn how to move your player tile by tile in a classic top-down 2D RPG with Phaser 3 and TypeScript.

Getting Started With PhaserJS

What is Phaser? Getting Started With PhaserJS. Phaser is an open source HTML game design framework! Use your JavaScript chops to put together simple games anyone can make, especially someone with a solid background in JavaScript. In this article we are going to discuss some of the most simplistic and starter ideas and processes used within Phaser, and how someone with a background in JavaScript can easily use their skills to start making games!