Gettier Problems in Machine Learning

Gettier Problems in Machine Learning. Have a look at one of the most prominent philosophical puzzles through the lenses of machine learning.

Truth = Utility

To further illustrate the important distinction between the concepts of truth and utility, here's a thought experiment: Bob really wants to understand philosophy.

Why I Don’t Believe in Consciousness

Why I Don’t Believe in Consciousness. I've lost friends over this because a denial of consciousness undermines a final refuge of the arrogance of selfhood: universal consciousness.

Your Brain Has Been Hacked

Your Brain Has Been Hacked. About the future computer chip in your brain and what Elon Musk’s Neuralink has to do with it

Automatons and Super Intelligence

Understanding AI’s future through its two potential states. In this article, I aim to break down what we should expect from these states and the possible ethical issues that could arise when dealing with them.

AI and the Fear of Irrational Humans

AI and the Fear of Irrational Humans. This early understanding of humanity by AI is what we must learn from, instead of fearing our creation.

Artificial Intelligence (GPT-3) and I Discuss Human and Machine Rights

Below is a conversation I had with OpenAI’s GPT-3’s language model. I gave GPT-3 the role of “Wise Being.” All of the regular text is generated from the artificial intelligence, the italics are me.

Data Science, Chess, and Modeling

How Chess Can Improve Your Data Science Skills. Chess and data science have a lot in common. Some seemingly surface-level parallels include imposter syndrome and a feeling of powerlessness in the face of overwhelming complexity and indecision, all on top of a time crunch.

Machine Learning and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Machine Learning and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. How the current approach to machine learning fits in Plato’s famous allegory and whither we go from there.

What Scientists And The Public Need To Know About Believing Lies

Poor science literacy can’t explain the misinformation crisis or the political divide. Getting the cause wrong means we can’t find the right solution.

A Short Story: How a Coffeeholic Discovered Speed

You’re sitting on a bench sipping coffee with a friend of yours. You’re facing a slightly busy road littered with kiosks of roughly the same dimensions, spaced evenly away from each other.

The Fight Over Free Will

There is still no peace in the war over free will. Philosophers and scientists regularly talk past each other, and it can be difficult to know exactly what someone means when they say “free will is an illusion!” or “free will is real!”.

Thoughts of a Possible Future Utopia

It is the act of over-thinking which makes humans special. That blanket statement does ignore the many examples of non-human consciousness or sentience which are being discussed by other scientists and naturalists, whom I support wholeheartedly.

What is it like to be intelligent?

Exploring the depths of human consciousness. Let me start by declaring my motivation for writing about a topic I have no explicit authority on.

Neural Language Models and the Turing Test

Neural Language Models and the Turing Test. Passing the Turing Test is a goal that many in the machine learning community hope for.

Is GPT-3 ‘Human’? Neural Language Models and the Turing Test

Is GPT-3 ‘Human’? Neural Language Models and the Turing Test. Passing the Turing Test is a goal that many in the machine learning community hope for.

Using NLP to Visualize Ulysses, Part Two

This is the second part of a multi-part blog post in which I use various tools of Natural Language Processing to visualize Ulysses, by James Joyce.

2 Types of Excellence

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to get better at things. I agree with Aristotle that excellence itself, rather than money or status, is the aim worth pursuing.

Using NLP to Visualize Ulysses

My data science experience has, thus far, been focused on natural language processing (NLP), and the following post is neither the first nor last which will include the novel Ulysses.

What do we mean by intelligence?

What do we mean by intelligence? Questioning our understanding of intelligence and how “intelligent” like system can be created using Artificial Intelligence.