PHP is a widely used, high-level, dynamic, object-oriented and interpreted scripting language primarily designed for server-side web development.

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PHP OOP Isset Method Tutorial in Hindi / Urdu

In this tutorial you will learn php oop __isset method tutorial in Hindi, Urdu.You can learn how to use isset magic method in php oop tutorial in hindi. ✅ PH...

PHP OOP CallStatic Method Tutorial in Hindi / Urdu

In this tutorial you will learn php oop callstatic method tutorial in Hindi, Urdu.You can learn how to use php callstatic method in php oop tutorial in hindi...

How to install CodeIgniter 4 on Windows and Mac

In this tutorial, I show how you can install the Codeigniter 4 project on windows and mac with and without composer and run it.

Mastering Laravel in Arabic #009 - Laravel Project Structure Explain

The default Laravel application structure is intended to provide a great starting ... RESTful API, all of your routes will most likely be defined in the web.php file

11: Include and Require in PHP | Procedural PHP Tutorial For Beginners

In this PHP tutorial video I will teach you about including files in PHP, and give you some actual practical examples of how we use it on websites. ➤ GET ACC...

Use Cases for The __destruct Method in Vanilla PHP

Discovering the PHP __destruct Magic Method and a few somewhat practical use cases for implementing it.

PHP 7.x — P18: Increment and Decrement Operators

PHP contains increment and decrement operators. These are operators that either add 1 or subtract 1 from the current value. The operators…

PHP 7.x — P19: Logical Operators

Logical operators are pretty simple if you've taken Boolean Algebra or are familiar with logic-gates. You might have even been exposed to logic

How to Upgrade PHP on Windows | Liquid Web

Keeping your software and applications up to date is a crucial part of maintaining security and stability in your web hosting systems. Thanks to Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer, upgrading PHP on a Windows server with IIS is as simple as a few clicks.

Mastering Laravel in Arabic #008 - What Is MVC ?

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework, following the MVC pattern

Trailblazing Features of CakePHP Framework Worth Mentioning

PHP grants everyone some unrivalled benefits and deploying it for web applications development gives a rewarding opportunity to the…

Microservices Boilerplate — with Lumen + Laravel + Nginx + Mysql → part (2/3)

Now that our setup is done, and the foundations for a scalable architecture is ready, we can move forward and think about the design of…

How to Scrape Google Maps Business Directory | No APIs

Google Maps is the ultimate source for marketing data on business listings. In this video we will Scrape Google Maps Business Directory using PHP curl and POSTMAN. Let's learn how to scrape google maps business directory.

Important Performance Optimization Tips For Laravel Developers

The usage statistics posted on various website suggest that many web developers prefer Laravel to other PHP frameworks. The expressive syntax of Laravel makes it easier for developers to write custom web applications rapidly. Also, the framework accelerates custom web application development by simplifying common web development tasks like session management, routing, authentication, file system management and unit testing. The Laravel developers can further curtail web development by availing object oriented libraries, command-line interface, template engine, ORM system, and queuing services.

How to Create Notification in Laravel 7

Today is our lucky day, and We will know how to send a notification in laravel 7. Laravel mechanism is getting stronger day by day, and we all know it. The laravel notification system not just supports mail but it also goes smooth with the database, broadcasting, sms, slack, markdown etc.

Laravel Sanctum vs Passport

After the Laravel Sanctum package was released? Everywhere question was asked that When to use Sanctum and when to use Passport? So, in this video, you will ...

13 Reasons of Using Laravel Framework for Effective Enterprise Web Development

World Web Technology one of the best Laravel Development Company Shared Information on: 13 Reasons of Using Laravel Framework for Effective Enterprise Web Development.

Web development stacks in 2020 – fullstack, frontend and backend trends

What are the most popular web development stacks in 2020? Let's delve deep into fullstacks such as MERN as well as frontend and backend stacks. Software developers and companies are always refining their web development stacks based on both market trends and their own experience in order to improve their software development processes and the final product – a web application. But what exactly are web development stacks? Why does choosing the right web development stack for your app matter so much? How to pick the right one? Let’s review web development stack trends in 2020.

พัฒนาเว็บด้วย PHP & Vue.js (2 ชั่วโมงเต็ม เรียนฟรี !!!)

ในบทช่วยสอนนี้เราจะได้เรียนรู้วิธีการพัฒนาเว็บด้วย PHP & Vue.js. หลักสูตรพื้นฐานสองชั่วโมงฟรีสำหรับผู้เริ่มต้น

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