Filtering and Sorting an Array of Objects Using Pipes in Angular

The implementation I want to share is how you could filter an array of non-nested objects using Pipes in Angular.I would like to create a table with all the above details and search for any thing in the table using a search box as well as sort any column in the table in ascending or descending order.

Filtering an Array of Nested Arrays and Objects Using Angular Pipes

If you would like to check the implementation of how to filter and sort an array of nested objects only, you can check the below story

Filtering an Array of Nested Objects Using Angular Pipes

filter is the selector of the FilterPipe which we shall implement to achieve the search functionality. We are passing 2 arguments to the pipe: The users array and the searchTerm entered in the textbox.

How Does JSON Pipework in Angular?

Angular has some in-built pipes along with giving us a way to build custom pipes. One of the in-built pipes is JsonPipe. In this article, I would like to walk you through the implementation of this simple JsonPipe.

Pipes in Angular 9

What are Pipes ? Pipes in Angular allows you to transform output in your template. Pipes are a feature built into Angular. The easy it sounds, the easier it

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Using Pandas pipe function to improve code readability

An intuitive tutorial for the best practice with Pandas pipe()