End-to-End Guide: Creating a Web Application using Dash

End-to-End Guide: Creating a Web Application using Dash. By the end of this guide you will know how to create and deploy your own dashboard on the web.

Next level data visualization

Visualization matters. Maybe not to you as a data analyst/scientist, you may feel confident looking at tabular data and drawing conclusions from there. In ancient Indian texts, explanation of philosophical concepts often begin by negating what that concept is not about.

Building a Plotly Dash App from Google Sheets 

Building a Plotly Dash App from Google Sheets. A non-traditional Dashboard built with well known and free tools.

Analyze global COVID 19 data with Choropleth maps

Analyze global COVID 19 data with Choropleth maps. Comparison with Plotly and Folium in Python

Visualization with Plotly.Express: Comprehensive guide

Visualization with Plotly.Express: Comprehensive guide. One dataset and over 70 charts. Interactivity and animation often in a single line of code

Storytelling using animation in Plotly

In this post, we will use plotly express API. I will write up another post to cover animated visualizations with graph objects. While exploring a dataset we come across time series data where we usually have to use up a spatial dimension to depict time in our plots. Would it not be great if we can depict the passage of time with actual passage of time albeit in a scaled down manner.

Highlighted line chart with Plotly.Express

In this exercise, I’ll walk you through the process of drawing a thick colored line on the top of the shaded progress of the concurrent events.

Histograms with Plotly Express: Complete Guide

Plotly.Express allows creating several types of histograms from a dataset using a single function px.histogram(df, parameters). In this article, I’d like to explore all the parameters and how they influence the look and feel of the chart.

Making a Bar Chart Race Plot using Plotly — made easy!

Making a Bar Chart Race Plot using Plotly — made easy! Whatever sort of ranking you are into, today you will learn how to make a racing plot of your own using Python and Plotly!

Choropleth Maps — 101 using Plotly

Choropleth Maps - 101 using Plotly. An Introduction to Choropleth Maps using Plotly graphing library. This is an attempt in that direction. You can use this as a guide to choropleth maps, or plotly, or both.

Hands-On Guide To Animating Visualizations With Plotly

In this article, we will learn about the different animated graphs through plotly and implement each of them. The advantages of using this library are that it is available both in R and Python and they are easily integrated into Colab, R Studio and Jupyter notebook.

Building a Plotly Dash App from Google Sheets

Create a web app to display a visualizations from our new data store. We will use the data to build our dashboard for the field marketing team to track their activities and progress toward a bonus.

How to Automate Selenium Test of Python Dash App in Azure DevOps Build Process

In this post, I will go through the build section and reveal how you can utilize Azure DevOps onto your Dash App as well as how to utilize the Selenium automation test with Dash App in the CI process.

Geographical Plots with Python

Geographical Plots with Python - In this article, we will be using offline plotly to visually represent data in the form of different geographical maps.

Make Your Own Video Editor App with Python, Dash, & Moviepy!

This article will cover how we can use np-8’s Dash-uploader library to get around the ~100MB–200MB browser storage limits which opens Dash apps up to very large user input files (video or data).

Interactive choropleth maps in python

Interactive choropleth maps in python. A Step by step guide to create interactive map visuals in python using opensource libraries - Altair, Plotly, and Folium.

Embed Multiple Dash Apps in Flask with Microsoft Authenticatio

Phew! A journey (by examples) to get all the parts to come together to build a scalable template for multiple Dash apps deployed together with unified navigation and authentication

Python Classes to Standardize Plotly Figure Formatting

Lately, whenever I start analyzing data for a new project, I’ve gotten in the habit of making a new class to generate all of my figures to standardize formatting. The class will include things like colors, marker styles, font styles, figure sizes, etc., to ensure that each figure I make from a dataset has consistent formatting and is quick to generate.

Which library should I use for my dashboard?

From the early prototypes in notebooks, up to production. When it comes to data visualization there are many possible tools Matplotlib, Plotly, Bokeh…

A Complete Guide To Bamboolib - GUI Tool for Analyzing Pandas

Bamboolib is GUI for pandas DataFrames that enables anyone to work with python in Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab. Used or Analyzing and Visualizing Data.nalyzing and Visualizing the data is the most important and time taking process. We need to invest a lot of time in order to clearly analyze what the data is all about and what it is trying to tell.