Enforcing policies in Kubernetes

Enforcing policies using Gatekeeper Gatekeeper allows a Kubernetes administrator to implement policies for ensuring compliance and best practices in their cluster. Gatekeeper registers itself as a controller with the validation webhook in the Kubernetes API.

Data Governance Models Address Power gap between Firms & Users

Tech companies generate revenue from the user data in return for free access to their platforms.

World Economic Forum Launches Global Alliance To Accelerate Trustworthy AI Adoption - AIM

On Thursday, the World Economic Forum announced the launch of The Global AI Action Alliance (GAIA), a new multi-stakeholder collaboration platform to accelerate the adoption of inclusive, trusted, and transparent AI. The alliance includes more than 100 leading companies, international organisations, governments, non-profits, and academics working towards the greater common good. According to the WEF,…

What Can India Learn From The US’s AI Policy?

Being one of the fastest-growing countries, India could benefit significantly from an AI revolution.

India's Capacity To Implement Recommendations To Avoid Algorithmic Bias

This article tries to analyse some of the CDEI policy recommendations to the UK government and if they can be adopted in the Indian context

MeitY Needs To Consider IFF’s Recommendations For Data Centre Policy

The Internet Freedom Foundation recently published its recommendations for the Data Centre Policy by the MeitY.

Is India Ready For A Act Similar To The Data Governance Act?

The European Commission introduced the Data Governance Bill, with an aim to foster the availability of data

How Is Ethical AI Different From Fair AI

Ethical AI & fair AI are used interchangeably, but there are differences. To understand the challenges of AI system, we must understand these differences

Deprecation Lifetime in Flutter

This article discusses our current policies for breaking changes and deprecations, how they’re put into practice, and how they’re evolving to provide a better experience to our users. Reliably removing deprecated code on a scheduled basis. Deprecation Lifetime in Flutter

MeitY’s Draft On A Data Centre Policy Is Asking For Your Suggestions

MeitY has released a draft for Data Centre Policy to benefit data centre park developers, data centre operators and the allied ecosystem.

Use Of Algorithmic Decision Making & AI in Public Organisations

A number of public organisations in several countries across sectors are now using data, AI and algorithms for decision-making processes.

Copa Flight Change Policy| How to change Date or Rebook Airlines Ticket- Ysupportnumber

How to change cope flight date? for this copa flight date policy allow how to cancel date.

Machine Learning Doesn’t Dictate Policy-It Predicts Outcomes

Machine Learning Doesn’t Dictate Policy—It Predicts Outcomes. To fully utilize machine learning, we must outline how predictions will impact policy.

Will Quick and Security Ever Meet in DevOps?

Through the lens of data presented by the 2019 State of DevOps report, this article analyzes the relationship between speed, security, and DevOps.

Tamil Nadu Releases Ethical AI, Cybersecurity And Blockchain Policies

Tamil Nadu became the first state to come out with ethical artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and blockchain policies.

Government Is Examining The National Strategy On Artificial Intelligence

The draft cabinet note (DCN) on implementation of national strategy on AI is being steered by MeitY and the same is under examination.

The 12-Step Guide To Design Ethical AI Frameworks

To address issues with AI systems, the World Economic Forum has come up with 12-step guidance for organisations to design AI frameworks.

The EU’s Vision for Big Data

In a recent hearing at the US Senate, the CEOs of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple testified before the US Senate concerning antitrust issues. This issue has long been a concern in the EU, with many advocating the stricter regulation of tech conglomerates over the issue of big data and data privacy.

A Systematic Assessment of National Artificial Intelligence Policies

A Systematic Assessment of National Artificial Intelligence Policies. The increasing impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the everyday life of individuals and organisations has led many governments to take an increasingly active role in the assessment and support of new AI applications.

How to use science to decide when you don’t know what’s going to happen

Making decisions with imprecise probabilities is a risky business. In my research on sensors, machine learning, and collaborative robotics, understanding how to make decisions when you don’t know what is going to happen is something I deal with all the time.