Preact With InversifyJS for Dependency Injection

Integrate dependency injection to your Preact application. Write readable and less code with services directly injected into your Components and Services.

Building a CRUD Application using Preact

Learn how to build a CRUD Application using Preact. We will build a To-do app using Preact with Full Preact CRUD Functionality. Preact is a Javascript library, although similar to React, but tiny. At the moment of writing, the main Preact library is around 4Kb. This is small enough that it’s possible to add React-like features to web pages in barely more code than is required to write native JavaScript.

I Built the Same App With React and Preact. Here are the differences

Ever heard of Preact? It’s a React.js alternative that praises itself for being much smaller and therefore faster. Despite high compatibility to React.js.Let’s start with the differences when working with the two libraries, then we look at the app code & measure the performance.

What’s the Best JS Framework for Lightning-Fast Applications?

During the past few months, I have been studying various JavaScript frameworks and their differences. I realized that there is a large number of frameworks in the JavaScript world, and each one brings its own unique qualities. I have done a few comparisons about some of these frameworks in the past, but in this article, I’m going to pick three and discuss the best framework to build a lightning-fast web application.

The Battle for Kilobytes in JavaScript

I often find myself browsing the internet on my older phone, waiting endlessly for applications to load only to click on the wrong button because some other HTML element rendered itself slightly later than the button. Pushing the button down revealed some other link.

Minimize Your Bundle Size Via Preact

Minimize Your Bundle Size Via Preact - How we can reduce it, measure it, and achieve better results using Preact.

Introduction to Preact

In this article, I’ll do an introduction to Preact, its key concepts and differences between Preact and React. Preact is a JavaScript library that describes itself as a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same ES6 API. As a frequent user of React, I’d always wanted to try out Preact and see what it offers, and the differences between Preact and React.

9 Preact Libraries and Tools You Should Know in 2020

Preact is a JavaScript library that describes itself as a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same ES6 API. Preact has many tools and libraries to support and extend its functionality. In this post, you'll know top 10 Preact Libraries and Tools for 2020. Preact is gradually gaining popularity over React due to its lightweight nature and faster performance. It gives users the ability to expand its features using the libraries and tools. Many organizations like Uber have migrated to Preact and experienced many benefits making Preact a worthy alternative to React.