Prediction for the World of Big Data Analytics

In this tutorial, we'll learn Prediction for the World of Big Data Analytics. With enormous amount of data to deal with, Big data analytics opens doors for truck-loads of predictions. Some of the key predictions for Big data analytics in the years to come are Data privacy, Emotional analytics and Machine learning.

So, Your Stakeholders Want An Interpretable Machine Learning Model?

This also applies to the Machine Learning model and how people who are not Data Science experts perceive them. Read more here!

Predicting and Visualizing streaming Data through Python

Predicting and Visualizing streaming Data through Python. Predicting pedestrian traffic and visualizing on a map.

9 Test Automation Predictions: Automated Visual Testing

This post will go through predictions for changes in automated visual testing, such as speed and coverage improvements, as well as changes in test construct strategy.

ARIMA Model in Python – Predictive Hacks

In this post, we'll learn a Complete Guide to Time Series Forecasting using ARIMA

AI, Analytics, ML, Data Science, Deep Learning Main Developments and Key Trends for 2021

This post, we 'll introduce AI, Analytics, ML, Data Science, Deep Learning Main Developments and Key Trends for 2021

AUTOMATE your Cryptocurrency Price Alerts in Python Tutorial

In this video I'll be showing you how you can retrieve cryptocurrency data, and set up your own alert system in Python 3.8! How cool is that?#Python #Cryptoc...

5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2021

Here in this blog, I am sharing a few predictions for the specific AI techniques, tooling, apps, and platforms that will come to the forefront in the year to come.

An end-to-end machine learning project with Python Pandas, Keras, Flask, Docker and Heroku

Predicting sport scores, from data wrangling to model deployment

Compact prediction tree

Compact prediction tree. A Lossless Model for Accurate Sequence Prediction over a finite alphabet

How to enforce the outcome of your Machine Learning Classifiers

A step-by-step guide on how to calibrate your Machine Learning Classifiers. How to enforce the outcome of your Machine Learning Classifiers

Predicting the spread of Covid-19 using networks in R

We will be focusing on geographic networks, where the nodes are places, and the edges link two places if they neighbour each other. Ultimately we will try and use such a network to predict Covid cases in one area based on Covid cases in neighbouring areas.

Predicting StockX Sneaker Prices With Machine Learning

Sneaker prices change like stocks. Let me show you how I predict them with my machine learning model. StockX is a platform where individuals can post and resell shoes, while also providing statistics and analytics about each pair of shoes.

Genius Tool To Predict Number Of Covid Cases: Leading Time-Series Multi-Step Models

We try to model Multi-step Time Series Prediction using Deep learning Models on the basis of Medical Information available for different states of India.

The Lifecycle to Build a Web App for Prediction from Scratch

The Lifecycle to Build a Web App for Prediction from Scratch. A step by step guide to build a web app for prediction from problem definition to model deployment.

ARIMA-GARCH forecasting with Python

Python has great packages for training both ARIMA and GARCH models separately, but none that actually combine both (like R’s nifty package rugarch — damn you R users).

End to End Automated Machine Learning Process using AutoML

Nowadays, demand for data scientist and analyst expert has outpaced the supply, despite the surge of the people entering the field. To answer this gap, we need some friendlies machine learning frameworks that can be used by non-experts user.

Bias-Variance Tradeoff

Avoid the mistake of overfitting and underfitting. As a machine learning practitioner, it is important to have a good understanding of how to build effective models with high accuracy. A common pitfall in training a model is overfitting and underfitting.

Farewell RNNs, Welcome TCNs

How Temporal Convolutional Networks are moving in favor of Sequence Modeling — Stock Trend Prediction. Disclaimer: this article assumes that readers possess preliminary knowledge behind the model intuition and architecture of LSTM neural networks.

Best Coronavirus Projections, Predictions, Dashboards and Data Resources

Check out this curated collection of coronavirus-related projections, dashboards, visualizations, and data that we have encountered on the internet.