Should Companies Pay Users For Their Data?

Given how data is an essential driving factor, should users who provide this data in the first place, be paid for use by the tech companies?

MeitY Needs To Consider IFF’s Recommendations For Data Centre Policy

The Internet Freedom Foundation recently published its recommendations for the Data Centre Policy by the MeitY.

Grindr's Reset Token Vulnerability: A Technical Deep Dive

Dating apps hold a treasure trove of information about their users which can make them an enticing target for malicious actors.

Why Do Facial Recognition Systems Still Fail

Facial recognition is the most direct application of AI that the world is relatively more familiar with. The public interacts with this tech.

Privacy Risks of Chatbot Conversations

Privacy preserving NLP based on Entity Filtering and Searchable Encryption. Chatbots have been around for a while but are still new to many users. However, the increase in cybercrime across the globe calls for concern.

Majority of Microsoft 365 Admins Don't Enable MFA

Beyond admins, researchers say that 97 percent of all total Microsoft 365 users do not use multi-factor authentication. Over and above admins, researchers say that 97 % of all full Microsoft 365 users do not use multi-factor authentication. Up to 78 percent of Microsoft 365 ...

Seven Steps for Migrating Sensitive Data to the Cloud: A Guide for Data Teams

Seven Steps for Migrating Sensitive Data to the Cloud: A Guide for Data Teams. Cloud migration requires a careful planning process to ensure all systems work as they should. Use this checklist, sponsored by Immuta and TDWI, to learn seven best practices for data teams migrating sensitive data to the cloud.

The Politics of End To End Encryption

As more tech corporations are adopting end to end encryption, there is one party that is not excited about it--govts around world.

Google’s Waze Can Allow Hackers to Identify and Track Users

A security researcher found a vulnerability in Google's Waze, a GPS navigation software, that can allow hackers to track and identify users by their location. Security DevOps engineer Peter Gasper discovered a flaw in the API that lets hackers track movements of drivers and identify the users.

Going Face-to-Face With Facial Recognition

Co-authored by Johanna Jamison and Sumanth Channabasappa. Before we go any further, let's quickly define two keywords: "identification" and "authentication". Face recognition data to identify and verify. Biometrics are used to ...

Big Tech Breakup: Google Blamed For Running A Monopoly, Case Filed

The lawsuit blamed Google for maintaining a monopoly over the search engine markets. This is the first case in two decades in big tech.

Free, Privacy-First Analytics for a Better Web

We’re announcing a brand new, privacy-first analytics service that’s open to everyone — even if they're not already a Cloudflare customer. And if you're a Cloudflare customer, we've enhanced our analytics to make them even more powerful than before.

The Harmful Narrative of the Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma has been among the five most-watched programs on Netflix for the past week, but its view is far too simplistic. The attempt to hold Facebook and Twitter accountable for every change society has undergone since its creation is dangerous.

Privacy Icons and Legal Design

Privacy Icons and Legal Design. Data ecosystem is rapidly shifting towards user-centric model. What factors affect how people perceive the value of their personal data?

How Enterprises can consolidate Security and Data Privacy

Data security, encryption controls and privacy is mission critical for every organization in 2020 as cyber security threats increase rapidly. Here is one truth: Sitting on vast amounts of unmanaged data is a competitive disadvantage when competitors are effectively managing and using all of their information assets.

Data Privacy and risks of the Remote Work Environment

Data Privacy and risks of the Remote Work Environment. Organizations need to redefine their security standards and remote access policies in order to keep company data secure.

Why The US Is Betting Big On Differential Privacy: Interview With NIST

The Privacy Temporal Map Challenge said Gary is a series of contests, with prize awards up to $276,000 for excellence in formal data privacy.

How to Find Those Old Online Accounts You Don’t Remember

How to Find Those Old Online Accounts You Don’t Remember. I will share 8 steps so you can take back control of your data, find those lost accounts and consciously decide who you share your data with.

Great News About Self-Regulation In VPN industry: i2Coalition’s VTI Essentials

In the last decade, the VPN market has been steadily growing, and this growth was spiked even further in 2020. Two main reasons contributed to an even more expansive use of VPN software: 1) Covid-19, quarantine, and work from home set the needs for home network security; 2) cybercrime has been on the rise and cybersecurity became a more common issue.

Wormable Apple iCloud Bug Allows Automatic Photo Theft

Ethical hackers so far have earned nearly $300K in payouts from the Apple bug-bounty program for discovering 55 bugs, 11 of them critical, during a three-month hack. The wormable iCloud bug is a cross-site scripting (XSS) issue, according to the writeup.