Design Thinking In AI - The Exigency & Obligation

Design thinking refers to developing design concepts that seek to understand the product from a user’s perspective.

Step-by-Step Guide To Building A Product Using ML And AI

Building a product from scratch involves a sequence of processes. The first step is to lay out a concept.

Users Make Decisions Based on Predictable Subconscious Patterns

We like to apply labels to users: they’re irrational, lazy, unpredictable, rushed, and so on. We don't follow these patterns out of laziness or because we're scatter-brained. It's quite rational to take advantage of heuristics as a user ..

Announcing the GitHub integration with Microsoft Teams

Developers use GitHub together with a number of other platforms, to communicate with each other on issues, pull requests, deployment statuses, and other updates. We want to integrate GitHub with other platforms to make it easier for developers and teams to collaborate around their projects from whatever context they work in.

How Hacker News Home Page Got Us 300+ Stars on GitHub in 24 Hours

Hacker News is said to be the Holy Grail for tech folks. There’s one thing that a company, startups in particular, wants desperately: RIGHT traffic for free.

Code Scanning a GitHub Repository using GitHub Advanced Security within an Azure DevOps

In this blog post we demonstrate how to integrate the GitHub Advanced Security code scanning capability into our Azure DevOps Pipelines. We provide code snippets and examples that can guide you or your developers working to integrate Code Scanning into any 3rd Party CI tool.

GitHub Enterprise Server 2.22 is here!

In this release, we’ve brought GitHub Actions and Packages to Enterprise Server for the very first time. That means you can now run your CI/CD pipeline using the #1 CI solution on from within your own environment.

A better logs experience with GitHub Actions

It’s now even easier to review logs from your GitHub Actions workflow runs. We’ve introduced several improvements to make the experience more performant, precise, and pleasing to use.

Even better code review in GitHub for mobile

In the newest version of GitHub for mobile, we’re shipping a bunch of features that make code review easier, faster, and more productive.

Introducing the npm public roadmap and a new feedback process

npm is the world’s largest package registry, powering the world’s largest development community—JavaScript. Without them, npm would not be where it is today, and we know that maintaining open lines of communication and bringing transparency to our decisions is integral for the future of npm and JavaScript.

Things I have learned working in Product teams. What benefits us and what affect us?

Things I have learned working in Product teams. What benefits us and what affect us?

Announcing third-party code scanning tools: static analysis & developer security training

Announcing third-party code scanning tools: static analysis & developer security training. Code scanning is a developer-first, GitHub-native approach to easily find security vulnerabilities before they reach production.

How I Learned SQL Using BigQuery

Digging into SQL with BigQuery. In this article, I’m digging into how I got started using SQL with Google’s BigQuery tool.

My 0 to 1 Journey Learning SQL

What I wish I knew when getting started with SQL. Structured Query Language or SQL — “sequel” — is one of the most important tools in the shed of today's data-oriented business.

"Worry Later. Try First," says Product Designer Agnieszka Zimolag

“In these unprecedented times…” The Humans of Hacker Noon design unprecedented products, and contribute to the internet in unprecedented ways. One such human is Agnieszka Zimolag from the US - interviewed here following a 2020 Noonie Nomination for contributions to the subject of Product Design.

An Overview of our PH Launch for AskMakers v2.0

Oh…I am so sleepy…because I launched AskMakers 2.0 on Product Hunt and I have been monitoring it almost without sleeping😪

Build an MVP in a week by picking the right technology stack

This article will throw some light on choosing the right MVP stack to quickly go to the market making use of all possible low code/ no-code tools. Let’s take look at the possible lifecycle which idea needs to pass through in order to release the MVP.

What We Learned From Building a Serverless E-Commerce Website on AWS to Combat COVID-19

Lesson learned from manufacturing a physical product to building a scalable e-commerce platform on AWS . 2020 turned out to be radically different from what everyone had expected. COVID-19 has impacted our lives in many ways. As the pandemic spread, one question that baffled us was: what can we do with technology to combat the virus?.

Introducing GitHub Container Registry

Since releasing GitHub Packages last year, hundreds of millions of packages have been downloaded from GitHub, with Docker as the second most popular ecosystem in Packages behind npm.

Using Behavioural Science in Product Design, Management and Marketing

Understanding human behaviour is at the heart of product success. How can we tap into this potential?