Front end + design = prototype magic. Advantages of blurring responsibilities

The topic of whether designers should or should not learn to code isn’t actually anything new. The pursuit of creating the web of tomorrow has led to the blurring of lines between front-end and back-end development where the front-end developer has started to become too general.

Monterale Breweree: How we merge passion of brewing beer with IoT

There are people that like to drink beer. Then, there are people that like to taste beer. People that can tell the difference between different kinds of water, hops, malts and yeasts. Perfectly balanced, those basic ingredients can form fabulous, unexpected flavour combinations.

The power of email clients: why did we redesign Thunderbird?

We’re happy to let you know, that our Thunderbird redesign idea is now a working theme and can be downloaded here. Unfortunately, it is available for Linux only for now.

IoT Healthcare App: Heartbeat detector using phone camera

A few months ago I bought a smartband. The main idea being prosaic - I wanted to receive notifications from a smartphone as well as have a good pedometer. A few weeks after the purchase, the same company came out with a new version of the device that included one great feature…

What is a Service Jam and why should you attend one?

This was a busy year for service design. Our friends at BLStream organized “Basics of service design. UX#3”. A few months back there was a first Service design drinks event in Warsaw, organized by the guys from Service design Berlin (an event that took place in November). In October there was the Service Design Global Conference in Amsterdam and from what I’ve heard it was an event you cannot miss.

How to visualize complex, real-time IoT data: Design and UX principles

You may already know from our blog and this post that here at Monterail, we have our own Internet of Things R&D team, which I am happy to be a part of. We have done tons of research about the current state of IoT market, platforms, devices and technical details.

Rules To Go By, If You Want To Become A Product Designer

*In a medium sized software house in Wrocław, we’re currently looking for a new team member who knows how to design applications, network management tools...

What Design Really Is? An Introduction

Many years ago I attended an architecture conference with my father (an architect and college professor) and he told me something interesting

Thunderbird Starts Working on Improving Its Interface

Our latest post on the Thunderbird redesign drew a lot of buzz from industry press. Now we're working on changing its default theme. Take part in a survey!

Building a 3D iDesigner with Vue.js

A case study of building a 3D interior design app for the Web with the use of Vue.js. Find out why Vue.js became the answer to our data flow trouble and how it works for complex projects with unusual architecture. Comprehensive guide to Reactive programming, Entity System, VirtualDOM and more.

Discovery Workshop: Aligning Your Vision and An Actual Product

How can you make sure that your vision is reflected properly in the finished product? The best way to do it is to take part in the Discovery Workshop.

Admyt on Outsourcing Software Development and Working with Legacy Code

Admyt, the company from South Africa decided on outsourcing software development to Poland and built their parking system software here. We're talking to Jaco van der Merwe and Devon Beynon about their decision background and the issue of legacy code on the way.

Top 10 Web Development Companies In The USA

Discover the list of the top 10 web development companies in the US that you should know as an entrepreneur today in 2020.

5 Rules for Clarity in Data Visualization

Data is a powerful weapon to be used in discussing strategic business directions. Here are 5 rules that can help you maintain clarity in data visualization.

How Event Storming Will Improve Your Business Processes

The Event Storming methodology is an easy technique for discovering how our domain or process works under the hood and can be applied to various fields such as HR. See how the event storming improved our business processes.

Crafting Visual Stories Using Data and Information

Data visualization makes data information. Information turn into knowledge and create insights that will be used to make business decisions of any kind. In this article, we'll show you proven practices of a smooth cooperation between design and data.

App Prototyping - Why It Is Essential and How to Do It?

If you want to save money and time, you simply can’t afford to skip software prototyping. Test your ideas and find new solutions before you start coding.

8 Fundamental Chrome Extensions For Designers (With Bonus)

Digital product design isn’t only about creating. Every designer needs tools to handle their daily work - see 8 essential chrome extensions Monterail's Head of Design recommends.

How to Sell Your HR App — Good Practices in HR Software Communication

Communicate your HR app wisely to let it stand out on the HR tech market. See what to embrace or avoid when creating HR software communication in 2019.

How to Design Your HR Tech Software—Good UX and UI Practices

Get a grasp of good design practices you should follow when building your HR software. See how design can help you work more effectively as a team.