Free, Privacy-First Analytics for a Better Web

We’re announcing a brand new, privacy-first analytics service that’s open to everyone — even if they're not already a Cloudflare customer. And if you're a Cloudflare customer, we've enhanced our analytics to make them even more powerful than before.

Explaining Cloudflare's ABR Analytics

ABR stands for “Adaptive Bit Rate”. It's essentially an eponym for the term as used in video streaming such as Cloudflare's own Stream Delivery. In those cases, the server will select the best resolution for a video stream to match your client and network connection.

Making Time for Cron Triggers: A Look Inside

Today, we are excited to launch Cron Triggers to the Cloudflare Workers serverless compute platform. We’ve heard the developer feedback, and we want to give our users the ability to run a given Worker on a scheduled basis.

Introducing Cron Triggers for Cloudflare Workers

Today the Cloudflare Workers team is thrilled to announce the launch of Cron Triggers. Before now, Workers were triggered purely by incoming HTTP requests but starting today you’ll be able to set a scheduler to run your Worker on a timed interval.

Workers Durable Objects Beta: A New Approach to Stateful Serverless

Durable Objects provide a truly serverless approach to storage and state: consistent, low-latency, distributed, yet effortless to maintain and scale. They also enable coordination and real-time collaboration between clients.

Introducing API Shield

Of the 18 million requests per second that traverse Cloudflare’s network, 50% are directed towards APIs. Cloudflare is making it simple to secure APIs through the use of strong client certificate-based identity and strict schema-based validation.

Asynchronous HTMLRewriter for Cloudflare Workers

HTMLRewriter for Cloudflare Workers now supports asynchronous handlers, allowing developers to prefetch assets or user-specific content from a remote service.

Improving the Wrangler Startup Experience

You can now write any behaviour on requests heading to your site or even run fully fledged applications directly on the edge. Wrangler is the open-source CLI tool used to manage your Workers and has a big focus on enabling a smooth developer experience.

Introducing IP Lists: IP prefix boundaries

IP Lists can now be stored with metadata at the Cloudflare edge, replicated within seconds to our data centers in 200+ cities, and used as part of our powerful.

Introducing Deploy Buttons

Introducing Deploy Buttons: Deploy Buttons help you deploy a project to the Workers Platform without even needing to set up a local development environment.

How Cloudflare Uses Cloudflare Spectrum: An Intern’s Project at Cloudflare

As part of my onboarding as an intern on the Spectrum (a layer 4 reverse proxy) team, I learned that many internal services dogfood Spectrum, as they are exposed to the Internet and benefit from layer 4 DDoS protection.

Orange Clouding with Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS Override is a great option for any users that want to take advantage of the Cloudflare network, without transferring all of their zones to Cloudflare DNS as a primary provider. In a traditional sense, secondary DNS servers act as a backup to the primary authoritative DNS server.

Introducing Cloudflare Network Interconnect

Today we’re excited to announce Cloudflare Network Interconnect (CNI). CNI allows our customers to interconnect branch and HQ locations directly.

Health Check Analytics and how you can use it

Health Check Analytics is now live and available to all Pro, Business and Enterprise customers! We are very excited to help decrease your time to resolution.

Eliminating cold starts with Cloudflare Workers

A “cold start” is the time it takes to load and execute a new copy of a serverless function for the first time. It’s a problem that’s both complicated to solve and costly to fix.

Introducing Workers Unbound

Today, we are excited to announce the next phase of this with the launch of our new platform, Workers Unbound, without restrictive CPU limits in a private beta. We launched Cloudflare Workers® in 2017 with the goal of building the development platform that we wished we had. We want to enable developers to build great software while Cloudflare manages the overhead of configuring and maintaining the infrastructure. Workers is with you from the first line of code, to the first application, all the way to a globally scaled product.

The Edge Computing Opportunity: It’s Not What You Think

Cloudflare Workers® is one of the largest, most widely used edge computing platforms. We announced Cloudflare Workers nearly three years ago and it's been generally available for the last two years. Cloudflare Workers® is one of the largest, most widely used edge computing platforms. We announced Cloudflare Workers nearly three years ago and it's been generally available for the last two years.

How to test HTTP/3 and QUIC with Firefox Nightly

HTTP/3 is the third major version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which takes the bold step of moving away from TCP to the new transport protocol QUIC in order to provide performance and security improvements. Now that Firefox Nightly supports HTTP/3 we thought we'd share some instructions to help you enable and test it yourselves.