Mastering Python Lists For Programming!

Detailed understanding of all the concepts of lists Required for Programming. Why use lists for Data Science and Machine Learning?

How to Turn the Web Into Data With Python and Scrapy

A guide to web scraping powered by Python and Scrapy

Full Guide to Custom Snippets in VS Code

Visual Studio Code and Emmet let you make snippets that write large blocks of code with tiny shortcuts.❤ Subscribe: this tutoria...

How To Automate Facebook Posts Using Python

In this blog, we are going to automate face posting using python and selenium. We will bypass Facebook login using id and password and then we will click on a new post and then write some text and then post it. First Let’s see

How to Create Custom Snippets for Any Language in VS Code

Visual Studio Code and Emmet let you make snippets that write large blocks of code with tiny shortcuts. ❤ Subscribe: In this tutor...

Python Script That Sends Birthday Wishes to Your Friends

Python Script That Sends Birthday Wishes to Your Friends - In this blog, we are going to make a Birthday Wisher Script that sends birthday wishes to our friends at 12:00 clock sharp.

How to automate boring stuff with chrome extensions

I would like to describe my experience from this project, how I feel about it, and if I would create another one. Hopefully, after this article, you will have a good picture of what could be accomplished with chrome extensions.

5 Tools to Boost Your Productivity on Windows 10

5 Tools to Boost Your Productivity on Windows 10. Microsoft has done a great job of improving the user experience and building an active ecosystem for developers

10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Every New Programmer Needs to Know

12 Keyboard shortcuts every programmer should know. ... I apologize in advance these are all Mac and sublime commands. ... you press will open the tab in that position which is why it only works for a max of 10 tabs. ... Will enter a new line below the line your are currently working on, but the best part is ...

How to Plan Your Learning — The Guide for Programmers

How to Plan Your Learning — The Guide for Programmers. Programmers have to learn all the time. It doesn't matter if you started to code a few days ago or have decades of experience.

Using Git to Open Modified or Changed Files Since Previous Commit

Save yourself time when coming back to previous work using the git commands diff, status and a bit of bash.

5 Tips to Help you Start Programming

I've been trying to start programming since early 2015 and I was finally able to start in 2020. It took a long time for me to start programming. There are certain things, that hindered me from learning. I tried multiple ways to overcome my issues but I failed. It took almost six years to finally convince myself to learn to program. Just in six months, I’ve learned C, C++, JavaScript, and Python. Though I’m no expert, I’ve just gathered basic knowledge of these.

How to Become an Outstanding Software Developer

#3 Customer is always right — until you prove them wrong. Software engineers think the software development process is just coding. While programming is important it is not enough to grow in your ...

Coding at Night

Coding at night has been very effective for me. Why developers like to code at night. A nocturnal work schedule is the key to creativity and productivity for many open source programmers.

Creating Software Engineering Projects — A Structural Approach

The structured design approach helps developers deal with the size and ... The Structured approach is usually associated with projects that have the following ... For example, an end user creating their own solution to a problem, may follow ( in ... Thus, a structure chart is an important document developed during this phase.

What’s on Your Programming Reading List?

Even in the age of everything digital, it pays to begin your own library of programming books. “I think you need to read more,” my professor told me bluntly. I'd just shared my idea for an upcoming paper, and he clearly wasn't thrilled about it. “Read more?

The 10 Browser Extensions I Can’t Live Without

What follows is a rundown of extensions I’ve installed on my browser that make my life a whole hell of a lot easier. So without further ado, here are 10 browser extensions I can’t live without.

Python Script That Search Jobs for You

In this blog, we will build a python script that sends us the job offers according to our interest.

Text vs. Media: 5 Perks to Choose the Best for Your Technical Learning

In this story, let us explore five pros of text-based learning over media-based learning to decide and choose which is best for learning technical content so as to be effective with learning in the future.

4 Steps to Actually Finish your Side Project

We’ve all seen the graveyard of abandoned projects folders. Desperately competing for attention but failing in the glow of a new adventure or app that will change the world. I use to do that all the time, now I finished 4 apps, and 2 other projects within the last year by applying the following steps.