Why You Should Make Your Own Boilerplate?

When I was a fresh graduate and just got my first job, I didn't realize that boilerplate (also known as framework) is a really important thing on my ...

Greatest Myths About Coding Among Software Developers

Get rid of these misconceptions to have an accelerated career in software development. People think that because you know one programming languages, all languages are easy and you are equally an expert in all of them. Therefore, you can build a ...

StackExchange - The 8 best resources every developer must follow

As a developer, you should be familiar with StackExchange. There are tons of resources available on there about software development and programming. Out of…

Programmer Explains Programming Memes

Programmer Explains Programming Memes. I went to /r/programmerhumor and explained this weeks top programming memes so now you can start laughing at the jokes your computer science friends make.

9 Tips to Keep in Mind to Become Better JavaScript Developer

Could JavaScript get any hotter? As long as web development is growing, JavaScript will be an implacable trending. And your life as a web developer can’t live without it. That’s why you need to be better every day. And 9 tips below are going to help you achieve it.

Skills you need to become an AI Programmer!

Take your AI career to the next level with top AI certifications from the reputed credentialing bodies. Read on to know how you can become AI programmer

What is the order of operations in Python By DDSRY?

What is the order of operations in Python Programming Language By **DDSRY** ? 1. Parenthese (), 2. Exponents **, 3, Multiplication *, 4. Division /, 5. Addition + 6. Subtraction - - Just remember PEMDAS.

Top 7 Replies by 💻Programmers when their programs don't work By DDSRY:

Top 7 Replies by 💻Programmers when their programs ❌don't work By DDSRY: 1. You can not❌ use that versionon your system. 2. It works on my 💻PC. 3. Somebody🙋 must have changed my 💻code. 4. It works, but it has not❌ been 🔍tested. 5. You must...

Explore Types of Careers You Could Pursue in Information Technology

Explore Types of Careers in IT. Boost your career in information technology. Explore Information Technology Careers. Future Scope of Information Technology.

Automatically Identify Bugs in Your Code With .NET 5

In the past, it’s unwilling to add new warnings to C#. Its because adding recent warnings is technically a source breaking change for users who have notifications set as errors.

Software Developer vs Software Engineer — Differences: Bogus or Real?

In this article, see if there are any differences between software developers and software engineers. What you’re about to read mostly revolves around my personal thoughts, deductions, and offbeat imagination. If you have different sentiments, add them in the comment section, and let’s dispute! So, today’s topic…

6 Things That Makes You a Good Programmer

Be the talent that companies are seeking.

Into the Programmer’s Mind

If you are interested in how programmers think or in becoming a programmer yourself then this article is for you; it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever written a single line of code, buckle up because I’ll take you on a journey into and through the programmer’s mind.

4 Tips For Using GitHub More Efficiently

a programmer who likes GitHub very much, I found these 4 tips in my daily use that can improve my efficiency when using GitHub. This post introduces and demonstrates these 4 tips, I hope they can also help you use GitHub more efficiently.

Reflection on My First API Project

What is an API, can you SHOW me? As a newbie, API has always been mystical to me. I have read multiple definitions and watched multiple Youtube videos, but it was still abstract. Let's dive into reflection on my first API project

My first Side Project

This is the first post of a series that will tell a story of my evolution as a programmer through all the side projects I’ve made since I started coding when I was 13, 20 years ago, in Basic.

Learn to Code: Step by step guide

A guide for starting a career in programming. With humans moving towards digital world. This is the best time to learn the language of computers.

Top 5 online code editors for web development

Let’s talk about the top online code editors for web development.

Dear Refactoring: I Think We Need Some Time Apart

Dear Refactoring: I Think We Need Some Time Apart - Setting boundaries so that my love for refactoring doesn’t get in the way of shipping code on time

Why Programmers Need a Training Journal

Why Programmers Need a Training Journal - The field of programming is as wide as it is deep. No matter if you’ve been programming for a month, year, decade, or more, all of us have…