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Hire .Net Core Developer To get below .Net Core Development Services!

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Every product owner wants to take their web applications to the next level with the smoothest User experience and high-yielding results. However, in order to achieve that one needs to hire software developers from web development companies that can give ultimate justice to your web development requirements.

In the case of .Net Core Development Technology, there are numerous .net core Development Companies that offer profound .net core development services which give excellent .Net Core apps features and quality with less amount of effort from the .Net Core developers.

So let's see what kind of benefits you are going to get while hiring a professional .Net Core Developer for your project.

  1. End-to-end ASP.NET Assessment
  2. .NET core migration and upgradation
  3. Customized .Net Core consulting

In order to provide such services, it is advisable to double-check that your .NET Core Developer possesses certain qualities and tech excellence that will give justice to the top quality of your application.

Hire .Net Core Developer to utilize the magical elements of .NET core  libraries

Such qualities are as below,

  1. Integration of SSR
  2. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI
  3. Cross-platform app implementation
  4. Excellent in Version Control
  5. Legacy system modernization

So these qualities for tech excellence are just the starters while there could be many others that very well serve your project with a custom-made tailored approach.

Hire .Net Core Developer that really gets your aim and requirement and serves you and your project accordingly.


Mindfulness at the Computer the App, written in Python & Qt/PySide

This application helps you to be mindful while using at the computer, and helps you concentrate on breathing in and out when you need a breathing pause.

The application website has more information (including screenshots and downloads).

Social: Gitter chat

License: GPLv3 - a free software (free as in freedom) license, meaning that you can share, change and distribute the application

The application is written in Python and uses Qt/PySide for the front-end.

The project has been featured in the PyCoders Weekly newsletter and is listed in Awesome Humane Tech

Installation and setup

Install with pip pip install mindfulness-at-the-computer or download the pre-built package from sourceforge. (For details about installation and setup, please see the website)

What is Mindfulness?


Project goals:

  • Providing a friendly environment for people new to software and development to contribute and improve their skills
  • Promoting free/libre software (free as in freedom!) - and helping people see free software in the context of human rights

Software goals:

  • Increasing mindfulness of breathing, body, and posture
  • Helping people become more aware of (and kind to) their bodies when using the computer for long periods of time

Contributing to the project

This project is beginner-friendly: You can ask for help in the Gitter chat room and we will try to help you. Also we try to provide documentation useful for newcomers.

Motivation when contributing to this project

"Don't do anything except with the joy of a small child feeding a hungry duck"

By feeding the hungry duck, you are helping their well-being and making them happy. You’re not feeding it just because you feel like you should or ought to, but because it makes both of you happy. That’s how we’d love for you to help with this project! When you contribute, not only are you are helping this project, you are helping others who will use this application, helping them to be mindful whilst working at the computer and to be aware of their breathing and well-being.

Developer documentation

Most documents are located in the docs directory. There's also a wiki that is open for editing

Some important documents:

Markdown is used for the text documents. is used for editing the .xml files.

Original article source at

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Mindfulness at the Computer the App, written in Python & Qt/PySide

What is the latest Cost to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer in 2022?

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In the initial stage of Web Development, there are numerous factors that are mandatory to consider, and the tech expertise of the Ruby on Rails Developer that you will be hiring for the project.

As far as, the cost of Ruby on Rails Development is concerned you can observe there are constant fluctuations in the Hourly rates of Ruby on Rails Developer. When you find RoR Developers geographically, the hourly and monthly rates change the same.

And in order to get a fair price and get the optimum advantage of the resources, you have been spending after one RoR Development project one needs to get an estimate of the local hourly rates of Ruby on Rails Developers as well.

Cost To Hire Ruby On Rails Developer

Here, in this blog, you will get an idea of the cost of hiring RoR Developers,

  1. United States of America
  2. Latine America
  3. Europe
  4. Asia

To check out all the latest price lists go check out this in-depth blog on the Cost to hire RoR Developers.

Cost ROR developer in North America

Alexis Gilbert

Alexis Gilbert


Outsource Vue js Developer at your Ease!

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Vue.js development is one of the profound frontend frameworks that not only gives you a smooth user experience but also brings lots of users to your web application without putting much effort.

However, in order to build a robust Vue.js Application one needs to find and hire trustful talented Vue js Developers that understand your vision and can transform your idea into reality with their unique Vue js skillset.

There are multiple ways through which you can get an excellent team of Vue.js Developers however, there are very few that can give you the optimum advantage of the resources and the energy you have been investing in the entire process.

Considering the current scenario, there are numerous formats through which one can Hire Vue.js Develoeprs and one of the popular ones is Outsourcing Vue.js Developers for your project.

In this blog, we are going to analyze how many benefits one can uncover by outsourcing Vue js Developer for their project regardless of any industry or niche.

The advantages are numerous but we are going to explore the top few ones. And of the top ones includes the following ones,

Low load and easy integration

When you outsource you don't have to train them and mold them which can be assigned to the core goals of teh project. This could be a time-consuming project that we all do not have necessarily. Outsourcing Vue.js developers could be a huge benefit to the organization as it could save time and effort simultaneously.

A huge basket of Vue.js Development services

By outsourcing Vue js Developers you can get benefitted from multiple technical expertise and skillset. Some of the leading Vue.js Development services include Vue.js E-Commerce and Marketplaces, building Vue.js Interactive Dashboards, impeccable Vue.js Third-Party Integration and many more.

No long-term liability

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing or getting an offshore Vue.js Developer you don't have to commit for the long term and have a low rate of risk as they don't have to take risks and hire mediocre talent and feel stuck once the project gets stuck at some point.

10 Things You Need to Know About Vue.js Frontend Framework

Outsourcing a vue.js developer gives you the independence to pick the vue.js developer team that meets your objectives and goals without getting the responsibility of hiring and maintaining your employee for the long term.

These and many more reasons are there which prove it right with utmost accuracy why outsourcing is becoming more and more popular these days in the web development world.

Outsource Vue js Developer from the right vuejs development company that can turn your idea into an amazing reality. Augment a Vue developer team that not only performed well but gives you long-term returns beyond your expectations!

Average Cost to Hire Full stack Developer in 2022

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The web development industry has been expanding for a decade now and with the introduction of new technologies in front and backend, more and more global companies have4 been required to make their online presence more strong and extensive.

In order to achieve that goal, one needs to hire full stack developer who truly can understand the goal and can give optimum output of the technology he or she has been working on for the organization. There are multiple factors that affect full stack development, which typically include-

  • Experience as a full stack developer
  • The expertise of a full stack developer
  • Market condition
  • Geography

Now, the cost is also a prominent factor apart from the expertise and excellence of that full stack developer which one must consider before hiring them for a long-term project.

How much would it cost for me to hire a full stack developer for my  startup? - Quora

As we have said earlier the expertise of the full stack developer matters when it comes to calculating the cost of full stack developer. Typically, there are numerous Full Stack Developers possessing the different types of expertise, for instance,

  1. MEAN Full Stack Developer
  2. MERN Full stack Developer
  3. MEVN Full Stack Developer
  4. RoR Full Stack Developer
  5. LAMP Full Stack Developer

It matters a lot on the type of project you have in order to hire full stack developer who has any expertise as mentioned above. Based on that requirement one can hire Full stack developer from a well-versed Full Stack Development Company that can not only give your project a digital transformation but gives it an edge that makes it stand out from the competitors.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the latest cost of hiring Full stack developers on the basis of hours or months.

The cost of a full stack developer depends on various things, and geographic location is one of those factors. The hourly rate of full stack developers varies drastically whether he or she is located in any western or European country like the UK, USA, Germany, or even Latin America.

In order to achieve that one needs to know the average cost of hiring Full Stack Developer. Know the latest Cost To Hire Full Stack Developer from here based on a thorough analysis of the experts.


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what is pseudocode?

Pseudocode helps computer programmers in writing computer algorithms.

Pseudocode is a way of describing written instructions as a series of English-like sentences. It has a similar purpose to flowcharts - to describe the logic of a program.

pseudocode is often referred to as a syntactical representation of a program and it doesn't have a strict syntax since it only represents the way we're thinking so it should leave very little for the

Imagination So it's readable for most people

It’s important to understand that pseudocode is not a programming language.

it's actually a learning and reasoning tool used to help programmers understand and write code.

so it's language agnostic, it's something that you write that is not an actual code in any programming language but that if anyone were to read it it would be very clear to what is happening or what steps are being taken.

So what pseudocode actually enables us to do is to grab a simple set of instructions that are written in plain English and eventually translate that into a program that can be executed.

So hopefully this gave you a better understanding on what is pseudocode, how to write pseudocode and how to use it

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what is pseudocode?
Alexis Gilbert

Alexis Gilbert


Latest Hourly rate of Fullstack developer in 2022!

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Full stack developer has been a backbone of an application. If you have picked the right front-end and back-end technology it can give your app a significant boost in no time. In order to hire well-versed Full stack developers, you need to consider multiple attributes that can make or break the game for you.

When you are a beginner in the industry or having a start-up there it becomes vital to consider the cost factors that highly affect the web development procedure considering multiple factors like Full-stack web and mobile development services, MEAN stack developer, Full stack support, and maintenance.

In order to hire the right Full stack developer first, you need to identify the core requirement of the project and the significant budget you have decided on to spend after one project.

Cost is one of the crucial elements that matter in a developing world. So, in order to get a head start with your hunt for finding the right full stack developer for your project.

What Is a Full Stack Developer, and What Are the Most Needed Full Stack  Developer Skills?

The hourly cost of a Full stack developer highly depends on the expertise of a developer or the location where he is located.

Let's get more details in brief.

Hourly rate of Full stack developer

On average, the Hourly rate of a Full stack developer varies from around $25 to $50 depending upon the size of your project and the core expertise of the developer that they bring to the table.

Apart from that, it highly depends upon the full stack technology you use too. For instance, if it falls under one of the popular combinations stated below the hourly rate can differ in accordance with that.

  1. Angular + .NET core
  2. React + NodeJS
  3. React + Django
  4. Laravel + VueJS
  5. Python + Angular

Monthly Rate of Full stack developer

The mechanism for the monthly rate of full-stack developers is quite different from the hourly rate as they generally are targeted towards projects that take years to get completed. So, in other words, the monthly rate differs based on the type of requirement the project has and the expertise the project seeks from the full stack developers.

Generally, the monthly rate of Full stack developer starts from $3000 depending upon which full stack development company you hire for your project. These hourly rates may reach upto $10000 to $15000 depending upon the nature of the project and the duration of the web development process.

If you are seeking to hire one of the best Full stack web development teams you can get started by getting connected with one of the best in the industry. Hire Full Stack developer from Bacancy and get your idea transformed into digital reality with top-notch resources.

What is the cost to Hire Angular Developer in 2022?

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Technology has been a huge part of our lives and has been significantly influential in growing the business in multiple domains. These days creating your digital presence has been a crucial task to achieve.

The prominent factors of cost of Angular Development can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

The Angular developer you are hiring matters the most in such cases. The Geographical region also matters the most. Precisely, there are various types of projects that can affect the project cost. Including,

  • Small-sized project
  • Mid-sized Project
  • Enterprise-grade project

Apart from this the expertise of the Angular Developer also matters the most as the hourly rate has been decided based on that. Mainly there are three types of Angular Developers based on their experience and skillset.

  1. Junior Angular Developer
  2. Mid-senior Angular Developer
  3. Senior expert Angular Developer

You can Hire Angularjs Developer based on their experience and for that, it's always advisable to take a prior interview in order to make sure the AngularJS Developer and you, are on the same page when it comes to the understandability of the project goals. The Angular Developer should be able to understand the goal thoroughly so they could give proper justice to the resource you have been investing in the project.

If we take an average view of the cost to hire Angular Developer in the United States of America and Canada you can get it between around $70 to $200 depending upon the developer’s rate. Compared to it the Asian countries like India, China, and Hong Kong you can get impeccable services with pretty lower rates starting from about $25 an hour, ranging from $50 to $60 per hour.

If you want to know more about the factors that could affect your Angular Project and the various available options for it. Check out this in-depth blog on Cost To Hire Angular Developer in 2022 and get yourself and your project updated with the advanced resources!


Hire Dedicated Codeigniter Developers

Hire CodeIgniter developers from us to build highly secure dynamic website with PHP for your business. 

Our team follow an exceptional approach to accelerate your business growth with perfect implementation of the advance tools & technologies. 

Hire expert CodeIgniter developers to develop robust web applications based on business context and priorities. You can hire CI developers on flexible hiring models i.e. an hourly, part-time & full-time contract basis!

Our team of CodeIgniter professionals feature a boundless background in web application development, integration, and migration services.

Drop us a message for quick consultation:

Request for a free estimated quote:

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Hire Dedicated Codeigniter Developers
Madyson  Moore

Madyson Moore


Start Your Journey to Be A Competitive Programmer

Worried about getting placed in big ventures like Google, Amazon, Microsoft ? Now it's time to get complete hands-on experience to start the journey to learn Competitive Programming.
Learn from Industry experts & hands-on learning experience for FREE! FREE! FREE!!
Get most out of it & be a expert in Data Structures & Algorithm


Start Your Journey to Be A Competitive Programmer
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Duong Tran


Bạn đã Thực Sự Hiểu được Clean Code?

Bạn đã bao giờ cảm thấy khó khăn khi refractor code? 
Bạn có cảm thấy ghi nhớ các nguyên tắc của Clean Code là quá mệt mỏi không? Bạn có cảm thấy khó xác định code như thế nào clean?
Bốn mindset được trình bày trong video giúp các bạn nắm được cốt lõi của Clean Code. Các mindset này là kim chỉ nam trong tư duy của một Code Kỹ. Bạn nắm được bốn mindset này, việc học Clean Code trở nên dễ dàng và thú vị hơn rất nhiều.
Nếu bạn chưa biết gì Clean Code, hãy bắt đầu học về Clean Code với series Clean Code tại Code Kỹ channel.
Clean Code: con đường mà mọi programmer chuyên nghiệp đều phải đi trên đó.

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Bạn đã Thực Sự Hiểu được Clean Code?

Tutorial: Integrate Google Adwords API in Laravel App

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Have you ever come across the requirement of setting up the Google APIs? Yes, who hasn’t faced that if you are working with this industry for more than a few years now.

If you have done the setup before, it would not be as difficult as it seems for beginners. So, to help you out we have addressed this problem by curating this blog with the step-by-step procedure.

This blog mainly talks about attributes like,

  1. Required packages
  2. Required PHP Extensions
  3. Enabling Google ads API
  4. Generate the refresh token
  5. Demo for Google ads API Demo

Hop on to this original blog to get in-depth insights on how to Integrate Google Adwords API in Laravel App


野村  陽一

野村 陽一





・スキルアップ / 転職に役立つ知識

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🚀 今日のひとこと

📙 もくじ
0:29 東京はIT企業の数が多い
2:38 東京は有名企業が多い
5:31 東京は学ぶ機会が多い
7:42 東京はスタートアップが多い

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Sheldon  Grant

Sheldon Grant


Top 6 Common Things That Will Annoy Most Programmers Out There

I was drinking with my friend who works as a manager in a small marketing agency. He sometimes deals with programmers helps with some conversion tricks (ie, button or color modification). He wonders why he gets a little uncomfortable whenever he asks for a favor.

So I put together a few things that annoy me as a programmer. Not just interruptions but other things such as meetings or incapable colleagues.

1. Too many, primarily spontaneous, interruptions

2. You, I need your help; you’re a programmer

3. Too many and unnecessary meetings

4. Incapable colleagues

5. Super capable colleagues

6. Different development style

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Top 6 Common Things That Will Annoy Most Programmers Out There