Vue Vs React 2022: Which one wins the battle?

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Managing your front end becomes crucial in 2022 as providing a smooth User experience for your users is one of the prominent goals of each leading global player. Considering this mindset in mind there are numerous frontend technologies that serve the right user experience with their extensive tech stack.

VueJS Vs ReactJS- Comparison Guide - CODERSERA

Vue and React are of those robust front-end technologies. However, picking the best from the cutthroat competition of Vue vs React is a bit difficult. In order to make the right decision, you need to consider a lot of parameters and attributes. Apart from that, a well-versed Vue js Developer is also needed to execute your strategy into rigorous implementation.

To figure out the right solution and a winner from Vue vs React 2022 here are certain parameters that are covered in our in-depth blog:

Such parameters are as below.

  1. Overall framework comparison
  2. Pros and cons list
  3. Vue vs React Development cost
  4. The core difference between Vue vs React
  5. The final verdict

This is just the starter, check out this original blog on Vue vs React and get the end of this one the most popular tech controversy of 2022!

Vue vs React detailed Comparison


Python with NumPy Tutorial: Everything you need to know is here!

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In order to do convenient data analysis Python has become one of the most popular backend languages. Python has played a key role in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many more modern technologies.

In this tutorial, we are going to look out for the practical tutorial on Python with the NumPy process.

The core essence would be,

  1.  what is NumPy,
  2.  why do we use Python with NumPy?
  3. Prerequisite and tech stack for NumPy
  4. Advantages of NumPy
  5. Disadvantages of NumPy
  6. Conclusion

In order to know more in-depth check out this in-depth blog on: Python with NumPy Tutorial


Alexis Gilbert

Alexis Gilbert


.Net core vs .Net framework performance: A comparative analysis.

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This rivalry between .Net vs .Net core framework is nothing new in the web application development industry.

Anyone who is working in this industry can vouch for that pressure, the dilemma they have to make a choice between the old vs new.

Believe me, and I know the struggle when it comes to opting from old vs new, where you can't trust the newer version as it doesn't have that old trustworthiness, and the old option is, well, getting old!

The selection from both can be done based on various factors and attributes; However, in this blog, we are mainly doing this comparative analysis based on the .Net vs .Net core framework performance and checking out the factors affecting their performances at the time of building web applications.

If we talk about .Net, it is one of the best server-side open-source platforms. With .Net, you can utilize multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build desktop or IoT-based applications.

Whereas the .Net core is widely adopted as an answer to the limitations of the .Net

.Net Core is a cross-platform application that works with Windows, Linux, or macOS-based operating systems. 

The fascinating thing about this framework is that it has a solid open source community, so one can expect an extending hand if he is stuck at some point, somewhere.

If we carefully observe the ongoing trend between both versions, both walk on the same tracks, but lately, the .Net core has started growing in terms of popularity in the .Net community in recent times.

.Net core vs .Net framework performance

When numerous resources are on the stack, you are always stuck with the problem of which option would benefit your web applications? Since .Net 3.1 took over with its latest updated features, the performance has significantly increased throughout the years.

If we look at the entire situation here, the overall .Net core has reported excellent performance compared to its .Net. However, there have been minor performance regression errors have been reported in the community with the .Net core 3.1 version compared to .Net 4.8

When the GitHub performance test has been conducted, the test results came something like this, When the .Net core has been triggered, it is using more than 2x CPU speed time.

In another test.Net 4.8 has found rendering speed more than 10-20% than the .Net core application. The regression performance was noted merely a bit slower than the .Net 4.8 version.If we dig deeper into the details, observe this benchmark report of .Net core vs .Net framework performance based on experimental observations.

The compatible test:

.Net Core is quite famous for its compatibility with macOS, Windows and Linux models, and it can work with anything

On the other hand, .Net web development is quite comfortable with Windows operating system, and to cover such flexes, the architecture has been restructured to create the .Net core more convenient and extensive.

.Net framework is ideal to use for any organization when the deployment requirement is for long-term projects.

Microsoft has already shown they have no interest in forbidding such a robust framework .Net to put things together. However, they do intend to limit the new releases in order to limit their complexity.

For those who have already working on .Net, there is no such kind of urgency to migrate to .Net core.

But yes, if someone is entering into this industry and it is their beginning, they definitely have a prominent choice to make here.

Fortunately, there are few good options out there with an expert and skilled .Net and .Net core developer team who knows the Developing industry well especially working in mobile application developing or building progressive web applications.

If you feel like these things are a bit tricky and complex, you can always get the free consultation of a .Net Core Development Company that can optimize your resources while promising the best of class output for your project.

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What's new in Angular 14?

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After the success of Angular 13, Angular 14 has made its presence known with a huge roar. There are numerous changes brought by google with this latest Angular 14 update.You can also hire Angular Developer, who is technically sound and knows their stuff will get you the optimum advantage of this upgraded version

If we go in brief there are a few up-gradations done starting with the following,

  1. Angular CLI auto-completion
  2. Strictly typed forms
  3. Stand-alone components
  4. Improved Template diagnostics
  5. Angular CDK: latest primitives
  6. Streamlined page title accessibility
  7. Optional injectors
  8. Built-in enhancements
  9. Online Angular DevTools

Not only these but there is one more attribute that represents the entire update of Angular 14. If you want to know more about that then check out this blog on Angular 14 updated features


Alexis Gilbert

Alexis Gilbert


Latest Hourly rate of Fullstack developer in 2022!

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Full stack developer has been a backbone of an application. If you have picked the right front-end and back-end technology it can give your app a significant boost in no time. In order to hire well-versed Full stack developers, you need to consider multiple attributes that can make or break the game for you.

When you are a beginner in the industry or having a start-up there it becomes vital to consider the cost factors that highly affect the web development procedure considering multiple factors like Full stack web and mobile development services, MEAN stack developer, Full stack support, and maintenance.

In order to hire the right Full stack developer first, you need to identify the core requirement of the project and the significant budget you have decided on to spend after one project.

Cost is one of the prime factors that matter in a developing world. So, in order to get a head start with your hunt for finding the right full stack developer for your project.

The hourly cost of a Full stack developer highly depends on the expertise of a developer or the location where he is located.

Let's get more details in brief.

Career and Scope in PHP Full Stack Development,

Hourly rate of Full stack developer

On average, the Hourly rate of a Full stack developer varies from around $25 to $50 depending upon the size of your project and the core expertise of the developer that they bring to the table.

Apart from that, it highly depends upon the full stack technology you use too. For instance, if it falls under one of the popular combinations stated below the hourly rate can differ in accordance with that.

  1. Angular + .NET core
  2. React + NodeJS
  3. React + Django
  4. Laravel + VueJS
  5. Python + Angular

Monthly Rate of Full stack developer

The mechanism for the monthly rate of full stack developers is quite different from the hourly rate as they generally are targeted towards projects that take years to get completed. So, in other words, the monthly rate differs based on the type of requirement the project has and the expertise the project seeks from the full stack developers.

Generally, the monthly rate of Full stack developer starts from $3000 depending upon which full stack development company you hire for your project. This price may reach upto $10000 to $15000 depending upon the nature of the project and the duration of the web development process.

If you are seeking to hire one of the best Full stack web development teams you can get started by getting connected with one of the best in the industry. Hire Full Stack developer from Bacancy and get your idea transformed into digital reality with top-notch resources.


Compiled vs Interpreted Language

Interpreted vs Compiled Programming Languages

What’s the Difference?

In a compiled language, the target machine directly translates the program. In an interpreted language, the source code is not directly translated by the target machine. Instead, a different program, aka the interpreter, reads and executes the code.


List of Compiled Languages

  • C Sharp
  • GoLang
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Swift


List of Interpreted Languages

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Lua


Explore our website, click here.

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Compiled vs Interpreted Language
Haylee  Dibbert

Haylee Dibbert


How to Den Workflow als Programmierer verbessern!

In diesem Video rede ich darüber, wie man seinen Workflow als Programmierer verbessern kann. Mich hat dieses Thema in den letzten Tagen beschäftigt und ich wollte einfach mal ein kleines Video dazu machen!


How to Den Workflow als Programmierer verbessern!
Haylee  Dibbert

Haylee Dibbert


10 Best EIGENSCHAFTEN eines guten Programmierers!

In diesem Video zähle ich mal 10 Eigenschaften auf, die man als ein guter Programmierer besitzen sollte.


10 Best EIGENSCHAFTEN eines guten Programmierers!
Haylee  Dibbert

Haylee Dibbert


Top 15 Ideen für Programmier-Projekte!

In diesem Video zähle ich 15 Ideen für Programmierprojekte auf. Damit kann man seine Programmierfähigkeiten verbessern und sich seine Zeit vertreiben!


Top 15 Ideen für Programmier-Projekte!
Haylee  Dibbert

Haylee Dibbert


Why Kannst DU Ein Programmierer Werden!?

In diesem Video erkläre ich dir, ob du das Zeug dazu hast ein Programmierer zu werden. Ich zähle dabei 4 Eigenschaften auf die man haben sollte, wenn man Programmierer werden will.


Why Kannst DU Ein Programmierer Werden!?
Alisha  Larkin

Alisha Larkin


Learn Everything About Sizeof Operator in C

Sizeof operator in c; Through this tutorial, you will learn everything about sizeof operator in c programming with examples.

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Learn Everything About Sizeof Operator in C
Alisha  Larkin

Alisha Larkin


How to Use While Loop in C Programming

While loop in c programming; Through this tutorial, you will learn how to use while loop in C programming with examples.

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How to Use While Loop in C Programming
Rust  Language

Rust Language


The Rust Programming Language: Lifetimes

In this Rust programming language tutorial, you'll learn: why Rust is an important part of the software industry, what lifetimes are, how to resolve issues with lifetimes and a comparison between Rust and C++.

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The Rust Programming Language: Lifetimes